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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Mac Studio Foundation

Perfect makeup begins with a beautiful complexion. The tonal base of Mac Studio is a great way to create a flawless tone and keep it lasting all day.

About Brand

Mac is a well-known brand that produces professional-grade cosmetic products. Leading make-up artists participate in the creation of tools, the latest developments and technologies are applied.

A series of basic makeup products performs a number of tasks. They give the skin a visual smoothness, even out color and hide imperfections. In addition, tonal products (powder or cream) applied on top of the base retain freshness and uniformity of the coating for much longer than without it.

"Mac Studio" - a series of specially designed products that differ in texture, density and other features.

When choosing the right product, you should focus on the description of the manufacturer and customer reviews. If you still don’t know which option will be the best for you, take a couple of probes and experience all the advantages and disadvantages of each base.

It is worth considering the most popular types of tonal foundations of Mac.

"Studio Fix Fluid"

This product has a medium density texture. It provides a natural matte finish, hiding redness and age spots. The product visually smoothes the structure of the epidermis, hides wide pores, makes the skin smooth and silky.

The low-fat formula allows girls with oily and problem skin types to use this product. The composition is tested by dermatologists, it does not cause irritation and rashes. The coating lasts on the face up to 8 hours, it protects against ultraviolet radiation, is not afraid of high humidity.

There are conflicting reviews about this tool. Some customers find this base ideal. It perfectly hides redness, visually refreshes the face, is stable and comfortable. Such a product is ideal for photo shoots, it creates the effect of a "photographed" face.

However, girls with pronounced wide pores and dry skin are unhappy with the quality of the coating. They say that the product "clogs" the pores, emphasizes bumps and peeling.

"Face and Body Foundation"

This tonal foundation with a weightless texture gives the face a natural healthy color and satin tenderness. As the name implies, the product can also be used for the body.

The coating is translucent. The composition has moisturizing and softening properties, suitable for sensitive skin. Moreover, the base is quite reliable (up to 8 hours of impeccable durability).

Buyers note the ease of applying the product and a successful color palette that allows the shade of the foundation to merge with the natural skin tone. The product really moisturizes the skin and holds firmly throughout the day. Girls using it as an independent tonal remedy notice that the face, as it were, begins to glow from the inside.

This effect pleases the owners of normal and dry skin, but girls with oily and combined type of epidermis may be disappointed, because the face is very shiny.

"Next to Nothing"

This base contains caring and nourishing ingredients that smooth and moisturize the skin. The product perfectly mask wrinkles and redness. Special mother-of-pearl microparticles give the face a delightful radiance.

The tool is suitable both for independent use, and in combination with foundation or powder.

The delicate gel base consistency is ideal for owners of dry skin. The coating moisturizes, gives the skin a healthy glow and smoothness. Makeup is natural and fresh.

However, for girls with oily and problem skin, this remedy will not work. The coating is not dense enough to mask serious skin problems. In addition, on oily skin, the radiance of the product also looks like an extra shine.

Compact "BB Beauty Balm"

The brand launched this makeup base in the form of powder with a mirror and a convenient sponge. The product has a dense matte texture, hides imperfections and evens out the tone. In this case, the make-up turns out to be radiant, the face acquires a special “gloss”.

The product has a UV filter, suitable for any type of skin. The product is presented in two shades. These are Light Plus (light beige, pinkish) and Medium Plus (dark beige, warm).

Buyers confirm the effect of a radiant face obtained from the use of this product. However, when applying powder, the radiance disappears.

Without finishing powder, the foundation is suitable only for girls without obvious flaws. Strong redness, pigmentation and rosacea will not block a thin layer of one base. Some girls with dry skin note that the coating emphasizes peeling.

Sustainable "Pro Longwear"

This cream base is unique in its durability - up to 15 hours, regardless of weather conditions. The non-fat formula gives the skin a matte and even beautiful tone, controls the appearance of oily sheen throughout the day.

The product is presented in many shades. One of the most popular is the "NC25".

This base is ideal for oily skin. It perfectly matts, hides imperfections, provides a stable satin finish. For the owners of the normal and dry type of epidermis, the product will not work, as it will only emphasize peeling (if any) and will “tighten” the skin.


A luxurious base with a mineral complex, shea butter and vitamin E provides a delicate satin finish with a youthful freshness effect. The foundation moisturizes, evens out the tone, gives the face a radiance and protects from sunlight.

The tool perfectly hides redness, creates a visual effect of well-groomed and smooth skin. The face as if transformed and begins to glow from the inside. However, on a problem face, this effect will play against its owner, emphasizing irregularities.

The foundation is suitable only for owners of dry and normal skin - without obvious skin problems.

In this video, watch the test drive during the day of two foundation creams of the brand MAC.



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