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Maybelline Baby Skin Makeup Foundation

High-quality basic coating allows you to hide imperfections in the skin and provide long-lasting makeup for the whole day. Makeup base "Baby skin"from Maybelline - one of the most popular options.


Maybelline is a well-known American brand that produces decorative cosmetics. When creating branded products, the most modern equipment and advanced technologies are used. This leads to a high level of product quality recognized by professional makeup artists all over the world.

Brand tonal products are very popular. The same applies to tools designed to create a perfect base for lasting makeup.

Product "Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser"promises girls to turn their skin into absolutely perfect, like a baby’s skin. We’ll figure out if makeup foundation can achieve such a visual result.


"Baby Skin" is a correction primer. The product is completely transparent, odorless. The volume of the product is 22 milliliters, but it is consumed very economically.

The product is packaged in a small tube of pretty bright design. Convenient packaging allows you to take the primer on trips and wear it daily in a cosmetic bag. A portion of the product is easy to obtain by slightly pressing on the tube.

The base has a gel-like and rather thick consistency. The product contains silicone. However, this is a completely safe component. It provides uniform application, makeup resistance and allows you to achieve the visual effect of perfectly smooth skin. Thanks to this particular component, the base is in excellent contact with other tonal means, regardless of their consistency.

There are also natural components in the composition. This, for example, is a wild cherry extract that softens the skin, filling it with energy and health.

The product fills wrinkles and smoothes the structure of the epidermis. The primer has a pore masking effect, which is what its name says.


The benefits of the base from Maybelline are undeniable:

  • Visual narrowing of pores. The special "insta-blur" technology allows you to visually narrow the enlarged pores. The skin looks smoother and more even.
  • Matting. Special absorbent microparticles provide instant matting of the epidermis. Throughout the day, the product absorbs excess sebum, the face looks fresh and well-groomed.
  • Smoothing effect. The product effectively masks peeling and minor nervousness.
  • Skin softening. Caring components make the skin soft, delicate and silky.
  • Natural glow. A special formula gives your face a healthy glow. The skin seems to be illuminated from the inside, striking with its impeccability.
  • Enhancing makeup. Thanks to this basis, excellent fixation of tonal means is provided. This is especially important for the T-zone, causing concern for many women, as well as for owners of oily skin.
  • Security. The tool is tested and approved by leading dermatologists. The product contains no aromatic fragrances and substances hazardous to health. The base is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, suitable for use with any type of skin, including sensitive.

This basecoat is universal. It can be used with tonal products from Maybelline, as well as with creams and powders of other brands.

The primer is washed off easily. You do not need special tools for this. At the end of the day, you can use micellar water or another daily make-up remover.

Application rules

So that the product does not "clog" the pores, meet the expectations of its use and does not affect the health of the skin, it is necessary to observe elementary rules:

  • Before applying the foundation, thoroughly cleanse your face from dirt and sebum.
  • Spread a small amount over the face with your fingertips. It is better to apply the composition along the massage lines. Do not rub the product into the skin, but make light smoothing movements.

If desired, a sponge can be used to apply the primer. In this case, it is better to moisten it slightly.

Do not apply a large amount of funds in the hope of achieving a more perfect result. So you risk finding the opposite effect. The makeup will look unnatural and in a couple of hours it will simply begin to “crawl” from the face.

  • Wait 3-4 minutes. The product must dry completely, and only then it will be possible to apply a tonal coating.
  • Spread the foundation on your face or lightly powder. Makeup is ready. A perfect face tone for the whole day is guaranteed.

In the absence of redness on the face, age spots and other imperfections that require correction, you can use the base as a mono-remedy. As a result, you get fresh, smooth and matte skin. Great for light daytime makeup.

It is permissible to use a primer in certain areas of the face that need visual smoothing and narrowing of the pores (most often this is the T-zone).

Do not forget that the foundation is not a caring agent. This is a cosmetic decorative product that gives only a visual effect when applied to the skin. After removing the primer from the face, the skin remains the same as before.

If your goal is to regulate the sebaceous glands, as well as cleansing pores, removing blackheads and treating acne, then you need special care products. This basis does not apply to them.

Makeup foundation "Baby Skin" is suitable for any age. It can take its rightful place in a number of cosmetic products for daily use.

It is only important to observe the rules of hygiene and do not forget to cleanse the skin before and after using the product. Going to bed without washing off the makeup base is impossible. Otherwise, the product can lead to irritation and the appearance of comedones.


Makeup foundation "Baby Skin" is highly regarded by many bloggers and makeup artists. They mark an excellent combination of high quality product and affordable price. In their opinion, the base from Maybelline is not inferior to more expensive counterparts.

Many girls also apply the same, using the base not for professional, but for everyday makeup. They like the ease of distribution of the product on the skin and the resulting effect.

The base is completely invisible on the face. After its application, the skin becomes perfectly smooth, delicate and velvety. Wide pores become less noticeable. Some girls apply the product pointwise only to those places that peel off. The product perfectly smooths them.

Customers also note the increased ease of applying tonal products. After all, the skin prepared with the help of the foundation becomes smoother. Some even note that the consumption of foundation and powder using a base is reduced.

Proved and increase the resistance of makeup in combination with this primer. The foundation lasts much longer.

The product is very economical. One tube with daily use is enough for 2-3 months.

Most girls do not feel discomfort from the presence of a primer on their faces. The tool also does not cause irritation or inflammation in them. However, there are other reviews.

For some girls, the product seems too greasy. They talk about the inconvenience of applying makeup and a feeling of heaviness in the form of an extra layer of makeup on the face. Perhaps this is due to the use of too much basic coverage.

Not very happy with the tool and many young ladies with oily skin. Some girls notice that the matting effect disappears after a couple of hours. Makeup begins to "float", especially if the foundation is not cream, but cream.

In this case, it is advisable to fix makeup with a matte topcoat intended for oily skin.

Some girls with very wide pores say that the drug "clogs" them and provokes rashes. Perhaps this is due to untimely cleansing of the skin or with individual characteristics.

Conclusion: the product is perfect for girls with dry and normal skin type. It softens, smooths bumps and peeling. The product hides oily sheen in the T-zone and increases makeup resistance.

Young women with problematic and oily skin should use the product with caution and in small quantities, paying increased attention to hygiene.

Maybelline Baby Skin Makeup Foundation Overview:

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