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Highlighter L'Oreal "Alliance Perfect"

One of the main trends in the world of makeup is the natural radiance of the skin. Strobing is a technique of applying a special product with shining microparticles on the protruding parts of the face. Due to light reflection, volume is emphasized, and the skin acquires a flat, smooth surface. The light falling on the skin with a highlighter does not fall shadow in the wrinkles and folds of the skin, but is reflected. The whole face receives an unrivaled radiance. One of the very popular means at present is highlighter L'Oreal "Alliance Perfect".


Proper use of this tool will help visually throw 5-10 years. It is in strobing that the secret of makeup artists lies when they present lifting makeup to the public.

Using a low-quality highlighter often leads to poor makeup, negative mood, and for someone - a damaged reputation. Since highlighters contain radiant particles, a high-quality product and thorough shading are required when used on the skin.

Due to the high cost of highlighters (since they were presented in luxury brands), not everyone could afford to use them, especially daily. But with the advent of L'Oreal "Alliance Perfect" the situation has changed radically. Highlighter It is presented in two forms - liquid and powder. Not everyone immediately understands what it is worth choosing.

The basis of the composition of the highlighter in question is water and glycerin, so that it blends well and does not roll. The main thing is to rub it quickly after application, so that it does not have time to dry. Due to its texture, such a tool lasts for a long time on the skin. Flickering microparticles, which are part of the composition, give the skin a healthy glow. All these nuances make such a product unsurpassed.

In Russia, it is presented in one shade - "Shining Pearl". In Europe, shades of 101 "W Golden Glow" and 201 "N Neutre Rose Glow" are presented. The volume of the product is 30 ml. It will last for a long time even with daily application. A pleasant shade of the tube itself (powdery pink) sets in a positive mood.

Application Options

Use liquid highlighter. Makeup artists of L'Oreal Paris offer several options for applying this liquid product - depending on the type of skin and the desired result:

  • Under the foundation, as a base. This option is suitable if you have normal skin, which is not prone to rashes and peeling. Otherwise, the highlighter will emphasize skin imperfections. If you are the owner of clean skin, this tool will be one of your favorites. One minute - and you are fresh, rested, with expressive cheekbones and bright eyes.
  • Application to the protruding parts of the face: under the eyebrows, on the back of the nose, on the cheekbones, above the upper lip, in the center of the forehead. If you have any imperfections on your forehead, you may not even apply it to this zone. On the packaging you can see a detailed diagram. It clearly shows how to apply a highlighter.

This type of use involves thorough shading. It is suitable for all skin types. However, it should be borne in mind that the time spent on makeup is increasing. It is the use of highlighter in a certain pattern that scares girls away. There is nothing complicated, if you understand what the essence of this method is. And this has already been discussed - in additional highlighting of the protruding parts of the face. You can use the highlighter even in the decollete zone.

  • Mixing foundation and liquid highlighter before applying to the skin. With this method, a natural radiance is obtained. The skin becomes a little more radiant and smoother. Even with such minimal use, your skin will delight you. The main thing is not to overdo it, take literally two drops of highlighter. Skin type - any, like foundation. Although manufacturers often recommend the use of products from the same line, so that the products combine better. This method will appeal to those who do not want to increase the time for makeup or delve into the nuances of applying the product according to the scheme.


Liquid Highlighter L'Oreal "Alliance Perfect" quickly gained popularity. The fair sex is pleased with the perfect balance of quality and price. The result of using the product is healthy, radiant, maximum natural skin for reasonable money. It is often found in cosmetic bags of professional makeup artists and ordinary girls who are imbued with this trend. Many note in the reviews the versatility of the shade, which is suitable for both a cold type of appearance and a warm one. Ease of use allows the use of such cosmetics to a person who has not previously used highlighters.

Powdery L'Oreal "Alliance Perfect" - it is blush and highlighter in one package. This product is designed to maximize the natural radiance of your skin.

This highlighter is created in three pallets. You can highlight the golden, pink and pearl shades. Golden hue is suitable for dark skin, and pearl and pink - for light. The package consists of two parts: the product itself and the mirror with a brush. This is very convenient, since such a tool can fully replace the powder in the cosmetic bag. The texture is very light, pleasant, with the addition of shimmers.

Application of powdery highlighter:

  • Brush the lightest shade and apply on the top of the cheekbones, back of the nose, under the eyebrows, in the center of the forehead - on all protruding parts of the face, which receive more sunlight. On the back of the package is also a detailed diagram with the application of the product - for natural shine.
  • To maximize the radiance, after a light shade, blend powdery, more saturated.
  • If you apply a highlighter on the inner corner of the eye and on the center of the eyelid, You can get a light tightening effect. This is exactly the lifting makeup that professional makeup artists want.
  • Using the product in the recess above the upper lip will help make them more voluminous and seductive. They have been using the method of highlighting this part of the lips for a long time, with the advent of highlighters it has become even easier.
  • The effect of strobing can be fixed using transparent powder.

Result of use and reviews

The skin is radiant, rested and well-groomed. Thanks to the powdery highlighter, the face becomes clearer and the skin is even, smooth and as if moisturized. In this case, the product does not leave a greasy shine. Its stability is good, but still less than that of liquid. If this is important to you, then make your choice in favor of a liquid remedy.

For beginners in creating a strobe, a powder highlighter is more suitable. It is easier to apply precisely to those areas that need lighting and do not require such thorough shading, which is necessary with a liquid highlighter.

If you spend a lot of time on your make up, then you will be interested in both products. You can use them at the same time. After applying liquid highlighter, powdery is used as the final chord in makeup. The nuances of choosing the right product are in the texture of these products. Liquid highlighter is suitable for girls with skin that is more even and without obvious imperfections. Its texture still tends to emphasize flaws, rather than hide them.

A powdery highlighter is just more suitable for girls with problems - possibly with oily skin and a T-zone. The skin will receive the radiance it needs without oily sheen. In addition, the application technique implies more experience with the liquid highlighter.

If you are only trying your hand at the art of strobing, it makes sense to opt for the powder version. Even application according to the scheme is quite easy.

Now you know which highlighter is more suitable, and you can safely make your choice. You can master various techniques for using these tools. This trend will be relevant for a long time. Maximum naturalness of the result and ease of use - this is what combines liquid and powdery highlighters L'Oreal "Alliance Perfect". Having opted for such cosmetics, you will definitely not be disappointed in the decision made. The result will be just wonderful.

L'Oreal Highlighter's “Alliance Perfect” test drive, see the next video.


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