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Composition of laundry soap

It is so simple, but so necessary. You can find laundry soap in any store, while it costs much less than any other. The bar contains many useful properties and qualities (despite the low price). Laundry soap is a means for all occasions.


Laundry soap was created in Soviet times. It is still one of the most versatile products in the world. There is probably no person who would never see an impressive bar with a smell that is not very pleasant for soap. This wonderful natural remedy has a lot of advantages (despite its simple appearance):

  • completely consists of natural ingredients;
  • together, the components make it completely hygienic;
  • it is hypoallergenic;
  • universally applicable;
  • widely used in folk medicine;
  • sold at a very low price;
  • does not contain chemicals.

What are they made of?

Having visited any store, today you can see there a dozen different types of soaps: from liquid to lumpy. With such a large assortment of colors and smells, few will choose a brown bar in standard packaging. However, it must be remembered that the appearance and smell have nothing to do with the properties. If you start to list the differences between laundry soap and toilet soap, the first will have more advantages.

It is absolutely natural, and this is not an exaggeration. The composition of toilet soap is dominated by synthetic components that can harm the human body. Many toilet products include hazardous ingredients. They wash away not only bacteria from the skin, but also a lot of necessary things. The statement about the safety of liquid soap is just a myth. Flavors and dyes in its composition are the real chemicals. Many soaps are not suitable for sensitive skin, they will only harm it.

Glycerin products are especially hazardous to health. Recently, such tools have become very popular, because their appearance is very unusual. The product is transparent and appears before customers in all colors of the rainbow. The danger of such products is that they greatly dehydrate the skin.

The composition of the product is not chemical. They get it, as a rule, from natural fats - vegetable and animal. The composition includes sodium (as well as potassium) salt. In such a tool there are no dyes or flavors. It turns out that the composition of this household product includes:

  • Animal fats - they form the basis of soap. Beef fats and sometimes some fish fats are used.
  • Sodium is one of the main components.
  • Water - it is added when cooking soap (and not only household). It is impossible to cook the product without water.
  • Kaolin - is added in small quantities to reduce the effect of alkalis on the skin.
  • Fatty acids - combine alkalis and acids.
  • Alkali.

Such a tool is hypoallergenic (due to the content of natural components in it). This means that it does not cause allergies, skin itching and irritation - even in the most sensitive person. Many manufacturers add dyes and flavors to their products to make the product more attractive to customers. Such changes significantly affect the quality of laundry soap. Now only the cheapest product is prepared according to the same recipe as before. There were two recipes in total:

  • All products were processed until the appearance of soap glue. Then they waited until this mixture hardens, and cut into bars.
  • After the whole procedure, a special mixture was salted out (treated with a salt solution).

To get 72% laundry soap, it was necessary to salt the mixture about two or three times, and sometimes even more. It took a lot of time, so this method is considered difficult. In Soviet times, this soap replaced almost all modern household chemicals.


On any piece of laundry soap (both light and dark), you can see numbers with percentages. This stamp denotes a product category. There are three categories of laundry soap:

  • I - 70.5% or more;
  • II - 69%;
  • III - 64%.

Usually its cleaning properties depend on the category of soap. The higher the percentage, the higher the acid content in the soap. This means that this product cleans better, but alkalis can dry your skin. According to GOST, the percentage cannot be higher than 72. Today, such a tool is almost impossible to find, only in very rare cases. Typically, manufacturers do not release funds above 60%.

There are many types of laundry soap:

  • Laundry soap no different from lumpy. Appears to the buyer in a bottle resembling a dishwashing detergent. The color resembles the original product. Manufacturers claim that it is better for washing and washing dishes. It should also be noted that the composition and smell of liquid and solid soaps are very different. There are several chemicals in liquid soap.
  • Children's household - Another type of product designed specifically for washing baby clothes. It has a not so pronounced smell and a softer structure, which is very good, because a pungent smell can cause discomfort in children.
  • White Household - it becomes white thanks to white. This type of laundry soap is not recommended to wash dishes. Ingestion is also undesirable. The white color of the soap also depends on the amount of sodium hydroxide. The more it is, the brighter the product. Such a tool cleans best.
  • Laundry soap is also available in powder form. This is the same product, without any additives, just crushed to small yellow granules. Many housewives make such a powder with their own hands, using a grater. With this powder it is not necessary to wash things by hand. You can just pour it into the washing machine.


Today, manufacturers produce many options for laundry soap. The products of some manufacturers appear in beautiful bright packaging, slightly diluting its appearance. Some manufacturers go further, they give the soap a different color (and even flavor). Here are some of the most famous product manufacturers who take into account the current GOST recipe:

  • Laundry soap Duru - it is available in one, two or four pieces in one package. The price is almost no different from the cost of traditional laundry soap. The product itself is white. Ornaments and patterns are carved on the surface of the product, but they are short-lived. By properties, this soap is similar to household soap, only has a more pleasant aroma. Perfectly launders things.
  • Laundry soap "Stork" - In appearance it is more reminiscent of ordinary laundry soap. Brown, with rough edges and exactly the same smell. There is an option for children - "Stork". This soap is lighter, great for washing children's clothes, reliably protects baby's things from bacteria and germs.
  • Household powder "Cinderella" - natural detergent for washing clothes. The powder itself is a large granules of light yellow color. It has a “famous" flavor. It is very convenient to use, it is an analogue of laundry soap in the form of a powder.
  • Laundry soap Eared Nannies - children's laundry soap of white color, does not foam very well, there is practically no aroma. The product has a pleasant soft texture. Perfectly cleans clothes.
  • Laundry soap "Economy" - Appears to buyers in transparent packaging, reminiscent of a traditional product in color. It is universal in use, perfect for people with allergies.
  • Laundry soap "Haus Frau" - It is also in a transparent bottle, has a standard smell. One of the significant advantages of soap can be considered the presence of vitamin E.
  • Laundry soap "Sun" - It has a yellow color that is unusual for soaps; it perfectly cleans even the most greasy dishes. The product is very economical. It has a weak lemon flavor.
  • Laundry soap "Neva cosmetics" - white, a little transparent, excellent foaming. The smell is neutral, it is practically absent. Perfectly washes.
  • Laundry soap "Spring" - the composition is similar to the traditional economic. It has a similar smell, perfectly wash.

How to do it yourself?

Many housewives cook the product themselves, considering this method the most reliable. The first thing you need to wear tight gloves is to protect your hands. Alkali can harm your skin, so you need to be very careful. It is advisable to protect yourself from toxic fumes, wear a strong mask and open the windows. HTo get a kilogram of product, prepare:

  • 1 liter of sunflower oil;
  • 150 g of caustic soda;
  • 400-500 ml of cold water.

Cooking it from scratch using a recipe is not so difficult. This can be done without any problems at home. No special skills are required for such a procedure.

To begin, pour water with soda and carefully stir the resulting slurry. In this case, do not forget to open all the windows and in no case breathe vapor. Mix the mass with a wooden spoon. It is necessary to continue until the soda is completely dissolved. Sunflower oil needs to be warmed up a little (it is advisable to do this in advance) and carefully pour into the resulting solution.

If soda deposits remain at the bottom, it is necessary to extinguish them with a solution of vinegar and citric acid. Only then oil should be added, otherwise nothing will work.

Then you can start to cook the product, for this you need to stir the mixture until thickened. As soon as the mass begins to thicken, be sure to beat it with a mixer. Do not let lumps form. The consistency of the mixture should resemble a very thick sour cream.

After this, pour the mixture into molds. The form you choose at your discretion. The soap hardens the next day, however, it should be remembered that it must be left to ripen for three weeks, so as not to melt, and only then the product can be safely used.

There is a recipe for environmentally friendly washing powder. Such a powder is reliable in use (according to reviews of most housewives), it certainly does not have any chemistry. To prepare, take the following:

  • 6 pieces of soap;
  • 2 kg of soda.

It is necessary to grate all 6 pieces of soap on a grater. You need to rub it very carefully, without leaving large pieces. After this, it is necessary to mix the resulting mass with baking soda - a glass of soap on a glass of soda. Then you need to mix the ingredients thoroughly. Now the powder is ready.

It must be kept in tightly closed packaging so that air does not enter. Such a powder can be safely poured into a washing machine (like the most ordinary one) and not be afraid for its safety.

Such a homemade powder from laundry soap does its job perfectly. If you don’t like the smell, you can add a few drops of essential oil when preparing the product.

How to make a laundry soap with your own hands, see the next video.

Which is better?

Not everyone can immediately choose the best laundry soap. Remember that the numbers on the soap indicate the amount of acid. The higher this percentage, the better the product. However, one should not forget that a product with a high content of acids can adversely affect the skin. If you use it only for washing your hands, it is recommended to choose a lower percentage (or use a cream to moisturize the skin). The best among all is still a tool that is as close as possible to the good old GOST recipe.

How to choose?

Again, pay attention to interest. The higher the percentage, the better the soap will cope with the task. Therefore, the choice of laundry soap depends entirely on the purpose for which you need it. If you plan to use it for washing clothes or washing dishes where disinfection is necessary, it is worth choosing the option with a high percentage. If you use the product for cosmetic purposes (for example, to wash, wash your hands or head), it is worth choosing an option with a fairly low percentage. So you will avoid unpleasant consequences. This is especially true of intimate hygiene.


  • Such a tool is universal, and this means that it can be used almost arbitrarily.
  • This is the right way to deal with acne and black spots. You just need to rinse with the product the problem parts. The miracle cure also has the unique quality of tightening pores.
  • Many girls replace such a product with a wash. It is known that it is able to wash off the coloring pigment. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to rinse the head with soap and water, carefully rubbing it into the hair. Such a procedure can wash off the black color of the hair - however, only a couple of tones.
  • The product is actively used in traditional medicine. Many women use this product for problems with gynecology. Laundry soap speeds up healing. In folk medicine, there are many such recipes. This tool is suitable for relieving itching or healing minor burns. However, do not forget about alkali in the composition of soap. In case of unpleasant sensations, self-medication is contraindicated.
  • It completely eliminates corns and corns.
  • Doctors advise to wash with household soap every two weeks, this will only benefit the skin. However, they do not advise to wash their body often. It is also used in everyday life for disinfection: they are wiped with combs, toothbrushes, washcloths and other personal hygiene items.
  • Doctors recommend washing eggs with soapy water.


Doctors' reviews about the household product are mixed. Of course, laundry soap is the best cleaning agent. It is natural, does not cause allergies, but sometimes it can do harm. Do not use it instead of shower gel and wash it every day. It can be very harmful to your skin.

It is not recommended to wash your hair with this product. It can improve hair, but not in large quantities. For hair care, use only a soap solution.

For many years, the household product holds the well-deserved title of an antibacterial product. It is universal. Today, customers can find a product for every color and taste. However, none of the available funds does not have the full range of qualities of laundry soap.

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