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Mascara Maybelline

The brand Maybelline began its history in the USA in 1915. Just two years later, in 1917, the first cilia stain was released for use by the masses. For a hundred years, the brand has won the love and great respect of women around the world.

The Maybelline brand positions itself as an expert in the development of mascara, and most women agree with this statement. Brand products are very popular. The assortment of mascara from this manufacturer is wide enough so that every woman can choose the perfect product for herself.


The Maybelline New York brand was created in 1915 by pharmacist Williams. The founder gave the name of his company in honor of the younger sister of Mabel.

The year 1996 was marked by the fact that already established production was acquired by a company no less well-known in the cosmetic world L'oreal.

The brand is positioned as reflecting the entire internal and external essence of the dynamic, energetic, never sleeping New York. The quality and modernity of the products is emphasized by the official representatives of the brand, at different times its faces were such famous ladies as Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, Kristin Davis and other beautiful women.

Brand products can attract the attention of completely different women. Different products are suitable for ladies of different ages, with different preferences in fashion and makeup, with different colors of eyes, hair and skin.

On sale there are a variety of products from Maybelline NY, designed for eyelashes. We can distinguish the following functions that they implement:

  • cilia lengthening,
  • creation of additional volume,
  • hair separation
  • twisting and bending,
  • water resistant products.

In the production of its products, the brand follows the latest fashion trends and cosmetic developments. Therefore, brushes use modern trends. The assortment contains mascaras with various brushes:

  • classic with villi
  • silicone and rubber,
  • vibrating automatic,
  • a brush designed for various makeup techniques.

In addition to the special structure of the brush, in order to achieve the desired result when applying mascara, the correct selection of the ingredients forming the composition of the product is also important. In Maybelline, the composition is especially rich in various types of waxes, which have different structures and physical properties. Due to this, when applied to each cilium, a special shell is formed that provides uniform staining, lack of lumps, and excellent separation. The hairs do not stick together, and the composition does not crumble throughout the day, which indicates its amazing resistance.

Despite the fact that the durability of the products is quite good, it is not difficult to wash them off. This can be done using a conventional makeup remover, such as micellar water. This applies even to waterproof products. It should be noted that different types of products come in different ways. Some are mild, others are removed with lumps, but few users are annoyed.

Attractive and the price of brand goods. It is quite democratic, so the products are available to a fairly wide category of citizens with different incomes.


Maybelline carcasses are available in several lines that differ in their actions, composition and shape of the brushes. Consider the most popular series of this brand and their features.

The series "" enjoys the greatest love and popularity.Volume express". Her products are aimed at creating chic voluminous eyelashes. It consists of a fairly large number of different products that have their own distinctive features.

  • "Classic"gives the cilia a natural volume, visually increasing their number by a factor of three. The brush is equipped with villi of various lengths and performs various functions. Short ones are aimed at creating density, and long ones are separated, preventing hair from sticking together.

The model is also presented in a twisting variety. In addition to creating a flirty bend, the product is enriched with palm and jojoba oil to ensure daily care.

Both products are available in tubes of various shades of blue. The composition itself is represented by universal black color.

  • "Turbo boost"- according to the promises of the manufacturer, it already provides five times the volume.
  • "Rocket"- the tool is distinguished by a blue tube. If you believe the advertisement, its brush has 368 bristles and, thanks to its special composition, does not create lumps. At the same time, each hair is thoroughly stained, giving it a spectacular volume.
  • Blue "Mega plush"has an incredibly fluffy flexible brush. It is evenly applied and holds all day. The product contains nutritious oils, waxes of various nature and collagen, thanks to which it cares for eyelashes and makes them super fluffy.

There’s a separate line inside the series. ”Colossal".

  • "Colossal go extreme"- one of the most sought-after products that has earned many positive reviews. The catchy yellow packaging in the store is instantly striking.

The product is equipped with a large brush and a rod bent twice. The composition contains twenty times more collagen than previously developed products. This provides an even more spectacular volume.

  • "Colossal Go Extreme Lether Black“- a novelty, in the shape of a brush it resembles an older brother. It makes eyelashes sixteen times thicker according to the manufacturer. The composition has an extra black color to create a particularly attractive look.
  • "Colossal 100% Black"also has a large applicator. It differs in the formula of the composition containing 100% black pigments, which gives a powerful expressiveness to the look. This mascara is recommended to be additionally applied to the eyelashes from the side of the outer corner of the eye to improve the shape.
  • "Big shot"- a wavy brush provides a large amount of composition for the complete staining of each hair. With one movement allows you to apply color evenly from the roots to the ends of the eyelashes.
  • "Cat eyes“able to create a beckoning“ Cat's look. ”It has a curved brush, the composition is enriched with collagen, and the packaging is distinguished by an interesting leopard print.

The following products of the line are aimed at creating an attractive flirty bend in plus to volume.

  • "Curved brush"is a three-fold volume and excellent bend resulting from bristles of different lengths and a curved brush.
  • "Hyper curl"instantly adds density and volume to the cilia, providing an open look that lasts all day.

Also in the line are instances designed to create a stunning effect of false eyelashes.

  • "Falsies"creates the effect of artificial eyelashes. It is distinguished by a composition containing pro-keratin, which allows it to highlight each hair, makes them thicker and more voluminous. The appearance of a brush, like a spoon, has a twisting and stretching effect.
  • "Falsies flared wings"- a new product, known as“ Wingspan. "The shape of the brush is similar to the predecessor" Falsies ". The composition is enriched with the formula" Flex-Hold "with three amino acids that fill the inter-eyelash space, creating the effect of dense and fluffy vegetation. The purple packaging looks like others from the "Volume" series.
  • "Falsies black drama"- the packaging of the product is very interesting, pink with black lace. It is distinguished by the ultra-black color obtained due to the content of coal-black pigments in the composition.

The following agent has a special property that separates hairs and is resistant to water:

  • "Colossal waterproof"has water resistance, while creating a huge volume.
  • "One by One Waterproof"- it is also protected from smudges and is adapted to conditions of high humidity. At the same time it perfectly separates the cilia and prevents them from sticking together.

Popular and in demand no less than the previous series "Lash sensational". The products in it are distinguished by a brush with different sizes of bristles. Short bristles provide coloring of even the shortest cilia, and long ones - raising and creating a fan-like position of the hairs.

  • "Lash sensational"classic (07) has a creamy texture, which is why it is perfectly distributed over the eyelashes. It contains a small amount of wax products, which allows it not to glue hairs. It rinses well and is pleasant to wear all day.
  • "Lash sensational"creates "Fan volume"giving them a rich, especially bright black color.
  • "Luscious"It is suitable even for short eyelashes that are inexpressive by nature, without disregarding even short and pale hairs. The formula of the product is enriched with natural healthy oils and cares for eyelashes throughout the day, giving them health and softness.

Mascara is great for creating a unique look with the effect of false eyelashes. "Falsies angel"The liquid contains a lilac bottle. The product is distinguished by a unique shape brush, somewhat similar to Butterfly Wings from L'Oreal, but still having significant differences. The bristles on it are located on one side, allowing for particularly accurate work. Thanks to different lengths the brushes manage to apply the composition to the shortest hairs and twist the cilia at the outer corner of the eye. Special ingredients allow you to fix the created bend. After that, the cilia look like angel wings.

New PackagingPush up drama"pink and red at the top. The tool has the effect of lifting the cilia, creates an open look and the effect of artificial cilia. The composition supports it all day.

MascaraGreat lash"is one of the brand's best sellers. Product"Blackest black"Great Lash" series has a small brush unlike the others. It is especially convenient to work with, it allows you to accurately and accurately paint even the smallest cilia. A pink green tube is decorated with a bright green lid.

Means "Define-a-lash"has a pale green bottle. Equipped with a convenient flexible brush, has the effect of elongation and separation. Gently and accurately stains the cilia without gluing.

How to choose?

Faced with the problem of choosing a suitable mascara for yourself, you must first understand what your eyelashes can be considered from nature. If nature was generous to you and awarded with thick, fluffy and dark cilia, it is not difficult to choose a remedy. Any one that suits your color and convenience of the brush will do.

Lengthening mascara is suitable for short cilia. It will help visually increase the length of the hairs, and some means, thanks to the inclusion of nutrients in the composition, help to lengthen the hairs after some time of constant use.

Be sure to pay attention to the brush included in the kit. It is on its size and shape how the product is applied. It can help give extra volume, tighten and lengthen the hairs. If you do not have experience in dealing with different types of brushes, try the universal. Some special brushes require experience and the ability to work with them.

For not very thick eyelashes, try to choose volumetric options.

To create a flirty look with curved cilia, curl mascara is suitable.

Decide on the color of the composition you need. Maybelline produces standard universal types of mascara: in black and brown colors. Black mascara is perfect for all ladies with any color of hair and skin. A brown woman may like light-skinned blondes who prefer naturalness in makeup.

To create a complete complete image, you can choose a set that will include both mascara and eyeliner of the corresponding color.

If you need the effect of false eyelashes, choose the appropriate options for mascara. He copes with the creation of such an image "Falsies Flared Wings" and "Falsies Black Drama". The product "Falsies Angel" is able to make the cilia look like angel wings, lifting and twisting them in the corners of the eyes.

For conditions of high humidity, rain, as well as for trips to the beach or pool, waterproof mascara is an excellent solution. It can be "One by One Waterproof" or "Colossal Waterproof". Typically, such products have wax or paraffin among the ingredients that can stop the gas exchange processes in the hairs. Therefore, applying them every day is not recommended.

Be sure to pay attention to the description and composition when choosing a product. The description should indicate the purpose of the carcass, date and place of manufacture, expiration date. Never purchase expired cosmetics. The substances included in its composition can deteriorate and oxidize, releasing harmful compounds. This can cause not only inadequate quality, but also severe allergic reactions and irritations.

The composition may be different. Products with oils and plant extracts, vitamins, glycerin and other useful components can have a beneficial effect on the growth of eyelashes, their strengthening, improve their condition, give softness and strength.

If you are the owner of sensitive skin, hypoallergenic mascara with a gentle composition is suitable for you. It should have as many natural and safe ingredients as possible.

It is best to purchase cosmetic products in stores specializing in this, having a positive reputation and all the necessary quality certificates. For example, these are stores such as L'Etoile, Rive Gauche and others.

How to apply?

The effect of tinting eyelashes depends on how competently selected mascara is and how it is applied. Usually coloring is carried out as the final stage of makeup.

The tool should be selected taking into account the purpose of use, makeup style and especially the appearance and structure of the eyes. If the cilia are thin by nature, try to choose a thicker consistency, for dark and hard, a more liquid texture is suitable.

The composition is applied to the eyelashes, while the brush should be located horizontally. Make sure that there is enough money on the brush, but it should not be too much. Usually, the neck of the bottle handles the function of dispensing mascara; it is specially designed in a special way to control the flow of funds. On the brush, the composition should be evenly distributed. Coloring is carried out, starting from the roots of the hairs and smoothly moving in the direction of the tips. The slower you brush, the better the composition falls on the cilia.

It is customary to first color the eyelashes of the upper eyelid, and then the lower. Before proceeding to the lower cilia, make sure that the upper ones are already dry, otherwise you can stain the eyelid with paint. In general, it is not necessary to dye the lower eyelashes too much, otherwise the makeup will turn out to be heavy and unnatural. In addition, excess mascara after drying can crumble under the eyes and form bruises. During staining, it is better to look down.

After the composition dries up, you can comb the cilia with a comb specially designed for this. This will remove the excess and further separate the hairs.

Following simple recommendations, you can always make a beautiful make-up and not damage your eyelashes.


Maybelline specialists give some tips on how to make perfect make-up with brand mascara.

  • To make the volume increase radical, lightly powder the cilia before applying the coloring composition.
  • Try to brush slowly to better separate and stain your cilia.
  • To make the eyes expressive and create an almond-shaped shape, the cilia located at the outer corner of the eye can be twisted and lifted with a mascara brush.
  • For a natural look with light makeup, quickly brush your hair a few times. Apply one, maximum two coats.
  • In general, for daytime makeup, one layer of the product will be enough.
  • And to create evening make-up and the effect of false eyelashes, you can apply three layers of the product in series.
  • For the final chord of makeup "smoky eyes" is to use specially designed mascara, for example, "Volume Express Colossal Smoky Eyes".
  • To make the eyelashes the most voluminous and fluffy, you can move the brush along the zigzag path.
  • The volume will be even more obvious if you do not wait until the first layer of carcass dries.
  • For curved flirty cilia, there is a type of tool, but for maximum effect it is better to use special tweezers.


Maybelline's eyelash product ranking opens up volume creation. According to creators and users, the best mascara for volume is Volume Express Colossal Go Extreme and Volume Express Colossal Go Extreme Leather Black. The most dividing and lengthening - "Great Lash" and "Lash Sensational".


Maybelline brand reviews are positive in their absolute majority. Users like the quality design and packaging of the product. The composition itself has a pleasant creamy texture, uniform color and a pleasant smell. Ladies note that even for the shortest and lightest eyelashes, Maybelline mascara works wonders.

The product perfectly stains the cilia, evenly and accurately distributing the color, does not leave bald spots, does not gather into lumps, does not form spider legs. Tighteners perfectly fix a bend. The products have a fairly good resistance, do not leak and do not crumble. At the same time, even waterproof products are perfectly washed off with makeup removers.

Negative reviews are based mainly on the mismatch of the shape of the brush and the needs of users. Indeed, many tools are equipped with fairly large brushes or they have an unusual shape. In order to use such an applicator, you need to have some skill and experience. Sometimes problems arise due to the brush that is not suitable for the shape of the eye.

Otherwise, users find the Maybelline mascara a great bargain for little money.

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