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Blush Dior

Even the great Freud, a theory was put forward that men fall in love with an image, and not with any specific appearance. Probably, the image meant a set of character traits, temperament, and, of course, external data. However, appearance can be beaten in completely different ways. And the main "tool" to change the look beyond recognition is makeup.

A fragile princess, a passionate vamp woman, a Turgenev young lady, a sultry oriental beauty and other images - all these looks are created using decorative cosmetics. And a significant role in creating this or that image is assigned to blush.

Blush Dior - Style and quality, proven over decades and unparalleled throughout the world.

Features and Benefits

The blush of the Dior brand is an ideal texture, ease of use, natural shades, after applying which there remains a feeling of weightlessness and softness. Almost invisible tones on the skin leave only a light veil, often compared to a transparent veil. A small amount of the shimmer, which is present in some lines, gives off light and subtle flicker. A pleasant moment will be the lack of rich shine inherent in the blush of other brands.

Blush deserves special attention "Diorskin Rosy Glow". Despite the fact that the line is represented in just one tone, it impresses with its variety of shades. The developing ability is typical for a small number of decorative cosmetics of various brands. When buying Dior products, you can be sure of the quality and durability of cosmetics.


The Christian Dior brand always cares about quality, and in secondary places there will already be a variety of products. The company presents three lines, each of which has its own “zest” and a wide range of colors.

So, today Dior produces blush in three lines:

  • "Diorblush"- a series of compact blushes of various bright shades that can be described as a" natural blush. "A legendary cosmetic product that is invariably present in the annual collections of the brand. It is characterized by a high content of pigments, which provides a pleasant and rich tone at the finish. Powder microparticles, merging with the skin lie flat and leave the effect of a translucent veil;
  • "Diorblush sculpt"- professional-style sculpting blush. Thanks to two contrasting shades, it is possible to correctly make-up, emphasize the cheekbones and model the volume of the face;
  • "DiorskineitherRosy glow"- moisturizing blush, after applying which there remains a feeling of lightness of creamy texture. A distinctive feature of this line is that the product manifests itself differently depending on the type of lighting (natural or artificial), the amount of product used, as well as the type and tone of the skin.

Color palette

The palette of shades that is presented in the means of decorative cosmetics of the Christian Dior trademark cannot be called too rich. There are more diverse options. However, the blush color palette is able to fully satisfy the tastes and wishes of modern girls. The tones used are designed to maximize the appearance, but at the same time not to deprive it of naturalness.

The number of shades should be considered in the context of each line of blush of this brand:

  • "Diorblush"- the most diverse in terms of shades series (20 different tones). The most popular and popular are colors: 553 -" Peach cocktail ", 656 -" Coral embankment ", 676 -" Coral cruise ", 746 -" Beige naturalness ", 556 - "Amber Show", 846 - "Happy Pink", 939 - "Natural Blush", as well as 566, 756, 829, 876 and others.
  • "Diorblush sculpt"has 4 color options, each of which has two tones (" Pink Shape "," Coral Shape "," Beige Contour "," Brown Contour ");
  • "Diorskin Rosy Glow"are presented in one color (Petale), which can play on the skin in various shades.

How to apply

You can often hear complaints that blush lie ugly on the cheekbones, emphasize them too expressively, give a flickering brilliance, roll down, give an image of vulgarity and brightness. All this can only be if you have chosen the wrong blush for yourself and do not know how to use them. Let's remember the beauties from Russian folk tales, who had “red” apples on their cheeks. So for women, the image of such a “beauty” often pops up in my head when it comes to blush.

To achieve ideal image, you need to remember two rules:

  1. The quality of purchased cosmetics;
  2. The ability to do makeup correctly.

There is not much to say about the quality of Dior brand cosmetics. This is a world-famous brand that has millions of fans around the world, pampering its fans with interesting new products every year and guaranteeing the quality of its products.

Makeup is another matter. For example, properly applying blush is a simple task if you first familiarize yourself with the technique. The simplest and ideal option, according to the recommendations of many stylists, makeup artists, begins with a smile. With a smile, it’s easy to find on the cheeks those areas where you need to apply and blend the blush. Type a small amount of cosmetic product on the brush (the color saturation at the finish will depend on the number of blush) and lightly touch the “apples” zone on the cheeks. The direction of movement of the brush is to the ear.

If you want to achieve a soft effect in the makeup, use the flat end of the brush. Thus, it will be possible to evenly apply color, gently shade and achieve a smooth transition.

To simulate facial features, which is typical for professional makeup, use the beveled end of the brush. Blush is applied to the temporal zone, along the contour of the oval of the face and on the cheekbones. In makeup, it is important to consider the shape of the face. The technique of applying blush depends on what type of face you have: oval, round, rectangular, square, triangular.


In the world there are not so many brands producing decorative cosmetics, reviews of which are more positive. After all, for any product there will always be that person who will remain dissatisfied. The blush produced by the famous Dior brand was no exception. There are both positive and negative comments. Only in percentage terms the number of negative reviews is negligible. In particular, they name the cost of goods. Although, of course, it was strange if the products of a brand so promoted and popular all over the world would be worth a penny. It is worth noting that Dior cosmetics belongs to the "luxury" category.

But despite the high cost of the product, you get the highest quality cosmetics. This is the group of goods when it makes sense to shop rarely, but for a long time. According to user reviews, blush consumption is negligible, one palette will be enough for a long period of time.

Also, the positive aspects include laudatory odes to the shades and weightlessness of the product at the finish. The blush lies evenly and evenly, there is no tangible or visible transition between cosmetics and skin for the eyes. A few more advantages of Dior blush are the natural shades and the lack of profuse shine.

An example of makeup using Diorblush blush awaits you in this video:



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