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Faberlic lipstick

Performing makeup, women pay a lot of attention to lip design. Lipstick helps make the face beautiful and expressive, contributes to the completion of the image. In addition, high-quality lipstick can look after the delicate skin of the lips, moisturize them and protect them from dryness and peeling, protect them from adverse weather conditions. All these criteria are fully consistent with lipstick. Faberlic.


Faberlic is known as a manufacturer of high-quality cosmetic products using natural ingredients in their manufacture. Lipstick production is no exception. Natural oils and waxes, plant extracts are introduced into its composition. Due to this composition, lipsticks not only hold well on the lips, but also look after, performing various functions. Each line of funds (and there are many) has its own characteristics in composition and properties. In addition, in each line there is a wide variety of colors and shades. Any, the most demanding lady will be able to choose the right product for color and properties.

Samples of any line have an unobtrusive pleasant aroma and delicate delicate texture, are applied to the lips in an even layer, do not roll and do not gather in the folds of the lips, do not go beyond their contour. Applying the latest research and advances in cosmetology, Faberlic periodically releases new lines and updates existing ones, improving their properties. All products are beautifully designed, it is nice to pick them up. Many lines have their own design.

The price of products is very moderate, it will not harm the budget of a woman, even with low incomes. In addition, the campaign often holds promotions, applies a flexible system of bonuses and discounts. The company guarantees the quality, safety and benefit of its products.


Often, choosing a lipstick, women pay attention only to its color, forgetting to ask about the composition. And if you buy cheap lipstick in the market from an unknown manufacturer, such forgetfulness can turn into allergic reactions and other problems. When buying lipstick from Faberlic, you can not think about it - the products are 100% safe.

Substances that provide a stable color and a pleasant sensation for the lips are not only harmless, but often still useful.

Faberlic has its own know-how, but in the main composition of any lipstick there are waxes, oils and fats. To them color pigments, fragrances and preservatives are added. Also, herbal extracts, a complex of vitamins serve as additives. Each element has its own functions, and, depending on the percentage of additives, lipsticks with different properties are obtained.

The main element is wax. It retains the shape of lipstick, keeps it from spreading even in hot weather. Waxes retain the color and shine of the product, are excellent for softening the skin and increasing its elasticity, have bactericidal and water-retaining properties. Most often, manufacturers use beeswax. But in people sensitive to bee products, it can cause allergies. Therefore, Faberlic introduces vegetable waxes, for example, rose wax, Brazilian palm wax and others.

Oils are also needed. They are needed to dissolve the pigment. They are also needed to nourish, soften and smooth the skin. They cover their lips with a thin invisible film that resists moisture loss. The most popular is castor oil. It does not oxidize for a long time, it is suitable for moisturizing lips and giving them shine. Faberlic also uses other natural vegetable oils to achieve an additional caring effect. This is karite oil ("Shine in Color"), shea butter, grape seed oil ("The Secret to Success"), acai berry oil.

One of Faberlic’s recent interesting decisions is the introduction of whey into the product. Serum is an excellent anti-aging agent. It has long been used in cosmetology. It contains a lot of nutrients and microelements, it is introduced into anti-aging creams and lotions. It moisturizes the skin, nourishes it, refreshes and smoothes it. Lipstick with serum gently cares for the skin of the lips, protecting against the harmful effects of the environment and creating lips comfort. Serum provides smoothing of the surface of the lips, making their skin supple and supple. Serum also provides nutrition and hydration.

Shelf life

All manufacturers of cosmetic products are required to set expiration dates, which can be 3 years according to law. At Faberlic, it is minimal - 18 months. After this period, the products can still be used for some time, but the company follows stringent international standards, therefore, indicates such a period. A short shelf life also means that foods contain very few preservatives that can adversely affect health. Faberlic products contain them many times less than other manufacturers - the company uses the required minimum of preservatives.

This minimum is strictly calculated in our own microbiological laboratory, which is licensed for microbiological research. The laboratory has a collection of microorganisms, and with the help of experiments, the minimum amount of preservatives is selected, in which microorganisms do not survive. In an effort to reduce the effect of preservatives on the skin, the company takes care of its customers. In addition, the company does not just add preservatives, but selects a combination such that their action becomes more effective. Such a move makes it possible to reduce the number of preservatives by several times.


Studying fashion trends and following modern trends, Faberlic produces various types of lipsticks.

  • Matte are relevant. They are perfect for a woman of any age. They can be used at any time of the day and for any event. They are preferred at parties, as they are more stable than pearlescent ones and do not require frequent tinting. They lie in a thin dense even layer, give the lips velvet and softness. Matte tones look elegant, a wide color palette will allow you to choose the right shade in accordance with the outfit and skin color. You just need to remember that very dark matte tones will make the lips visually narrower. If you have narrow lips, choose juicy shades.
  • An interesting solution would be to use a semi-matte lipstick. It also evenly and densely lays on lips, but gives them a light gloss and volume. Many women like to use Faberlic's air pencil. The pencil does not require sharpening, it is convenient to use and for storage in a cosmetic bag. The product has a very delicate soft texture, is evenly applied, does not spread. His palette is not too wide, but all colors are trendy.
  • After a period of oblivion, mother-of-pearl lipsticks became fashionable again. Modern technology allows us to produce products with a beautiful iridescent shine that plays in the light. They lie in a thin layer, visually increase the volume of the lips, giving them shine. Shades are presented in a large assortment. They will look especially beautiful in combination with a contour pencil of a matching color. Ideal for festive and evening events, producing a mysterious flicker in electric light.
  • One of the fashion trends are satin colors of decorative cosmetics., and Faberlic meets modern trends. The name "satin" comes from cotton fabric, the characteristics of which are density, smoothness, luster. But this shine is dim, the fabric rather gives a light shine. Therefore, satin lipstick is a product that fits tightly on the lips, has a rich pigment. It does not give a bright shine, but it is difficult to call it matte either; it just reflects the light. Such lipstick looks restrained and simple, but at the same time elegant, noble and expensive.
  • In the life of women, there are situations when it is necessary that the lipstick is kept on the lips for a long time, is not imprinted on the glass, and its color remains saturated. Faberlic meets women and helps out in such situations, releasing a persistent lipstick. The product has a delicate texture, economically used. A slight lack of persistent lipsticks - they can slightly dry the lips.
  • Lovers of original solutions will surely like a balm for weight loss. This original product is designed not only for lip skin care, but also has an additional effect - it helps to reduce weight. This is due to the introduction of prickly pear cactus in the extract. This plant has a feature - the ability to suppress hunger. The result will be a decrease in appetite. The caring elements of the balm are rapeseed and karite oils. They moisturize, nourish and renew the skin, protect against harmful sunlight.
  • The skin of the lips, like the skin of the face, is exposed to wind, sun, cold, and there are no sebaceous and sweat glands on it. As a result, many women periodically experience discomfort: their lips dry out, peel, and cracks appear on them. Therefore, Faberlic pays attention to the development of moisturizing products, which not only serve as a face decoration, but also make the skin of the lips soft and healthy, protect from problems. Unique formulas smooth the surface of the skin, make lips smooth and voluminous. The oils introduced into the composition are looked after, have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • For those women who for some reason do not paint their lips, Faberlic offers hygienic lipsticks and vitamin balms. They give the lips a feeling of comfort, smooth and nourish, perfectly protect against ultraviolet exposure and frost, prevent peeling and cracking, promote healing of existing cracks. To turn lip care into pleasure will help products with delicate aromas. For example, the raspberries and white chocolate balms, Lemon monpassier, Strudel with ice cream and others. And pale lips can be given a beautiful light tone with tinted balms. They will create a glossy shine and visually increase the volume.
  • Liquid lipsticks with brushes are very convenient to use. Practical brushes allow you to evenly apply it on your lips, blend well. Thanks to the soft, delicate texture, it is almost imperceptible on the lips, but gives a beautiful shade, provides comfort.

Brand lines

Developing collections of lipsticks, Faberlic produces a large number of lines that have their own properties and features in the composition.

  • Line "Humidification in color"fully corresponds to its name. After you apply the lipstick, your lips will be moisturized for several hours. Due to the unique composition of the products, they have a rich color, gloss and the ability to smooth the surface. The mango extract included in the composition will take care of nutrition and restoration skin will promote the healing of small cracks.
  • Interesting line "3D kiss". Products significantly increase the volume of the lips. This effect lasts up to 5 hours. Hyaluronic acid in the composition of the lipstick deeply moisturizes the lips, provides anti-aging effects. The lipstick is applied in a thin dense layer, provides a stable color, does not spread beyond the lip contour.
  • One of the great lines is "Luxury kiss". The introduction of serum and a complex of caring components provide perfect hydration and nutrition, protecting from the harmful effects of the environment. The product has a delicate creamy texture and gives saturation and color depth." Luxurious kiss "will provide a comfortable feeling for a long time, make the lips supple and elastic.
  • New line "Jamaica Paints“So far it’s not represented by a wide palette. The existing saturation of the shades will not lose its brightness and radiance for several hours. The silkiness of the texture will provide an easy coloring. Products smooth the lips contour, add volume, smooth, prevent excessive moisture loss. In the composition of the products you will find hyaluronic acid and mango extract .
  • The line is no worseOvation". A paraben-free light texture will ensure even application, softness and velvety skin. Lipstick will paint lips in a noble semi-matte tone, without exerting a drying effect and not gathering in wrinkles. You are provided with a long-lasting comfortable sensation of a true color. The cap is equipped with a convenient mirror, which makes it easy and quickly correct makeup in any conditions.
  • For a party or celebration, choose a product from the line "Million overflows". A rich pearlescent color and a bewitching brilliance will appear even brighter under electric lighting, and the vegetable oils included in the composition will contribute to radiance, smooth application and pleasant sensations.
  • For the party, line products are also suitable.Precious Shine"With a light translucent texture, the lipstick will create an attractive mirror shine and make the lips visually more voluminous. At the same time, it is almost imperceptible on the lips to take care of their skin thanks to a special combination of oils, esters and waxes.
  • Line "The secret of success"- these are luxury products. Any shade will create a natural color with a slight pearlescent sheen, and a soft creamy texture will provide a perfect smooth finish. The grape seed oil and vitamin E that make up will protect and moisturize your lips.
  • One of the new lines is "Color designer". The line products simulate and emphasize the lip shape, do not go beyond their contours. Fashionable saturated colors allow you to make a suitable choice. Waxes with crystalline structures will provide color fastness, velvety and gloss are given by caring oils.
  • The line "enjoys well-deserved100% color and volume". Saturated shades of shine stay on the lips for a long time. The products have a moisturizing and smoothing effect, nourish the lips and give them smoothness and silkiness. A delicate texture will add volume and hold lip contours well.
  • No less popular line "SS - Moisturizing in color". Juicy colors, long-lasting hydration and smoothing of the surface contribute to this. Thanks to the gel base, the lipstick has a transparent, delicate creamy texture that provides visual volume and smooth, delicate application. The active ingredient of the product is a wound-healing and caring mango extract.
  • Line of semi-gloss lipsticks "Grace"is represented by a small assortment. The product lasts for a long time on the lips, does not spread over the contours. The products do not contain parabens and synthetic fragrances, and the existing caring oils nourish, protect and moisturize the skin.


Although some lines are represented by a small number of tones, the variety of shades is very large. All lipsticks have digital codes and names, often by the name you can already judge the shade. For a more accurate tone selection, swatches are printed in each directory. If you are afraid that the shades of swatch and lipstick will not match, you can first order probes. Thus, you can not only evaluate the real color, but also test the quality of the product.

  • In the daytime and summer, many women prefer to use nude and natural tones. Faberlic meets their preferences and offers a large selection of them in almost all lines from very light to saturated.Having chosen a product with certain properties, you can try the tones "Coffee glaze" ("Million overflows"), "Coffee with milk" ("100% color and volume"), "Natural velveteen" ("Ovation"), "Delicate natural" , “Perfect Berry” (“Luxury Kiss”), “Tropical Fruit” (“Air Kiss”), “Romance for a Beloved” (“3D Kiss”), “Amethyst Haze” (“Shine in Color”), “Pure Beige "," Spectacular natural "," Natural rose "," Noble chestnut "," Spicy cinnamon "," Hot caramel "," Velvet tan "(" Moisturizing in color ").
  • For lovers of brighter shades, you can recommend “French pink” (“Luxurious kiss”), rich red “Pomegranate juice” (“Moisturizing in color”).
  • If you like mother-of-pearl, feel free to get your favorite tone of the First Date line.

How to choose your own shade?

When choosing a shade, you should first pay attention to the color of your skin and hair. Cold tones of decorative cosmetics are suitable for skin of a cold shade.

Women with warm skin tones should choose warm colors.

Ladies with blond hair can give preference to peach, berry, pink and lilac tones.

Brunettes will go more saturated: wine red, plum, chocolate shades.

Brown-haired and red-haired terracotta gamut is perfect.

The color of lipstick should also be in harmony with the color of the clothes. The style also matters. If you wear "casual", then give preference to natural tones. With evening dresses, bright juicy tones are better combined.

Women with thin lips should not opt ​​for very dark colors, even if they suit them.

How to apply?

Many will say that there is no great wisdom in making up lips. However, in order for the lipstick to lie long and beautifully and not slip, you should listen to the advice of makeup artists.

First of all, moisturize your lips with balm. Then draw the outline with a pencil. It should be a tone darker than lipstick. Using a pencil, you can correct the shape of the lips, but do not deviate from the line of the natural contour by more than 1 mm. Then apply lipstick and pat it with a paper towel, removing excess. Now apply a second coat.

Before re-staining the lips, you can slightly powder - so the lipstick will hold on more firmly. If desired, gloss can be applied on top of the lipstick.


Women leave numerous reviews about Faberlic lipsticks. The reviews are mostly positive. First of all, they like the fact that the products are made from natural ingredients, this company can be trusted. Ladies like the quality of products, their moisturizing and nourishing properties. Many note that Faberlic lipstick is applied evenly, does not collect in the folds of the lips, does not go beyond their contour, lasts a long time and does not lose saturation. The fair sex is pleased with the huge assortment, the constant replenishment and updating of collections, the ability to choose the right tone for any occasion and occasion. Ladies advise Faberlic products to their friends and say that they themselves will use them in the future.

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