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Foundation Bourjois

Concealer is an amazing and universal means of decorative cosmetics, without which it is impossible to imagine the perfect make-up. Very popular were funds from the popular French brand Bourjois.


All Bourjois products are of high quality, with a maximum content of healthy and minimal content of harmful components. The tonal products of the French manufacturer are no exception - they give the skin an impeccable look, helping to create the perfect look, as well as take care of it and protect it from aggressive environmental influences. Different series have different properties and functions, so choosing the right product for your skin is not difficult.


The tonal base increases the resistance of makeup on the face up to 24 hours. If you do not have the most perfect skin - a tonal remedy is indispensable, it will hide all the flaws. All products from Bourjois have various caring components and vitamin supplements, thanks to which they have a positive effect on the skin (depending on their characteristics). Another advantage of the foundation is the protection against ultraviolet rays and the creation of a barrier against other negative natural factors.


According to the French manufacturer, they do not save on raw materials for cosmetic products, thereby maintaining high quality and minimizing the harm from using cosmetics. It is worth considering the main components in the composition one of the most popular foundation Bourjois "Healthy Mix" No. 52 shades of "vanilla" with fruit extracts more closely.

It contains the following useful components:

  • Pantethine - Vitamin B5 prevents the formation of wrinkles and improves skin tone, giving it a healthy look.
  • Panthenol - provitamin B5 actively moisturizes the upper layer of the epidermis and promotes the healing of small wounds.
  • Prunus Armeniaca - Apricot fruit extract nourishes the skin and gives it velvet and elasticity.
  • Cucumis melo - Melon extract intensively saturates with vitamins, moisturizes and whitens the skin. Effectively cares for aging or tired skin.
  • Pyrus malus - apple extract can be called a real miracle, its useful properties in cosmetics are so unlimited. It perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, provides its protection against aggressive environmental influences, has an anti-inflammatory effect and removes redness and acne, giving the skin a fresh and healthy glow.

Apple fruit extract stimulates the regeneration and accelerates the metabolic processes in the epidermal cells, thereby preventing premature aging and improving the appearance of the skin.

  • Potassium sorbate - a mild preservative with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects.
  • Mica - natural mineral filler, helps to increase the durability of the cosmetic product and give the skin a satin smooth effect.


  • Alcohol denat - alcohol is part of most cosmetics. Causes dry skin. It is undesirable to use it in sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions, but it helps to absorb the cream into the skin of the face and has antiseptic, disinfecting properties. In small doses, it helps fight acne.
  • Phenoxyethanol - A fairly strong toxic allergen, provoking the development of various skin diseases. With small amounts it does not pose a serious danger, and regular use of the product with this component in the composition is undesirable. It is used in cosmetics as a preservative, prolonging its shelf life.
  • Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate - absorbent that absorbs sebum and creates a matte effect.

That's all the harmful substances in the Bourjois Healthy Mix, like it is consistent with the statements of the company. Remember to rinse off your makeup overnight and you will avoid the harm caused by these ingredients. Never buy a product if it has a heterogeneous consistency or sour smell, as well as products with an expired shelf life.


Many people think that concealers differ only in shades, prices, and skin type. This is far from the case - they also differ in density, degree of coverage, composition and various effects. Bourjois tries to take into account all the features, wishes of women and produces different types of tonal means:

  • Serum - translucent base with a nourishing and moisturizing effect. It does not hide skin imperfections, but gives it a fresh and well-groomed appearance. Suitable for anti-aging care.
  • Gel - Intensively moisturizing, has a light, delicate texture for the most natural make-up.
  • CC cream ("Color Correction") - It contains three different pigments, which ensures a smooth, perfect complexion.
  • Cream - gives the skin a rested look and provides protection against ultraviolet radiation SPF 30.
  • Special matting agent for oily skin with a perfect coating.
  • BB ("Blemish Base") cream 8 in 1 - It is positioned as a multifunctional tool that maximally hides any defects in the skin of the face.

Brand lines

It is worth exploring a detailed overview of the products of all Bourjois foundation lines to find out their features, capabilities and purposes:

"Healthy Mix Foundation" - Suitable for all skin types, but just perfect for dry and hypersensitive skin. Allows the skin to breathe, does not clog into pores and wrinkles, gives the skin a smooth, natural tone. Resistance to 16 hours.

"123 Perfect CC Cream" - innovative product, a mixture of caring cream and foundation. Thanks to the three pigments, it provides a perfect uniform coating, ideally hiding redness, small capillaries and dark circles under the eyes. No mask effect. The best option for anti-aging cosmetics.

"Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation" enriched with vitamins and extracts of lychee, goji and pomegranate, serum instantly removes traces of fatigue and gives your face a healthy glow. When compared with the "Healthy Mix Foundation", it can be noted that the product in question has a lighter texture and moisturizing, healing properties. Holds on the face for 16 hours.

"City Radiance" - Light moisturizing texture will give a radiant coating without greasy shine. Protection level - SPF 30. The product is specially designed for protection in extremely polluted atmospheres of large cities.

"Healthy Mix Flower Perfection" - differs from other products of this series with a more dense texture and floral aroma. Promotes skin elasticity and prevents the appearance of facial wrinkles. The coating density is high, hides all flaws and gives a dull finish. Does not stain clothes. Provides sun protection SPF 15

"Air Mat" - From the name it is clear that the product provides a super-matte coating and prevents the manifestation of oily sheen, while maintaining the freshness of makeup for 16 hours. The cream has a low degree of protection (SPF 10). It is not recommended to use it for dry skin (due to absorbent and drying properties).

"Healthy Mix Relaunch" ("Anti-Fatigue") - updated version. Like all products in this series, it gives the skin a radiance and a well-groomed appearance, and a special formula further eliminates traces of fatigue. It does not leave marks on clothes, which is an undoubted advantage.

"Bio Detox Organic" - An organic product with natural ingredients, due to the presence of chlorophyll in the composition, actively saturates the skin with oxygen. It has a very dense texture. It prevents the secretion and accumulation of sebum, gives a matte look (thanks to rice flour).

"10 Hour Sleep Effect" promises a fresh, rested look, as after ten hours of sleep. The coating is translucent, natural, with a silky sheen. Not particularly suitable for oily skin.

"BB Cream Foundation 8 EN 1" - promises eight properties: resistance to 16 hours, smoothing the surface of the epidermis, targeted tone correction, removing signs of fatigue, eliminating oily sheen, anti-aging care, long-term moisturizing and protection against radiation SPF 20. Product packaging (very convenient and original) looks like a compact box Powders - with a large mirror and soft sponge for comfortable application.


Many users note that tonal creams from Bourjois often have a yellowish tint (especially with this shade of “vanilla”). This makes it difficult for owners of light "porcelain" skin, although the color spectrum of Bourjois foundation creams varies from the lightest Vanilla to the darkest Bronze. To choose the right shade for your skin, you should apply a foundation on the line of the lower jaw (on the border between the face and neck). Let's take a quick look at the tonal palettes:

  • "Healthy Mix Foundation" - Six shades, from light “Vanilla” to light “Bronze”.
  • "123 Perfect CC Cream " - only four shades: the color "Ivory Skin", "Light Beige", "Pink Beige" and "Bronze". The first two shades are great for owners of fair skin, and you can even experiment with the third (thanks to the pink undertones).
  • "Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation" - has 6 tones in the palette, from (# 51) “Light Vanilla” to the color of dark “Bronze” (# 56).
  • "City Radiance" - presented in six colors by numbers # 01- # 06, three shades for fair-skinned girls and three for dark-skinned girls.
  • "Healthy Mix Flower Perfection" - has a palette of six shades, from light Vanilla (# 51) to light Bronze (# 56).
  • "Air Mat" - Six tones, from the lightest color of Ivory (# 01) with a pinkish undertones to Light Bronze (# 06).
  • "Healthy Mix Relaunch" - 6 shades, from light Vanilla to light Bronze.
  • "Bio Detox Organic" - It has the widest palette of 11 tones, starting with a light “Vanilla” and ending with a dark “Tan”.
  • "10 Hour Sleep Effect" - presented in six colors: “Light Apricot”, “Light Pink”, “Light Beige”, “Beige”, “Apricot” and “Pink” (listed from lightest to darkest). Since the product itself is light, shades do not overlap the natural pigment of the skin. "10 Hour Sleep Effect" is intended only to shade and refresh the complexion.
  • "BB Cream Foundation 8 EN 1" - a palette from Vanilla (# 21) to light Bronze (# 24).
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When planning to buy a particular product, it is advisable to get acquainted with the opinions of people who have already tried it. Of course, to make a decision if you rely only on reviews is reckless, but some conclusions can be made. Consumer opinions on tonal products from Bourjois vary, although most do not hide admiration for the quality and effect of the company's products. Customer reviews confirm almost all the manufacturer's statements, which increases the degree of confidence in the products. Judging by the reviews, the series “Healthy Mix Foundation”, as well as “10 Hour Sleep Effect” are the most popular.

Negative reviews concern most often the cream "Bio Detox Organic". They note both the complexity of the application and the final effect in the form of a "mask". The company tried to make excuses for the opponents, explaining that their dissatisfaction was caused by improper use of the product. Representatives of the brand believe that "Bio Detox Organic" is not intended for use by owners of dry skin, but in case of a strong desire to try the product, it is necessary to apply a moisturizer under it. Only in this case you will get a natural coating without the effect of a "mask".

Secrets of applying

And for dessert - the promised little tricks:

  • Clean your skin regularly with a scrub. If you have dry or sensitive skin, use a more gentle means - gommage.
  • If you have skin problems, use "123 Perfect CC Cream" - it provides a light coating and moisturizes the epidermis.
  • Tonal products with a dense texture are best applied with a slightly damp sponge.
  • If you use the cream, wait until it is completely absorbed. Do the same before applying each subsequent coat.
  • Start the application from the center of the face, gradually following to the edge along the massage lines - so you will avoid clogging the cream in wrinkles and wrinkles. Try not to have sharp boundaries - thoroughly blend the cream near the hair growth zone and on the line of the face and neck.
  • Do not smear the base - apply it on the face, slightly driving in with your fingertips.
  • In 10-15 minutes after application, swipe your face with a fluffy brush or soft cloth - this will help remove excess funds and give the makeup a natural look.

Following the above recommendations, you will achieve remarkable results and will attract many admiring glances.

For an overview of Bourjois foundation creams, see the next video.

Watch the video: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Review + Demo (April 2020).


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