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Lipstick marker Avon

Persistent lipsticks allow you to maintain a rich lip color throughout the day. The lack of adjustment and the belief that lipstick does not curl and does not clog into small wrinkles bribes many women. Lipstick marker from Avon


Avon is a well-known manufacturer of decorative and beauty cosmetics that has gained a good reputation. In Russia, his story began in 1995 and, apparently, is not going to end. Thousands of new developments in lipstick formulations and not only undergo rigorous testing at the brand’s Global Center for Research and Development.

Lipstick marker "Watercolor" can be considered the fruit of a long and well-established work of specialists of all levels, as well as designers who worked on the unique structure of the product. The appearance of lipstick resembles a marker, and even with a stylus. The latter is characterized by softness and velvety, without any roughness and villi. The rest of the design does not contradict the motto of restraint from Avon Black plastic tube with a bright tip - minimalism and a delicate sense of taste, tested for decades.

The manufacturer speaks of lipstick itself as an advanced development from Germany. The marker not only dullly covers the lips, but also represents a tint, that is, a persistent coloring pigment. He does not leave his lips for 7 hours, does not imprint on the surfaces and does not spread over the corners.

Today, seven stylish shades of the marker are released - both nude and very saturated tones.


The composition of lipstick can hardly be called natural, because tints require special durability. Unfortunately, natural components are not able to provide proper durability. Wanting to get the perfect color, many ladies are content with chemical ingredients.

In the first place is water, the second is propylene glycol. This component with a complex name is a dihydric alcohol, which even in small quantities can cause irritation. If you remember that he is in second place in lipstick marker, then girls with sensitive skin should forget about him. Propylene glycol in the composition of lipstick creates a smooth, greasy layer on the skin, giving it a youthful appearance. However, according to scientists, it displaces the beneficial components from the thin skin of the lips.

Ethanol settled in third place. Its presence here is quite understandable, because it has volatile properties and allows you to absorb coloring pigments with maximum speed. For tints, this is really important. The downside of its use in the formulations is dry skin, because alcohol has a drying effect, which is very harmful for the most delicate epidermis of the lips with some problems and lack of nutrition. At the same time, the manufacturer honestly declares that using lipstick marker with cracked skin is highly not recommended.

Another chemical component of PEG-30 is an emulsifier that connects various fluids in the composition. Its presence is required. It is worth noting that it consists of glycerin and vegetable fats, which is why it is considered as soft and safe for the epidermis. A little further you can see another gentle emulsifier called glyceryl stearate.

In the middle of the list is glycerin known to everyone. It covers the skin with a protective film and is an effective tool to retain natural moisture. Glycerin to some extent neutralizes the alcohol composition of the watercolor lipstick marker.

The chemical skin care does not end there. In the composition you can see polyvinylpyrrolidone - a polymer that has a lifting effect on the epidermis. Next in the lipstick is a list of a few more alcohols. The completion of the list of components is allowed in cosmetology dyes.

Drawing a conclusion, we can say with absolute certainty that the marker is able to dry lips and make them vulnerable. At the same time, the manufacturer does not promise buyers anything, only a persistent color. And alcohols cope with this function first-class.

A compromise here can be the joint use of a marker with a nourishing balm that neutralizes the negative effects of the use on the lips.

Shelf life

Lipstick marker Avon "Ultra Color" has a maximum shelf life of three years. The antibacterial components in the composition prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms, making the use of the product safe for health.


Lipstick marker colors combine calm and bright colors. Single-layer application allows you to create a natural make-up, two or more layers provide a bright accent on the lips.

The calm nude tones include:

  • "Coral" - a pink shade with subtle notes of peach. Depending on the natural shade, coral may look like a pure pink tone on bright lips - and departing to calm when applied to pale light lips.
  • "Nut" - refers to nude brown tones. Has a touch of milk chocolate.

Bright colors in the palette:

  • flamingo - rich red-scarlet tone;
  • "freesia" - pink-plum shade;
  • "fuchsia" - cold lilac color;
  • "raspberries" - red tint with a pink undertone;
  • "Strawberry" - a scarlet tone, softly turning into a burgundy.

It is worth saying that each of the components of such a diverse palette has a matte surface without using a shimmer. Shine effect can be available only with the additional use of shine or balm for the epidermis of the sensitive area of ​​the face.

How to choose a shade?

Mark Avon positions itself as a brand selling only catalogs. Unfortunately, paper rarely can convey all the subtleties of color, and the natural tone of the lips plays a very important role. To make a mistake in color is as simple as possible, and therefore it is important to remember several key selection rules.

So, the first way to determine the tone can be age. Young girls will like light tones (coral, fuchsia or raspberry). Ladies of older age will be able to decorate a dark tone - for example, walnut or strawberry. The division here, of course, is very generalized, but it is worth keeping it in mind and combining it with other methods of determination.

Speaking about other methods, it is impossible not to mention the universal method for skin tinting. The tone can be cold and warm. In the first case, saturated cold tones are perfect, in "Watercolors" they are fuchsia and freesia. “Warm” girls will be decorated with burgundy and brown tones - for example, nuts and strawberries. Flamingos with warm orange notes may well suit the warm tone, however it is extremely difficult to call the color universal.

Using this method is easy and effective, but the correct subton must be correctly determined. To do this, you can contact the makeup artist, or you can purchase gold and silver foil and conduct an experiment at home. Good lighting and silver foil will make the cold skin tone glow and shine, gold - quickly decorate the warm when applied to the face.

Careful attention to hair color is required. Blondes will become even more tender with a pink shade of lipstick, red ones with coral and red-red, burning brunettes will fully appreciate wine deep tones.

Such simple rules will allow you to choose the right tone from the catalog, minimizing the risk of misses in color. I would like to note also the factor of low cost lipsticks from Avon, which allows you to order multiple tones and experiment in search of the perfect color.

How to apply?

Apply marker lipstick on cleansed and dry skin. A marker with an accurate applicator allows you to cover your lips without going beyond their borders. The first stage outlines the lips, the second - cover the remaining space.

After a thorough coating on the lips, it is recommended to apply any nourishing agent that gives a natural shine. It can be a transparent shine, as well as hygienic lipstick or balm. According to users, the resistance of the tint from this increases.


Lipstick marker reviews "Watercolor" divided into two warring camps. Ladies note a truly persistent application. The tool is able to last more than one hour in an unchanged state. Pleases users, and especially their men, the lack of an imprint effect on any surface - from the lips of a partner to the edge of the cup. In addition, some enjoy "Watercolor"replacing a contour pencil.

The contours created by the marker deserve special attention. Owners of lipstick compare the effect of the application with tattooing. The stylus is accurate, it is convenient to put forward, and this cannot but affect the accuracy of the coating.

Opponents of lipstick note dryness and an unpleasant alcohol smell. Not happy with them and rolling lipstick into folds. The color palette, according to users, is very distorted in the catalog, and each new color is a surprise - and sometimes not the most pleasant one.

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