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Mascara Kylie

Every woman at least once wondered what kind of mascara to buy today. The choice often falls either on the most affordable price, which is quite logical, or on the one that I used 10 years before, well, or on the advice of a neighbor (girlfriend) about a superbly lengthening waterproof mascara.

All colors and shapes

In today's market you can find a lot of varieties of female "weapons" for eyes, mascara. One gives volume, lengthens, the other curls the cilia.

There are differences in color, which can be as familiar black or brown (a classic option for everyday makeup), and blue, green.

Color nuances

Blue mascara is suitable for girls whose eyes are brown. The blueness of the paint accentuates the charm of a dark color throughout the day. Black-brown - for fair-haired ladies. Gray as a replacement for boring black looks no less elegant. In no case do not use violet, green and other extravagant colors in the daily make-up. They will make the face tired and tearful.

Difference in brush shapes:

  • Short bristles - for short eyelashes. Gently stains over the entire length. Everything else is also suitable for dyeing the eyelashes of the lower eyelid and in the corners of the eyes.
  • Long - every woman’s weapon for evening makeup.
  • Spiral - perfect for almost every eye section and face type. When applied to the eyelashes, it is worth scrolling it a bit.
  • Smooth bristles (standard) - suitable for soft eyelashes, adds volume.
  • Arcuate - twists.
  • Silicone is the most common option among the Kylie line of mascaras. Divides and creates volume to cilia.
  • Plastic - for eyelashes, which by themselves do not need additional dyeing, but their owner wants more spectacular volume.

What you should know

It is always worth remembering a few general rules, the observance of which will help to determine really what is right for you.

Silicone brushes are not suitable for thin and soft eyelashes, as they will stick them together. Long bristles are perfectly used by owners of thick and long cilia. The best option is when the brush is combined with the shape of the eye. So it will be much more convenient.

The shelf life of a quality carcass is no more than three months.

A variety of cosmetics for the eyes from Kylie

There are several main types of mascara, and all of them are combined in the products of this young girl, whose makeup many beautiful women of our country would like to repeat at home.

Let's talk a little about what ordinary mascara can do with eyelashes.

  • Lengthen - due to the fact that its composition includes special fibers of nylon, viscose and even silk.
  • Give volumebecause it contains synthetic substances. They cover each cilium, thereby thickening it from the root to the very tip. Eyelashes do not look like false, but look lush and thick.
  • Tighten up - Thanks to the keratins drying on the eyelashes, an elegant bend is obtained. Forget about special eyelash curlers that damage the hair structure and break the cilia.

Let's talk about the advantages that Kylie mascara from the famous brand Kylie Jenner has.


One of the leading brands in the world produces several dozen types of cosmetics for the eyes, including beautiful mascara. Kylie "Mascara Waterproof".

Its main feature is water resistance. The part that is needed on vacation by the sea is Mascara mascara from Kylie. Suddenly in the rain, jumping into the pool or something upset so that there is no way to hold back tears - you can not worry with this mascara. All these misunderstandings will not affect your eyes, and the makeup will remain in its former good condition.

Special silicone materials that make up the mascara provide resistance to water droplets on the eyelashes. This makeup product contains various vitamins and minerals, oils, moisturizing cilia.

Easy application with a brush - and within 12 hours you can not worry about how your eyes look.

Description of customer reviews

Another product from Kylie that collects a lot of positive reviews is a set of two elements of eye makeup "Kylie 2 in 1". The kit includes mascara and eyeliner 2 in 1.

Those women who already use this kit say that it is very convenient to have at once two such necessary makeup products. At the same time, the price per set is very favorable.

The mascara brush is not silicone, but standard. She perfectly separates the cilia, gives them volume, keeps her eyes beautiful even in the rain. Easily erased with makeup remover, a kind of film.

The eyeliner brush has stiff bristles.

High-quality production ensures that mascara and eyeliner do not crumble and do not smear over the eyes. Kylie products are hypoallergenic and odorless.

Silicone mascara

Kylie "Magic Thick Slim Waterproof Mascara" - it is mascara for three-dimensional measurement.

Special synthetic fibers give the eyelashes an elegant bend and extra length, acting on the principle of building on real eyelashes.

Worn in front of the eyes without weighting, does not slide into lumps and, very importantly, resistant to any weather ...

With the help of warm water it is quickly washed off with small flakes, without leaving black stains under the eyes

Classics of the genre

Kylie "Mascara Curl Thick" - A classic and perfect for every girl version of mascara. An evening look with a bewitching make-up or a light daytime one (for example, a worker) will perfectly complement such an irreplaceable thing in a cosmetic bag.

Creamy texture, elastic brush with hard bristles allow you to color the eyelashes evenly and stretch them to their full length, adding fluffiness and volume.

The composition includes nourishing oils and polymers, thanks to which the foundation of your makeup will last all day.

The Curl Thick mascara is not full of fashion trends, but is designed in the usual style for women, but in its lineup it has a daring red color (in addition to standard black). The prices for this product will pleasantly surprise you. "Curl Thick" is a very advantageous offer (compared to other eye products in this series).

A copy with a silicone brush from Kylie, which will also please you with nice prices - this is Kylie "Koko" mascara.

Like all Kylie Jenner products, this mascara extends its natural length without the effect of false eyelashes.

Set of three products.

Kylie jenner "Kyliner Kit 3 in 1" - this gel eyeliner and eyebrow, eyeliner and a nice addition in the form of brushes.

Glossy (as if flickering) eyeliner miraculously fits your eyes, not smearing and not spreading throughout the day. In the set it is presented in four colors:

  • The black.
  • Bronze.
  • Brown.
  • Chameleon.

Delicate soft texture of the pencil and its rich pigment - a combination for perfect makeup. Easy to apply, corrects eyelid imperfections, waterproof.

About composition

In the story about the benefits of cosmetics Kylie Jenner it has been mentioned many times that its composition includes a different number of useful components. The following are some of the features.

Keratin serves to strengthen the cilia. Those women who use keratin shampoos for hair have already heard about the wonderful effects of this product.

Lanolin rescues from drying out and fragility of eyelashes. Melanin has the same effect: it protects against excessive dry air, wind, heat.

Thanks to the vitamins of groups A, E, F and B5, eyelashes become like silk.

Read more about Kylie carcass in the video below.

Watch the video: Kylie Cosmetics Mascara?! Testing fake products (February 2020).


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