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Tar soap for intimate hygiene

Tar soap for intimate hygiene - an antibacterial cosmetic product, time-tested.

Tar birch and essential oils from birch bark are able to effectively fight fungal infections on the skin and mucous membranes, restoring normal microflora.


Personal body hygiene is important not only for women, but also for every man. Cosmetics for the care of the intimate area are available in the form of soft gels and soaps with an antiseptic. Using them is easy and convenient, in addition, special tools are designed to wash them every day. Along with the latest innovations from manufacturers, tar soap is still not inferior to them. They wash their face and body, in gynecology they use to eliminate many women's problems and care for the bikini area after hair removal.

The benefits of this soap product are known and proven in practice. It is explained by the properties of birch tar, which is part of body cleanser. Tar is an excellent remedy for inflammation on the skin and mucous membranes, as an antiseptic, extract from birch has always been used for antiseptic purposes. Tar component care products performs the following functions:

  1. Promotes the healing of small cuts and wounds. Prevents the appearance of boils, corns, helps with cuts and burns.
  2. Improves blood circulation and accelerates keratinization of dead cells.
  3. Removes toxins from the body, useful as a diuretic. Prevents toxins from accumulating in the tissues and muscles of the body, poisoning the human body.

Tar tar is the active part of Vishnevsky ointment. To add to the soap, as a rule, tar is not used, but the essential oils obtained by pressing from birch concentrate. The product retains a natural harsh smell, reminiscent of the smell of burnt birch bark.

The final product is soap, does not contain any synthetic substances, namely dyes and chemical additives, including to give it an aroma.

How is it applied?

Compared to mildly acting gels and liquid soap, tar tar is coarser, especially in appearance. Therefore, many women are not sure that they should use this tool for washing. However, gynecologists say the opposite - not only is it possible, but also necessary, the soap is absolutely harmless. Such an agent for intimate hygiene, as a rule, is not designed for a very long treatment, but it helps with thrush. The optimal period of use is about seven days. Tar tar works well when it is washed during pregnancy and the postpartum period, healing sutures and small cracks.

Thrush, or vaginal candidiasis, sometimes gives a woman a lot of inconvenience - burning, itching, other unpleasant sensations in the intimate area. This is because fungi settle on the mucosa, constantly violating the health of the vaginal microflora. The pH for the skin is 5.5, and for the mucosa it is much lower - 3.3. Yeast mushrooms settle on the mucous membrane, upsetting the balance and making the environment even more acidic than necessary. To neutralize, a reaction with another substance, alkali, is recommended, which occurs when tar soap is used. A gynecologist will tell you in detail how to use soap, and for the prevention of vaginosis and cystitis, intimate cosmetics with tar are used two to three times a week.

If you decide to choose this means for washing, it is better to purchase liquid soap in a bottle with a dispenser.

If your skin is thin and dry, use soap or shampoo with caution. When wearing tight underwear, in hot weather there are irritations and minor injuries on the skin, rubbed areas. Sometimes small wounds appear after an unsuccessful shave in the bikini area. For the speedy elimination of these problems, cosmetics with tar will do just fine. Soap will have a noticeable anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Birch bark contains a special substance - betulin. To make the antiseptic effect as effective as possible, wash with soap with cold water, not higher than 30 degrees Celsius.

Herpes, demodicosis, eczema and parasitic skin rashes will leave you, the skin will become more healthy. Sometimes you have to deal with such a problem as the appearance of lice.

Such a disease is rare in our time, but it is still important to know that a bar of soap with an extract from birch bark will also relieve pediculosis of all family members.

How to cook at home?

There is no shortage of such drugs in pharmacies. On the shelves of pharmacies and shops you can find this miraculous potion in the form of solid soap, as well as shampoo and gel based on a birch extract. But you can prepare effective cosmetics for the intimate zone and at home. Soap-making is a very interesting procedure, and having prepared what you like, you will get true satisfaction. First you need to take the old dishes, which you no longer use for cooking or other purposes, because the smell of tar will be quite strong.

The pungent odor is best mitigated by the addition of chamomile, oregano, calamus, hops, lavender and other fragrant components. Aromatic essential oils - lavender, almond and others - will not interfere. In order to get a mild detergent, a delicate baby soap is chosen for the base. It is recognized as the most neutral of all available on sale, with the lowest pH.

Baby soap for home tar is rubbed on a fine grater and mixed with one glass of water. The resulting composition is heated in a water bath until completely melted. At the moment when the mass became completely liquid, add birch tar. Such proportions - approximately 10% (2 tablespoons) should be tar from the total mass of the cooked hygiene product. The amount of birch extract added depends on the purpose of the composition. For intimate hygiene, a minimal amount of tar is added so as not to harm the mucous membrane and skin in this tender area.

The ingredients are thoroughly mixed during cooking. The finished soap is allowed to cool slightly. When the temperature of the product reaches approximately 40 degrees, it can be poured into silicone molds. The piece turns out to be a uniform dark color.

You can use the product after 1-2 weeks, when the bars become hard. If the smell is very strong, take the cooling molds out into the air, for example, onto the balcony.


Some customers were first alarmed by the pungent smell of tar soap. But in practice, the product from Russian manufacturers, such as Nevskaya Cosmetics and OAO Vesna, pleases with high quality. For the face, oral cavity and body, many women use soap constantly, wash their intimate area. A marked effect is noticeable, all unpleasant sensations disappear, the soap creates antibacterial protection against fungus and infections. Women say that they tried many remedies for the treatment of psoriasis and eczema, but expensive drugs didn’t work, only a tar agent helped them eliminate itching and wetting of the mucous membranes. Women also note that the whole family, using their example, is happy to use miraculous soap. Detergent is constantly in the bathroom as a therapeutic and anti-inflammatory. When rubbing and scratches occur on the skin in the intimate area, they immediately turn to a dark bar, which smells like burning logs in a fire.

See the video below for more on tar soap.



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