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Mascara Lancome

Mascara is the very cosmetic product that simply never goes out of style, because it helps women and girls to feel more confident and attractive. With one brush stroke, you can turn small cilia into voluminous and lush, very easy, the main thing is to know which mascara suits you best and makes you feel like a real goddess. In this article, we will talk in more detail about the assortment of mascaras from the famous French brand Lancome, share tips on applying funds to cilia and, of course, talk about the most winning make up.


The French brand Lancome was founded in 1935 by Arman Ptizhan, who wanted to tell the whole world about the real French style and taste. Today, the brand occupies a leading position in the international arena of beauty and is one of the leading in the beauty industry, because it produces luxury cosmetics that are loved by women all over the world, and the brand is represented in almost 150 countries around the globe.

The brand aims to emphasize genuine female beauty at any age.

If you ask the ladies what Lancome is associated with, everyone will unequivocally answer that with a rose flower. After all, it is she who for many years has been one of the symbols of Lancome, which positions eternal femininity.

Series of the brand offer the most diverse decorative and care products that meet the latest requirements in the fashion and beauty industries, and in addition, meet all international quality criteria, are hypoallergenic and absolutely safe to use. The brand has about 20 research centers where real experts are developing.

Regularly, Lancome cosmetic products fall into the most fashionable glossy publications, they are used by professional makeup artists and, of course, are chosen by many celebrities. Since the brand category is Lux, the prices of its products are high, but quality never fails.


At the brand you will find a huge variety of different means to get an expressive look at the most finicky taste and color.

  • This New Year - Mascara "Monsieur Big" will be exactly your Mr. Big, who will take care of creating the most coveted cilia. This mascara has a large, but at the same time soft and wavy brush for the most even and comfortable distribution of the product on the cilia. The formula of the product is enriched with special polymers and wax, which will help to find a tremendous amount of your cilia and lengthening.

Mascara is very persistent thanks to a stable creamy formula. She will not show up and will not let you down all day.

  • Legendary "Grandiose" help create the effect of open cilia. Available in the most unusual shades to create extraordinary makeup. The ideally developed formula of the product and its brush allows you to get the most even staining from root to tip without leaving your home.
  • Mascara "Grandiose Extreme" It will help to give the cilia maximum volume and length, and also increase their density. This mascara is very easy to apply, does not create excess lumps and is quite unpretentious even in daily use. The formula of the product is enriched with elastic wax and is a creamy texture that seems to envelop each eyelash, giving them a stunning volume.

You will be pleased not only with the quality of the product itself, but also with the perfect matte bottle, which is made like a miniature work of art.

The Hypnose series includes several carcass options, including:

  • "Hypnose" volume as desired. It will give incredible volume to your cilia after the first touch of the brush, with each subsequent touch it will increase the volume up to six times, so you can control the result you need. You can find this mascara in two shades: Noir 01 and Brun 02.
  • Hypnose Extra Black Mascara. It will definitely help to create a hypnotic look from which it will be impossible to tear off the gaze of all those passing by. This mascara is very pigmented, extra black, has a creamy consistency, thanks to which it is very easy to apply on the cilia. In addition, the brush will allow to paint as accurately as possible each eyelash.
  • "Hypnose Waterproof". This waterproof mascara is a real find for those who love photo shoots by the sea or in the pool. This mascara will also be controlled by you, since each subsequent layer of application is an incredible amount.
  • Hypnose Volume-a-Porter Mascara It will help not only to give maximum volume to the cilia, but also perfectly divide and lengthen them, make them very soft, voluminous and fluffy. This tool has a fluid texture, so it is absolutely not felt on the cilia and does not bring you extra discomfort throughout the day.
  • Mascara "Drama" with a voluminous curved brush and creamy texture will help to envelop each eyelash with saturated black or brown color. Designed specifically for the most luxurious volume and thickening of cilia. You will need only one application to dye all the cilia from the outer to the inner corners of the eyes.
  • With mascara "Doll Eyes" you easily get the desired volume, separation, curl and lengthening. This tool will allow you to perform classic and flirty makeup. If you are going to get a charming look and wide-open eyelashes, then boldly choose this mascara.

An excellent analogue of this carcass used to be "Virtuose", which, unfortunately, was removed from sale. But then they released a lot of new and improved options.

  • If you are looking for the perfect mascara that accurately divides the cilia, then lengthening "Definicils" created just for you. It has a unique formula, thanks to which you get effective staining, as well as the separation and lengthening of the cilia from root to tip.
  • The brand’s special and unusual mascara is undoubtedly "Cils Tint". As the manufacturer promises, you can walk with it for three days without damaging the cilia. In this mascara there is not a drop of wax, but there is rose oil and useful acids that nourish and saturate the cilia with useful trace elements.

Also do not forget that at Lancome you will find luxurious sets in a box, the set of which includes several tools at once.

For example, we recommend paying attention to the Grandiose with Juicy Shaker Kit, which comes with black mascara and a very cute lip gloss with a Cushion applicator.

Also at the brand you can meet a set Hypnose Volume-a-Portercontaining mascara, a small eyeliner and a mini lotion for removing makeup. Such sets will be a great gift for your close friend or for you.

How to choose?

Choosing mascara from the brand is necessary based on your preferences. If you want to find fluffy cilia and create an expressive look - pay attention to options for volume. If length and durability are important to you, then waterproof options or carcasses for tremendous lengthening and volume will be an excellent solution.

In addition, do not get hung up on the standard black color. If you want something unusual, you can choose colored mascara. For example, blue or pink can be a great solution. "Grandiose".

The more fluffy and voluminous the brush, the more volume you will get from it. If the brush is thin and elongated, then it is designed primarily for separation and lengthening of the cilia.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is best to pay attention to testers in network cosmetic stores that sell products from the brand. In addition, you should purchase products only in certified places or on the official website, otherwise you run the risk of running into a fake that will definitely not please you.

How to apply?

In order to get the perfect cilia staining, experts from the brand recommend:

  • Start brushing from the very rootsmoving smoothly to the tips.
  • It is necessary to start staining from the outer corner of the eye, gradually moving to the inside. To make the effect as successful as possible, you should use zigzag movements and thus stretch the cilia.

Using any mascara, try to apply it in a zigzag fashion along the entire length.

Thus, you will definitely create a hypnotic look. For natural makeup, most often a single layer of the product is enough. But if you want a more expressive look, then many mascaras are designed for repeated staining, so do not be afraid to make several layers, lumps do not form.


With the help of mascaras and other cosmetic products from the brand, you can make a variety of make-ups that your soul desires come true.

  • Create an image for flirting. The first thing to do is darken the ciliary contour, for this, a liner or a black pencil can be a great solution. Next, tint the cilia with mascara "Monsieur Big", paint over the eyebrows in the way that is familiar to you (or use the eyebrow pencil from the "Monsieur Big" collection). And finally, we complete the image with the help of lipstick. An ideal choice would be a shade of nude.
  • A wide makeup option can be a great makeup option.. We create them using the liner, paint the eyelashes with mascara from the brand, for a more expressive look we apply mascara in several layers. We draw the shape of the eyebrows, put them in order and highlight the area under the brows and above the lips with the help of a highlighter, we complete the makeup with the help of your favorite shine or lipstick.

To make flirty make-up, we recommend using shades of delicate shades and complementing them with mascara "Hypnose" in one layer to create the most natural make - up. Also do not forget the light highlighter and blush, for example, with a pink rose.

Using the Hypnose Drama mascara, you can complement the daring smoky eyes, which will look even more expensive and luxurious with it.


The majority of women who leave feedback on the use of Lancome mascaras highlight the following benefits:

  • Nice texture means and subtle, but unobtrusive aroma.
  • Carcasses don't roll Do not slip and do not drain, even if you walk with them for a long time. Especially those that the manufacturer positions as mega-resistant. Water-resistant can generally be worn for a day, but as the ladies note, it is not very comfortable for cilia.
  • Perfectly designed brushes just can not but rejoice, with them you can even stain small cilia in the corners of the eyes, especially with options for separation. Fluffy brushes create a grandiose volume from the first touch.
  • The carcasses from the brand were to the taste of many girls, who are usually allergic to such products, but the carcasses from Lancome, oddly enough, have become a salvation.

Of the minuses, ladies note very high prices for products, but we are talking about the Luxury category, so this price is far from news. Also, many women are very upset that their favorites are sometimes removed from sale. Although the brand’s lines are replenished with new items, it’s sometimes difficult to get used to them.

If you are going to buy eye products from the brand, then this will definitely be a great solution. After all, Lancome products are used not only by amateurs, but also by professional makeup artists.

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