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Missha Foundation

Foundations from Asian countries over the past few years have been particularly popular among Europeans, like many exotic makeup products. This article will focus on the Missha foundation, which combines the benefits of moisturizing and toning products. If you want to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this decorative cosmetics, then this article will help you.


When our girls first painted on tonal products of oriental origin, they are immediately surprised by several points. Firstly, almost all Asian cosmetics are designed to whiten the skin quite noticeably. Korean women and other Asian girls have high white skin. If you are naturally dark-skinned or like to sunbathe in the summer, then on your skin such a product will not look very natural.

However, mature women like brightening tonal products, since this effect allows you to hide age-related skin changes and mask age spots and other minor imperfections that appear on the skin over time. The cream will not spoil the skin and does not make it light in the long run (unlike special products with a skin whitening effect). However, make-up of such a plan will look good.

Another point that you need to know about when buying - Asian creams do not give a full matte effect. As a result, you will get a face with a slight shine. However, this cannot be called a drawback, since such an effect looks quite natural (in contrast to a completely even matte skin, which seems almost doll-like). True, girls with oily skin, seeking to hide this their flaw, in the end can be disappointed.

There are many foundation creams on the Korean cosmetics market, but their price is not always consistent with quality. The Missha brand is one of the most popular manufacturers of facial cosmetics. It is quite affordable and even those who are just starting to experiment with Asian cosmetic products can afford it. Products from such a brand are also pleased with their quality.

If you are afraid to buy a large tube with cream at once, you can order a probe of a more compact size.

These probes can be found in specialized stores or on sites selling Korean cosmetics. In addition, recently, small tubes with Korean cosmetics are also present on many mailing lists.

Missha is a foundation that performs quite a lot of different functions. The product allows you to make the tone of the face more even, but at the same time it also moisturizes the skin and reliably protects it. The tonal remedy saves well from the sun. As with most Asian products, this has a fairly high sun protection factor. So the product is well suited to use it not only in winter or autumn, but also in hot summers.

You will see a review of the Missha foundation in the next video.

Makeup makeup

Toning agents from this brand are quite high quality and have a pleasant composition. The composition is enriched with oils, including rose oil, macadamia and jojoba. Oils make the composition softer, and the product nourishes the skin. As a result, the face looks more well-groomed.

Extracts from plants such as rosemary and chamomile can also be found in the list of ingredients. For this reason, the tool not only masks the rashes, but also treats them. Missha products are suitable for girls with any skin type. Due to the presence of collagen in the composition, the product also helps to slow down the aging process.

Product range

Among the products from this cosmetic brand you can find a lot of interesting things. One of the favorites of many girls is "M Radiance Foundation". Such a cream is presented in several basic shades. It adapts well to skin tone, but still whitens it slightly. If you do not want this effect, then try mixing Korean cream with a darker color. In that case, if you like porcelain-white skin, then such a product you will like.

The most popular shades of this cream among Europeans are 23 and 21. Such tones are suitable for use at different times of the year. The 21st shade is noticeably lighter, so it is suitable for fair skin with an olive tint. And in the summer, when the skin is slightly tan, this product can be replaced with a darker one. In this case, it is the 23rd shade that works best. And if you do not sunbathe and do not like to go to the solarium, but you like slightly dark skin, then such a tone will help give your face a light tan.

Absolutely all colors are good in that they have a fairly neutral subton. They do not yellow skin and do not make it too pink. So the product will not spoil your skin, there will be no spots on a light face.

Missha "M Perfect Cover BB Cream" - This is a milder version of the product that does not lie on the skin with such a layer. This product resembles a foundation mixed with a simple moisturizer. Of course, he will not hide noticeable and pronounced shortcomings, but he will create a beautiful even tone of the face that looks as natural as possible.

However, many girls note that this product has a fairly noticeable grayish tint. Because of this, the face painted on with a Korean product seems to be slightly tired and dull (especially if you have naturally pale skin and noticeable circles under the eyes).

This cream has a very light texture and a fluid consistency.

It practically does not roll and lays very well even on problem skin. Initially, after applying the product, a wet finish is obtained, which not everyone likes. Some time after application, the product becomes more matte, and the skin ceases to shine.

The product does not oxidize during the day. However, if you have noticeable husks, then they will almost certainly show up over time, and a tonal remedy will emphasize them. Therefore, it is recommended to use the product on a cleaned and well-groomed face, so that its task is to equalize the color, and not to mask all possible flaws.


Korea has been a leader in cosmetics sales worldwide for many years. This country regularly produces products that delight not only with their attractive appearance, but also with quality. However, even such products leave different reviews.

Among the shortcomings of products from the Korean brand Missha, it is worth noting that some creams have a fairly noticeable shine. Therefore, girls with oily skin remain dissatisfied with them. In addition, during the day the product is printed on the phone, hands, and even on clothes. Especially often girls with fatty dermis complain about it. This can be inconvenient if you wear light dresses, on which even a light imprint of the cream will be very clearly visible.

But such a product whitens the skin quite well. So fans of Asian beauty will definitely like the products from this brand. Choose light shades, absolutely not fearing that they will look like a chalk coating. In reality, it looks quite natural, because the foundation adapts to the natural shade of the skin and makes the makeup natural and beautiful.

The main advantage of creams originating from Korea is that they simultaneously have a healing effect on the skin.

If you ruined your skin with poor makeup or by nature you have a lot of pimples and all kinds of rashes, then Missha cream will help improve the situation.

This tool deserves a place in your cosmetic bag - regardless of how old you are or what features your skin has. The product adapts to your epidermis and will become the basis for a beautiful and natural everyday makeup. If you have long wanted to try something from Korean cosmetics, then foundation creams from this brand will be a great start. Having tried this product on your skin, you will almost certainly fall in love with Korean cosmetics and continue to experiment with new products for you.

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