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Is it possible to use mascara for extended eyelashes?

Eyelash extension gives a stunning effect, due to which the cilia become very thick and voluminous. But some women lack such a length in order to create a unique make-up and image. In addition, sometimes you want to paint them in some non-standard color - for example, in blue or green. That is why some want to color the extensions of their eyelashes, but they don’t know if this can be done.

Why do this?

As a rule, artificial eyelashes are much longer and thicker than usual. However, often even such a volume and length is not enough for some occasions, especially solemn ones. In addition, eyelashes are enhanced with classic dark hairs, and sometimes you want them to be less noticeable - for example, brown or, conversely, brighter and more expressive, colored.

For some cases (for example, for a theme party or a masquerade) it is sometimes necessary to color the eyes with a bright color - for example, purple, green, pink and so on.

However, extended eyelashes often do not allow you to create such a bright and unique image. Therefore, women resort to the procedure of building. Some dye artificial hairs for centuries after a certain time after the extension procedure, because they become less elastic and more rare, and some hairs can fall off. Coloring will save eyelashes and extend their life, as women say.

For some, the procedure for staining hair extensions on the eyes is an integral part of makeup. So you can achieve a stunning effect and make your eyes piercing and simply breathtaking. This look can fascinate any guy on a date or other important event. You can color artificial eyelashes for going to a club, to a disco or to a wedding, an anniversary or any other celebration to stand out.

You will learn more about mascara extensions for mascara from the next video.

The opinion of makeup artists

All specialists in the field of cosmetologists are allowed to color the cilia that have been extended (especially if there is a great desire). Makeup cilia, according to makeup artists and cosmetologists, can be painted in any color using a special paint, which is distinguished by its stability. She is able to stay for about a month, despite the impact of external factors.

Experts point out: if you want to use ordinary mascara, be sure to pay attention to its composition, because not every such tool is suitable for dyeing artificial hairs for centuries. If any oil is included in the carcass, it can destroy the glue or resins that hold eyelash extensions for centuries. Moreover, they can disappear at any time, not necessarily immediately.

Beauticians strictly forbid the use of waterproof mascara for these purposes, since it is quite difficult to remove.

To do this, you will have to make efforts and use specialized cosmetics remover, which, as a rule, have an oil base, as well as other substances that will harm the hair extensions. Experts strongly recommend that you use only carcasses specifically designed for this purpose. Such a tool can not harm artificial cilia, and on the contrary, it will retain their pristine appearance for a longer time.

You just need to choose which variety of this product is most needed: it can be mascara for giving volume, for lengthening, for twisting, and any other specially designed product, including complex. Makeup artists advise a little powdery artificial hairs - and only then dye them with such a tool. Following these rules, you can calmly dye your hair extensions and make your eyes more expressive and bright.

How to make up?

The way in which you will color the artificial cilia is no less important than what means will be used. Having previously prepared eyelashes with powder, you must carefully distribute a special tool for staining them from the base to the ends, while moving slowly and in zigzag movements. If you use colored products, it is better to repeat the procedure several times.

Then you need to separate the hairs, which can stick together during the staining process, using a special brush, combs for eyelashes.

A needle or a toothpick may also be suitable for this, but this must be done very carefully. You should separate the extended cilia only at that moment, while the mascara has not yet dried - so that it does not crumble, so as not to damage the artificial hairs. Having painted eyelashes, you can already apply shadows or use eyeliner. In this case, it is imperative to wait until the mascara is completely dry.

How to rinse?

The process of removing makeup from the eyes, if you have extended eyelashes, should be particularly accurate. This must be done very carefully and gently. If you wash off regular makeup with a special product or milk, in this case, this cosmetics can not be used, since it can damage the mount. That is why you can use ordinary clean water - for example, distilled. This can be done with cotton swabs or cotton swabs, soaking them in water and gently running them through the hairs on the eyelids.

This process will take you a certain amount of time, but at the same time you will not harm artificial cilia.

If in this way you were unable to remove the special mascara, you can find gentle means for removing makeup from the eyes that do not include any oils.

Thermal water can also be used for this, since it is completely clean and does not contain harmful substances that can dissolve the glue or resin used to fix artificial hairs. In the process of washing off the carcass, in no case should you rub your eyes, as this can damage the hair attachment.

What to use?

According to make-up artists, only specialized products can be used to color extended eyelashes. You can buy them at any professional cosmetic store. Now manufacturers produce some varieties of such products that are ideal for dyeing artificial eyelashes and do not affect their fastening. They do not contain oils - on the contrary, they consist of hypoallergenic and soft substances (herbal extracts, royal jelly).

  • Such a means for coloring is mascara from a cosmetic brand MAX2. It is well distributed by the hairs; it is not very difficult to remove with ordinary or micellar water. The manufacturers of this tool indicate that it can be used only a day after the moment of building.
  • The brand AG Beauty also presents in its cosmetic line of mascara products that are suitable only for dyeing artificial eyelashes. One of the most polar of these types of cosmetics is a special fixer, which is designed specifically for hair extensions. It has a protective effect and prolongs the wearing time of such hairs. This product is produced transparent, it is intended only for fixing and makes the hairs more shiny. There is also a black remedy that makes the look more expressive. The brand AG Beauty also produces such products in different colors.
  • There is also a remedy "Exellent" by the brand Dolce Vita, which is intended specifically for the procedure for dyeing artificial hairs. It is very easy to rinse, and its great advantage is that Exellent has a very low price (about 300 rubles). That is why such a space tool is very popular among women.
  • Some manufacturers of eyelash extensions (e.g. Perfect silk lashes) produce carcasses for coloring with the same name. These products are fully compatible, so staining with this makeup is completely safe. In addition, they have a beneficial effect on hair extensions and make them more durable and resilient. Hair does not fall out and looks very bright, naturally. Currently, many cosmetic brands produce such products, so picking them up is not difficult. Try to find specialized mascara to color your extended eyelashes. This will not harm them in any way - on the contrary, it will improve their appearance.
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Some women write that they visited a beauty salon with the aim of eyelash extensions, but they did not like the effect, because the hairs were not so thick and voluminous, and they were also thin. That is why women, to give the look more expressiveness, judging by the reviews, often resorted to dyeing extensions of eyelashes. However, at the same time, they faced the problem of their falling out, because they used ordinary mascara for this. That is why they did not like the eyelash extension procedure, and they did not resort to it anymore.

Other women, on the contrary, used special mascaras for this, so there was no negative effect. Such coloring, on the contrary, made their look more expressive and very interestingly highlighted their eyes, as they say in the reviews of the buyer of these funds. Women indicate that such a make-up looks simply stunning, it is perfect for any special occasion.

Some people think that staining of extended eyelashes is unacceptable, but this is their subjective opinion.

This point of view has long been refuted by makeup artists. Some women write that they did not completely color the ciliated extensions, but only their ends, without affecting their base. To do this, they used the most common mascara, and this procedure did not lead to their loss. This is a very interesting compromise solution, but you need to act very carefully so as not to touch the base of the eyelashes.

Some women got a negative experience after staining eyelash extensions. Cilia did not fall out after washing off the special mascara, but they lost their previous appearance, became more resilient and more tangled, and they also became less expressive. Analysis of the review showed that all women have a different attitude to the procedure for staining hair extensions on the eyelids. However, if you follow the advice of makeup artists, you can easily use special mascara if you really want to achieve volume, length and expressiveness.

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