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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Shadow Sleek

Eyeshadows not only help to create a holistic image, but also can become a decisive emphasis on how this or that makeup will look advantageous. An excellent solution, in order not to be limited by two or three shades from standard sets, are palettes with a wide selection of textures and colors. Such a palette is not only convenient to use, but also to take with you, as it saves space.

Sleek is a UK based cosmetics company. Their production is located in China, but this does not in any way affect the quality of the products. Sleek Makeup i-Divine eye shadow palettes rightfully received the most laudatory reviews. They are able to satisfy the needs and tastes of even the most demanding audience. Everyone will be able to choose something to their taste. A large number of bright matte shades will delight those who do not like shine and mother of pearl. Those who prefer natural makeup will definitely like a palette with natural shades that will help create the most delicate look. In the event that you need to create an exciting and memorable image, you should pay attention to the set with darker and deeper colors.

With such a rich choice, it is difficult to focus on any one option. Most likely, there will be a desire to purchase several pallets, at least for daytime and evening makeup.

Packaging and design

All pallets are a box comparable in size to a smartphone. The manufacturer’s print on a cardboard cover looks very stylish and bright. Inside is a package made of thick plastic with a pleasant to the touch coating. The latch of the pallet is tight, which allows you to tightly close the product, and it certainly will not open in a bag or cosmetic bag, dirtying everything around. Also, a large mirror is mounted in the lid along the entire length of the package, which, of course, is very convenient and facilitates the process of applying shadows.


"Oh So Special"

Sleek's "Oh So Special" is a palette as if specially designed to create and bring to life various seductive looks. Delicate, matte pink and brown colors are perfect for sophisticated and natural make-up during the day. And the shimmering and iridescent shades of gray and the seductive satin gray-blue tone will look delightful in the evening. Thus, one palette can replace an arsenal of eyeshadows in individual packaging and will take up much less space.

The idea of ​​this palette was holidays and gifts, which is reflected in the name of the shades:

  • "Bow" - dense white matte.
  • "Organza" - mother-of-pearl, pale pink.
  • "Tape" - matte coral.
  • "Gift Basket" - pearly medium brown.
  • "Shine" - pearl dark gray.
  • "Celebration" - pearlescent shade of Marsala.
  • "Pampering" - matte light pink.
  • "Pie" - pearl shade "chameleon" pink-lilac color.
  • "Post office" - matte beige yellow.
  • "Gift wrap" - matte light brown.
  • "Wrapper" - matte cold brown.
  • Noir - matte even.

"Storm Palette"

This is another popular and incredibly functional pallet made by Sleek. It is as versatile and suitable for both evening and daytime makeup. It has twelve colors, all of them have a pearly sheen and fine texture. They lie flat, mix well and blend. Thanks to this feature, you can achieve the most natural color transition. It contains colors ranging from beige and pink to green and navy blue.

Using these tones, you can create an incredible number of different images simply by combining them together.


Sleek eyeshadows invariably receive rave and laudatory reviews. Those who previously could not pick up shadows for themselves due to allergic reactions, or due to the fact that they showered or crumpled, found at Sleek what they had been looking for a long time. Due to the fact that all the shadows of this manufacturer are hypoallergenic and persistent, the result always lives up to expectations. Many note the delicate texture of the shadows, which are easy to apply, both dry and wet. Many who use palettes note that with the wet application method, the colors become even more saturated, and the shadows themselves lie flawlessly.

However, stylists recommend using a base that needs to be applied to the eyelid to get a brighter result. The base will help the shadows lie flat and hold even longer. Such makeup will last not only a long working day, but even after it is able to survive the party.

In the video below you can watch an overview of the eyeshadow "Oh so special".

Watch the video: Sleek MakeUP Arabian Nights Smoke & Shadows eyeshadow palette reviewswatches (February 2020).


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