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Intimate Shaving Trimmer

To look beautiful and well-groomed is the dream of every woman. In the beach season, we expose what is not visible on the rest of the days. When it comes to depilation of the bikini area, then many simply give up. Expensive salon hair removal is not available to everyone. Shugaring and wax cause pain, and the razor leaves irritation.

It’s not at all difficult to get the perfect bikini line if you use a trimmer to shave intimate areas. With it, hair removal in delicate places is no longer a problem. You will not only get rid of excess hair, but also easily make yourself an intimate haircut. How to use the trimmer and how this device compares favorably with the epilator and the machine, you will learn from this article.

What it is?

Trimmer for intimate areas, he is a humerr somewhat reminiscent of an electric machine. Only now he does not shave or pull out, but cuts off the hairs almost at the very base. At the same time, the skin does not irritate and leaves the tips of the hairs invisible to the naked eye. This method eliminates the appearance of irritation, trauma and redness.

Although the device was created exclusively for women - this is evidenced by the feminine design of the gadget and ergonomics, men are also happy to use it. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the trimmer is very convenient to use. Secondly, with its help you can get rid and trim other delicate areas, for example, eyebrows, antennae.

In addition, the trimmer has such advantages:

  • Using trimmers you do not need special creams and foams.
  • Blades devices do not exhaust, as with ordinary razors.
  • Small size The device is designed specifically for women's pens. In addition, you can take it with you when traveling. Such a little thing does not take up much space; it easily fits in an average cosmetic bag.
  • Reliable protection from moisture allows you to use a trimmer in the bathroom or shower.
  • To use trimmer is possible outside the house. To work, he does not need to connect to an outlet. Basically, such devices operate either on batteries or on battery power.
  • After the procedure you will not have irritation and redness, so you can immediately run to the beach.
  • To have ideal bikini area, just use the trimmer every two to three days.

Which are there?

Despite the narrow specialization, trimmers can still differ from each other. Basically, the differences are in the items included in the kit. So, you can purchase a simple model designed for haircuts or choose a device with nozzles and templates to create unforgettable images.

The kit for the gamers may include:

  • Special nozzles for perfect care of the intimate area.
  • Narrow or wide working head. Narrow is intended to create patterns, wide - for the fastest and highest quality hair removal.
  • Batteries or batteries.

You should also pay attention to such Important details, such as:

  • Charge indicator. For some models, it is not provided.
  • Complete or partial (when waterproof only the head) water resistance.
  • Case for trimmer.

How to choose?

Going for a trimmer, remember that some knowledge will facilitate your purchase and allow you to purchase a high-quality model.

When buying a homer, always pay attention to:

  • Water resistance model. It’s better to immediately buy a fully waterproof trimmer, this will allow you to use the device anywhere (bath, shower).
  • Power model. Trimmers can work both on battery power and on batteries. Battery models are better. They can be recharged if necessary, while not wasting money on buying batteries.
  • Charge indicator. Such a small detail will allow you to determine the degree of charging of the device, so as not to be left without a working trimmer at the right time.
  • The width of the working head. For perfect hair loss, it is best to choose a wide-head trimmer. But for drawings suitable with a narrow one.
  • Degree of slip gumera. It is better if such a device does not slip at all in the hands. This will not only protect you from injuries, but also guarantee quality work.
  • Antibacterial blade coating.

How to use?

Since one of the drawbacks of the trimmer is fast hair regrowth, you will have to use the device quite often, about once every two or three days. So that the procedure takes a minimum of time and brings maximum benefit, it is worth familiarizing yourself with basic rules for using a trimmer.

  • Haircut trimmer always performed on dry skin. Take a shower or bath before the procedure. Dry the treated area with a towel and only then get to work. It is not necessary to treat the skin with cream or gel.
  • For work you will need a comb attachment and the razor itself. The comb combs the hairs and the blades are removed. Skillful combination of both nozzles will allow you to create beautiful patterns and achieve perfect skin.
  • Is always Trim hair growth. Pick them up periodically from the side. So you get rid of such a nuisance as ingrown hairs.
  • Use narrow head of a gomer to remove single hairs.
  • Process intimate area with calming lotion.
  • After graduation Remember to clean the trimmer. To do this, remove the hairs with a brush, and rinse the head itself under running water.

In addition, use a body scrub once a week to remove keratinized skin particles. This procedure also minimizes the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Who is producing?

The most popular brands of trimmers are models of such manufacturers:

  • Veet "Sensitive Precision" for the bikini zone. This is the most popular and affordable model that meets all the requirements of women. The device is ergonomic and compact. It works both on batteries and on battery. Has a wide range of nozzles and patterns. Perfectly copes with the task. It is easy to use and care. The compact size allows you to take the trimmer with you. This manufacturer is a market leader.

Trimmer Reviews Veet ambiguous. All because the products of this brand are most often faked. Therefore, the reviews are either very good and enthusiastic, or very bad.

To find out if it's worth taking a trimmer from Veet, watch the video.

  • Philips "Bikini Perfect". The device of this manufacturer is sold with nozzles and several types of stencils to create intimate haircuts. But this model is not equipped with a charging indicator and works only on batteries. With it, you must constantly have spare batteries in stock.
  • Braun "Silk Finish". A nice and convenient trimmer that comes with several stencils. Designed for dry haircuts. Subsequently, ingrown hairs do not appear. A reliable company produces reliable models of gamers.

The latest trimmer model of this brand is more like a ballpoint pen than a sophisticated device. At the same time, the quality of the haircut remains at its best.

  • Remington WPG 2000. Another good homer to remove hair in the intimate area. Leaves no trace of irritation. Qualitatively and quickly removes hairs. This appliance is designed for both dry and wet shaving. Homer knives are coated with a special antibacterial coating.

Watch the video: The Best Bikini Shaver + DIY Ingrown Hair Removal (February 2020).


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