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Many men carefully monitor themselves. After all, their success will depend on how they look. Every day, the stronger sex has to resort to a razor, so that the skin is smooth and attractive. However, not everyone knows how to properly shave in order to avoid negative consequences, such as irritation and discomfort. You can find out how to do this correctly in this article.

Asian face trend

It is worth noting that the Asian face trend has already reached our country. It involves a smooth and healthy dermis, both in men and women. With the help of a special female razor, the fair sex can eradicate the fluff, remove the keratinized layer from the dermis. As a result, the skin will be even and smooth. This peeling is intended, rather, for those who will apply professional makeup to the photo shoot. The face will look like porcelain. Of course, not many women will decide on such an action.

And if such persons appear, it is better to consult qualified specialists before the procedure.

As for men, smoothness also remains in fashion. A perfectly smooth shave that repeats the contours of your face will be able to tell not only about your beauty, but also about success, confidence and determination. These qualities also attract women of the opposite sex.


As for the main types of the process for removing unwanted vegetation, there are only two types. The first and most common is wet shaving. He is chosen by more than 60% of the male half of the population. It is this view that is considered to be a classic option using foam, shaving brush and a sharp blade.

Another common form of male shaving is dry. Usually, electric razors are used for this procedure. It is worth noting that this method will significantly save time. However, those who have a sensitive dermis, it is better not to use this method. Consider the main advantages and disadvantages of them in more detail.


Many argue that this type of shave is the most comfortable to shave.. It involves pre-steaming the dermis with warm water and coating it with shaving cream or gel. Thanks to these substances, the razor will easily and naturally glide over your face. Also, the advantages of this method include speed. You can quickly and effectively put your face in order. Also, using this method, there is a minimal chance of damaging the upper layers of the skin, if all the rules are followed.

There are certain disadvantages.. So, it will be possible to carry out all manipulations in a quality manner only in the bathroom. This is done in order to regularly flush water. In another room, this whole process will be inconvenient.


This type of shaving also has its advantages. For example, you can quickly and effectively make your face smooth, not only in the bathroom, but in any environment. You can take a special razor with you on trips, business trips. She does not take up much space. This option is suitable for those men who lead an active lifestyle.

Among the shortcomings, a slightly longer procedure time can be noted.as well as the undesirable use of dry shaving for sensitive skin.

The choice of method will depend on your preference.

How to remove hair?

Many people think that shaving is a fairly easy procedure.. However, you should carefully prepare for it so that the result is the one you expect. You can give an example of the correct pattern, according to which any man should act so that his skin becomes smooth, radiant, vital force and healthy.

Accordingly, you should choose the methodology in accordance with which you will tidy your face. For the procedure to go well, you should carefully prepare your dermis. Start by washing with warm water and soap. If you do not have much time, you should attach a hot towel to your face for several minutes.

If you have long hairs, then apply oil.. For sensitive skin, it is better to use a brush. It is worth buying a special soap, foaming it and gently rub it with a brush into the skin. The razor must be taken sharp, and work with it carefully. Do not put too much pressure on his handle. So you will cut off less hairs, and the risk of cuts will increase. It is worth holding the blade at an angle of thirty degrees.

Carefully monitor the condition of your cutting subject and change the blade on time.

After the procedure, do not forget to use a moisturizing lotion to soothe the dermis of the face. It will also protect your skin from irritation and discomfort. You should also listen to some tips:

  • After each movement, rinse the razor head. It is necessary to do this under a stream of running water, because the hairs accumulate between the blades and interfere with good gliding of the tool.
  • Always have a haemostatic gel with you. After all, even experienced men are not safe from cuts. These substances will help to quickly heal a sore spot.
  • Experts recommend shaving hairs in the direction of their growth. So you can avoid ingrowth and make the procedure better.
  • Rinse your face with cold water after the procedure. Shaving should be done at least half an hour before going outside.

Tips for teens

If you decide to shave your mustache for the first time, then you should know how to do it right. The basic rule is not to rush. The whole procedure should be carried out carefully and initially it will take some time. With experience, you can learn to skillfully use a razor. Do not negatively relate to the first failures during shaving. Over time, you will understand all the subtleties.

Remember that the razor blade should move in a single direction - from top to bottom. Do not press the unit too tightly to the face so as not to disturb the upper layer of the dermis and not to cause injury. Do not forget that the skin also needs to be thoroughly disinfected to avoid unpleasant situations.

The body of a teenager is different in that the hair on his body can not grow the same everywhere. For example, on the head they can be soft, but in the area of ​​the cheeks they are hard. This is a consequence of the actions of male hormones. You should also determine your skin type. If you cannot do this yourself, you should contact your nurse.

Purulent formations on the dermis should not be shaved off. They will appear more often on other areas of the face. Places with warts and other skin problems should be avoided.

At the first shave, it is rarely possible to avoid injuries. Usually these are small cuts that should be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide. Also, after the end of the procedure, you should use a special moisturizer. Do not neglect this rule if you want your skin to be smooth and free from irritation.

When can I start?

Of course, an exact answer to this question cannot be given. Each person has individual characteristics. Someone grows up earlier, but for someone this process occurs at a later date. Many experts believe that the optimal age to start using the machine is eighteen years old.

However, often young men by the age of 14-15 already have small facial hair. Many boys do not like such a cannon and they feel uncomfortable in public. In this situation, you can start shaving earlier, but you should not resort to the procedure earlier than 14 years. For example, 10 years is still very early for such an adult process. If you do not follow this rule, subject the desired skin of adolescents to mechanical stress, then you can find many problems. Therefore, it’s better to wait until you really need to shave.

The man

For those men who are not fans of a large beard, there are also some tips on how to shave properly:

  • Choose a quality tool for the procedure. It’s not worth saving. This way you will have a safe, easy and effortless shave.
  • Do not lead the blade against hair growth. So you can not only provoke irritation, but also ingrown hairs.
  • Before each procedure, it is worthwhile to carefully prepare the facial dermis. This will only simplify the daily procedure. It will be best to steam the skin.
  • For a very sensitive dermis, it is better to use oil. It will soften the skin, create a protective film on the surface.
  • Choose only high quality machines. Modern models are usually with three blades and with special softening stripes. The result of the procedure will depend on the quality of the products.
  • Do not forget about inaccessible places. If the skin has folds, for example, in the armpits, then it is worthwhile to slightly pull the dermis to facilitate the work of the device.
  • Do not press hard on the razor. Otherwise, you risk getting cuts and negative emotions. Let all movements be as light and simple as possible. To remove hairs is only a change in the direction of the razor, and not by clicking on it.
  • After shaving, it is worthwhile to take special care. Wash with warm water and apply aftershave. Then you should wash yourself with cold water. It will help close the pores so that they do not get dirt.
  • Don't be too zealous. It is sometimes difficult to achieve a perfectly smooth state. It’s just worth shaving off the bristles and keeping your face clean.

To not have stubble

It happens that after the procedure has already been carried out, there is still a small stubble on the face. This means that you may have done something wrong. Make sure your machine has sharp enough blades. To let you know that this is precisely the case, next time change a new cassette. Of course, it is difficult to create perfect smoothness by running the machine only on hair growth. However, if you make movements in the opposite direction, you can cut yourself. Such movements require special skills.

Also, usually the bristles remain if you are in a hurry while performing the procedure, as well as shaving without the use of foam, gel. If you followed all the recommendations, then the bristles should not remain. If you still decide to take a chance and cut yourself, then you should immediately treat this place with an antiseptic or use a classic cologne. Let it burn a little, but then you will disinfect the wound.

Necessary goods and accessories

We have already said that it is important to choose only high-quality shaving products and accessories. After all, it is from them and your skill that a positive result will depend. You can buy a set in stores right away, where all the necessary tools will be presented. There are also travel kits that you can take with you on a trip, business trip or other trip.

The basis of the procedure is a razor, including an electric razor, trimmer. Modern manufacturers present a wide variety of options for men. Also, an integral attribute will be a shaving brush and a variety of gels and shaving creams. It is worth stocking up with a waffle towel with which you can wipe your face or steam it out.

Alum or alum stone will help prevent irritation after hair removal. Thanks to its astringent action, it will provide a quick reduction in injured capillaries. This will help stop the bleeding. Alum is also called to narrow the pores. This will reduce the possibility of bacteria entering the deeper layers of the dermis. Using it is easy and simple. After the procedure is finished, moisten them with cold water and gently run them across the face. Let the mineral stay on the dermis for several minutes. Then you can wash yourself with cold water.

What to choose?

There are many options you can use to shave your face.. Choosing the right one will depend only on the individual preferences of the person. For example, using a hazardous razor will result in serious injury. Therefore, if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to choose a safer method of removing hairs. The main thing is to follow all the rules in each procedure, take your time and then your skin will be perfectly smooth.

In the morning or evening?

About when it is better to shave - in the morning or in the evening, it is impossible to say for sure. Everything will depend on your lifestyle, as well as on individual preferences. Many people prefer to look like a needle, going to work. Such men shave in the morning. If in front of us is a lover of dating women, then he is likely to shave in the evening. This is not to say that hairs grow faster depending on the time of day they are removed. It all depends on your features.

How to steam?

The first and most important step when shaving is steaming your face. This can be done using warm water. Just wash it a few times. Or take a towel and soak it in hot water. Attach it to the area where you will shave for five minutes. Of course, the hotter the water, the better. In this case, do not burn your face. Also do not forget to soften the stubble. You can buy in specialized stores special oils for this purpose. Rub funds with light movements in the area of ​​hair growth.

Follow-up care

Many men believe that after the hair shaving procedure, nothing more needs to be done. However, this is a common misconception. Basically, the male dermis is fatter, with an increased tendency to sweat, which means that it requires appropriate care.

Daily shaving can make the dermis of a man's face dry. You can easily cope with this with the help of a variety of creams that are specially designed for various skin types. Sensitive dermis is characterized by redness. If you experience irritation after shaving, you most likely have sensitive skin. Dry will be characterized by feelings of tightness, loss of elasticity. Well, the appearance of pimples, irregularities, ingrown hairs can be attributed to problem skin.

After shaving, be sure to treat the affected area with a special moisturizer. Also protect your dermis from the sun. Sunscreens with a protection factor of 15 or more should be used.

Also, experts advise special products that contain minerals and vitamins. They will nourish and soothe the dermis. For example, vitamin C will help stimulate collagen production. Pay attention to your dermis twice a day.

The consequences of improper care

If you decide to neglect at least one shaving rule, you may encounter negative consequences. These include dry skin, peeling, itching, rash. If the surface of the dermis itches, then do not comb the areas. It can also lead to microtrauma and bacteria.

Sometimes after shaving, you can see black dots. These marks may be due to ingrown hairs or the use of an insufficiently sharp razor. It is worth revising your concept of hair removal. However, do not be discouraged, there is a way out in this situation. You can fix it and remove the irritation.

How to remove irritation?

It is worth noting that various factors can cause irritation. For example, dry skin will become a source of irritation. It is better to moisten the dermis with warm water before the procedure.Shaving after a shower or bath will be a good habit. So you can achieve a perfectly smooth surface, the skin will become softer, and the blade will glide better.

As for irritation during shaving, it can cause a low-quality razor with non-sharp blades. It is also worth paying attention to shaving foam. It should suit you in composition. Another important step in getting rid of irritation will be the use of the right shaving technique.

To avoid the negative effects after shaving, rinse your face with cold water to close your pores. Moisturize your skin with a special lotion. Chlorhexidine may also be used.

The main thing is the elimination of repeated errors that led to this result.

Is it possible in front of a solarium?

Do not remove hairs immediately in front of the solarium. After the procedure, the skin needs rest. Do not expose it to the next exposure to negative factors.

We examined how to properly perform male shaving. Now you know what you need to do to avoid irritation after the procedure and what to choose the right shaving items. Guided by all the rules, you can achieve perfectly smooth skin. Remember that it is important to maintain hygiene of the face and other parts of the body where appropriate manipulations are performed.

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