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Rating of the best moisturizing face creams

Every modern lady wants to look attractive and stylish. Poor ecology, ambiguous weather conditions, the influence of air conditioners, heating devices, as well as the constant stresses that we experience day after day, lead to the fact that the skin becomes dirty, dehydrated and cannot receive normal nutrition. To neutralize these processes, as well as protect the dermis from premature aging, it is worth using moisturizers. In this case, you should take care of your face daily. Modern firms produce a wide variety of options.

How to choose?

So that the moisturizing product does not disappoint you, it is worth knowing how to choose it correctly. It should be remembered that a good cream immediately nourishes the dermis with moisture, and also helps to delay it. The second important condition when purchasing a product is that it matches your type of dermis. If you still do not know which subtype your skin belongs to, it is worthwhile to conduct special testing. Be sure to find out what is included in the tool. It is worth noting that at the top of the list of ingredients are those elements that are most in this product. Accordingly, then the ingredients are written on a descending list.

Do not buy a product that includes formaldehyde. This substance adversely affects the skin, contributes to its destruction. Paraben is also an undesirable ingredient. It is an allergen, if in cosmetics the content of such an element is more than 0.3%, feel free to refuse to buy. Mineral oils, silicones, ethylene propylene glycols, and phtholates also adversely affect health.

As for the beneficial ingredients that are required to make up a cosmetic product:

  • Panthenol. This substance will help not only soften the skin, but also rejuvenate them.
  • With help allantoin can reliably retain moisture, help the effective recovery of cells.
  • So that vitamins are well absorbed, it is used lecithin based on soybean oil and egg yolk.
  • Vitamins. Not a single drug with a good composition can do without them. They are added to the cosmetic product in a synthesized form. For example, tocopherol acetate is obtained by synthesizing vitamin E from vegetable oil.
  • Azulen. This substance is obtained from herbs. It will help calm the dermis, create a healing effect and a restoring effect.

If a plant base is used to moisturize the face, then it should be selected based on the type of dermis. Strawberries, for example, will be an excellent option for oily skin, and the use of lavender and St. John's wort is suitable for problematic, combination, dry skin. A good remedy is also distinguished by the presence of glycerin and hyaluronic acid. They will save the skin from adverse environmental conditions. When buying creams, experts advise paying attention to aroma. Often, moisturizing products either do not have it at all or smell like floral and fruity aromas. Look at the acid-base balance. It should be between 5 and 9.

There is a special moisturizing product for children. It is intended for the smallest, carefully takes care of the epithelium of infants. However, adults should use a suitable product specifically for their age, and not for young skin.

A light moisturizer for the summer let it be healthy and light. In such cases, there should be only the most necessary components that will not aggravate the skin. The product should have a delicate texture, so as not to create an excessive load on the skin. It is desirable that the product contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial complexes. You can also choose a special tool that will help to effectively eliminate acne on the face. In this case, in any case, you will need to understand the causes of the rashes.

A special moisturizer for makeup will help make the perfect make-up. So you do not just keep the makeup on your face longer, but also allow you to take care of your skin at the same time.

Rating of the best

When choosing a moisturizer for the face, every lady wants to purchase an effective effective product. Accordingly, the best options will have all the characteristics described by us above. It is worth remembering that quality products will be served only in company stores, or at a pharmacy. At the same time, you should immediately decide which product you need - day or night. There are also special anti-aging options for the skin after 50 years, as well as products for the skin around the eyes.

Consider the top 10 basic cosmetic moisturizers that are popular:

  • "Aurealux Cream Radiance Moisturiser" by Dolce & Gabbana. This tool is more likely to be elite. In the composition you can find olive oil. It is it that is responsible for hydration. Also in the product there is an extract from silkworm cocoons and a vitamin complex. All these substances will contribute to the active hydration of the skin, will improve its condition, and also help rejuvenate the dermis and tone.

The result can be seen after four weeks of regular use of the cosmetic product. Facial skin will become attractive, silk and soft. The product can be applied in the morning and evening.

  • "Liftactiv Supreme" by Vichy. This pharmacy product is also effective. A cosmetic product comprehensively affects the dermis, nourishing it. At the same time, metabolic processes are accelerated, collagen fiber growth is stimulated, the skin is moisturized and calmed. The advantages of this product include the fact that the product can be used year-round. However, in autumn and winter, cosmetics are applied no later than half an hour before going outside.
  • "Smart SPF 15" by Clinique. This is a skin product that loses elasticity and is prone to dryness. Regular use of the cream will effectively restore the cellular structure of the face. With the help of glucosamine, which is included in the substance, small wrinkles are smoothed out. The product is also saturated with hyaluronic acid, which will help moisturize the dermis. Caffeine will keep the face in good shape, give the skin strength.
  • "Aquasource" by BioTherm. This product will help mitigate the harmful effects of the environment on the skin. The jar of pale blue color contains a light air cream with thermal plankton extract, which helps moisturize the dermis and make the face fresher and more attractive.
  • Moisturizing Cream Mask "Hydra Sparkling" by Givenchy. The product moisturizes the skin, filling it with energy and radiance. The product will help you quickly get in shape if you do not get enough sleep. Using a special antioxidant, damaged skin is recharged with power, complexion improves, and wrinkles are smoothed. The special complex contained in the cream and millet extract effectively affects the cells. It is better to use such a tool at night.
  • "Wildrose" by Weleda. This product is suitable for combination skin. Such a cream moisturizes dry and greasy areas well, while it does not clog pores and does not irritate the sensitive dermis. The advantages of the tool include the fact that the tool is absorbed quite quickly. Only a pleasant aroma is felt. The bottle includes almond, peach oil, jojoba, pink seeds, extract from myrrh, which contribute to the active hydration of the dermis.
  • Crème "Désaltérante" by Clarins. A feature of the product is a combination of natural elements and high-tech products. Thanks to the extract of cataphray bark, as well as rowan buds, hyaluronic acid and a special complex, the dermis is actively moisturized. Your face will be transformed, rejuvenated and will shine with health.
  • Moisturizing biphasic cream "Plantain and Coltsfoot" by Green Mama. You can see the result after just a few uses. The substance includes extracts of coltsfoot and plantain. These components are designed to provide deep hydration for each cell. A pleasant aroma will set in a positive way.
  • "Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrating Soft Creme" by Aveda. This cosmetics is organic. Such a cream consists almost entirely of herbal ingredients. Daily use of it will help improve skin condition, not clog pores, and prevent cell aging. This option is perfect for sensitive derma, prone to allergies and redness. The product is completely safe. It will have a moisturizing effect, help to actively nourish and soothe the skin.
  • Day Cream "Clean Line. Moisturizing." The very first thing that buyers note is the affordable cost of the goods. For some reason this is alarming for some reason. Despite all this, most product reviews are positive. The tool perfectly moisturizes the dermis.

It is worth considering any of the options proposed above. They will help calm the dermis, make it more hydrated, healthy and beautiful. There are also special options:

  • Ultra-moisturizing "Topicrem". This cream is perfect for women with dry sensitive skin. A cosmetic product will help to effectively moisturize the dermis, protect it, saturate it with nutrients and soothe. The product includes urea (1%) and glycerin. They are also responsible for actively moisturizing and softening the dermis. Shea butter helps nourish and repair cells. This cream has passed dermatological testing. It can be used for both adults and infants. After regular use, you will see the result on the face.
  • Moisturizing Tiptop. This option will help to effectively care for your baby's skin. Only natural plant components are included in the cosmetic product. They perfectly nourish the dermis, designed to moisturize and protect it. There is no irritation or redness in your child.

An overview of the best moisturizing creams for the face, see the next video.

Features and benefits of funds

  • High quality product. The natural product contains substances that will not harm your health. These include various vitamins, nutrients. With regular use, you can observe how the dermis has become more resilient, supple, filled with vitality.
  • Efficiency. You can not only moisturize the skin, but also eliminate peeling, redness, and get rid of small wrinkles.
  • Ease of use. It should be easy to apply a cosmetic composition on the face. The product is perfectly and evenly distributed. In this case, you should focus on the product that suits your skin type.
  • Extensive product range. Modern companies offer a variety of options for the fair sex. You can choose the product that will impress you.
  • Reasonable price of a product. You can buy a cosmetic product at an attractive price, while not spending all your savings. And the effect will be no worse than after going to the beautician.
  • Availability. You can always buy your favorite product in a specialized store or pharmacy so as not to run into a fake.
  • Good mood. Seeing the positive effect, you will radiate a great mood. Attractive appearance helps to achieve success, increase self-confidence, improve well-being.

Beautician reviews

Many ladies are guided by the reviews of specialists when purchasing goods. Beauticians believe that the most effective cosmetic product, one that is safe. They advise when choosing a product to look at its composition. Only natural ingredients should be included. Also, many experts note the widespread prevalence of such funds. You can purchase various moisturizers. At the same time, an inflated price does not always mean high quality goods.

Choose a product that matches your type of dermis. Only in this way you can see the positive effect. At the same time, all experts agree that every woman should have a moisturizer.

Customer reviews

Many buyers note that when using a moisturizer, the skin of the face is not only saturated with nutrients, but also becomes smooth and supple, small wrinkles disappear. Especially it is necessary to actively use such a drug at a young age, so that later you do not suddenly encounter problems of aging skin. At the same time, it will be good to use a moisturizer and for make-up, this will help maintain makeup for a long time. Attracts ladies and affordable cost of goods.

Another review of the best facial moisturizers is in the video below.

Watch the video: Top 5 Best Facial Moisturizers. LookMazing (February 2020).


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