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Bourjois Lip Gloss

The cosmetics industry presents a wide range of lip glosses. Lip gloss gives the lips a special radiance and seductive volume. In order to choose the right product correctly, it is necessary to take into account not only personal preferences, but also the quality of the cosmetic product. Today, Bourjois lip gloss is considered one of the best on the cosmetic market.

Bourjois Lip Gloss: Vibrant Colors and Magic Shine

The French brand Bourjois has been pleasing girls around the world for more than a century. The creator of the world-famous cosmetic brand Joseph-Albert Ponsen gave the world dry blush

Since then, Bourjois has been one of the most prestigious and best-selling brands in the cosmetics market.

Today, the company actively regulates the quality of its products. The company has set up its own laboratories where new products are being developed daily. It creates high-quality and safe cosmetics. Bourjois is considered one of the oldest cosmetics companies in the world.

Rich palette

Bourjois is rich in various cosmetic novelties and varieties of long-loved products. Mascara, blush, highlighters, nail polishes, lipsticks, powders - all brand products are durable and worthy of quality. The Bourjois range of lip glosses stands out for its rich and rich palette. Effet 3D and Sweet Kiss-Gloss are two of the company's most popular shines. And despite the fact that they are fundamentally different from each other, these funds managed to win the love of many girls.

"Effet 3D" - the product appears to customers in an elegant, a little rounded tube with a silver cap. Transparent packaging allows a good view of the color and quantity of the product. You can always understand how much is left in the tube.

The Effet 3D series has a rich palette of colors. Each girl can find a color that suits her. In total, in the series by numbers, 20 shades are presented.

The brush is thin, comfortable, the villi do not stick out, it distributes the product well over the lips. Shine has a very pleasant aroma. Almost not felt on the lips, well moisturizes the skin. Lip gloss is laid in a thin layer, some colors give a matte finish, while others contain a shimmer and sparkles, depending on the shade. It does not clog in folds, does not spread on the lips. Gloss can last up to 4 hours. Caring for your lips in the likeness of a balm. The brilliance's popularity is ensured by its excellent quality and low price.

"Sweet Kiss-Gloss" - a little rounded, matte tube, the brush is soft, comfortable, the villi do not stick out. Gloss is very easy to apply, looks amazing on the lips. The product does not stick lips and is almost not felt. It nourishes the skin, does not tighten it, gives a seductive volume.

There is a light aroma, immediately after applying "Sweet Kiss-Gloss" a bitter aftertaste is felt, but it disappears in a few minutes. This can be attributed to the disadvantages of the product. The palette includes 6 shades: from the lightest to the darkest and most saturated colors. Despite its small palette, Sweet Kiss-Gloss is rich in bright tints and radiance.

The product does not clog into folds, does not roll into lumps. Gloss will hold for about 2 hours. You can outline the lip contour with a pencil, but this is not necessary. The consistency is thick, does not spread on the lips. Shine preserves its gloss for a long time.

Unique Series

Bourjois also produces many other, less popular, but no less effective glosses. Each of them worthily performs its task. Here is a list of only a few cosmetic products of the French brand:

  • "Effet 4D" - the tube design resembles other glosses from the Bourjois brand. You can apply a thin layer, or you can emphasize the color, depending on your preference. Gives lips extra shine and volume. Makes lips visually bigger. The brush is standard.

The consistency is not thick, does not stick to the lips, does not spread, has resistance. In total, the series includes 6 unique shades. Colors give a matte effect, flicker with mother-of-pearl and sparkle with a shimmer, depending on the shade you choose.

  • "BB Gloss" - the product will give the lips not only a natural glow, but also take care of the condition of the skin of the lips. The gloss contains components that can give your lips a natural shimmer and radiance, moisturize your lips and protect them from environmental influences. The gloss palette is very scarce. The product is presented only in 2 shades, for girls with light and dark skin, however, this does not reduce its merits.

The tube does not differ from its predecessors in shape, but its lid is black. Among other things, the product retains the famous brand brush.

A lack of gloss can be called its not very pleasant smell, but on the lips it looks amazing.

Gloss does not even strip into one layer, does not spread, lays well on the skin, does not gather into lumps at the corners of the mouth. Glues lips a little, it is not felt strongly. It can last up to 7 hours.

  • "Effet 3D Max 8H" - the tube has an unusual shape, more reminiscent of a female silhouette. It is very different from other brand products. The bottle is not transparent, made in the color of the shade. In addition, "Effet 3D Max 8H" has a different brush, here it is a soft, neat sponge that can paint over even the most inaccessible places. The spongy villi are small, do not stick out in different directions.

The consistency of the gloss is thick, a little heavy, it is not very easy to apply, but it gives an amazing effect. All shades contain a barely noticeable shimmer. The product moisturizes and cares for the skin of the lips. Does not emphasize peeling, glossy radiance lasts about 2 hours, visually makes lips larger. Does not spread, does not stick lips. It is well-nourished, can last on the lips for up to 5 hours. Not recommended in windy weather.

  • "Eau de Gloss" is one of the most unusual products of the brand. The tube has an interesting design, more like a small, transparent bottle or ampoule. It attracts attention with its unusual design. Standard brush for the brand: very comfortable, draws a good outline. Colors are glossy, vibrant, no shimmer. It lies flat, does not emphasize peeling and other flaws. More like liquid lipstick, with a consistency of shine. It lasts about 3 hours. Glue lips a little.
  • "Effet 3D Cosmic" - gloss can give your lips a diamond glow. The gloss itself is not sticky, fits well on the lips, contains a lot of shimmer and sparkles, in the sun the product looks especially advantageous. More suitable for "going out."
  • "Smile enhancing gloss" - the product is distinguished by its unique properties. It looks like a double-sided bottle containing the gloss and gel for whitening teeth. Thus, the product will give your lips volume and radiance, and also make you the happy owner of a Hollywood smile.

The reviews confirm that the product copes with both tasks perfectly. The sponge brush distributes the product well over the lips, nothing spreads and lasts up to 4 hours. The product does not stick lips, is not collected in the corners of the lips. It does not give clear contours; it is best to label them with a pencil.

  • "Gloss Menthol" - a transparent gloss gives the lips volume and natural radiance, and also freshens your breath. The product has no color, gloss, but has a clear smell of mint. With this shine, you can not overload your face with makeup and at the same time maintain a fresh breath. Reviews confirm that the shine gives its owners a fresh, mint breath.


Shine Bourjois collect only the most positive reviews around the world. Like all brand products, gloss is distinguished by its special quality, high pigmentation and low price, which is very important for most buyers. A rich palette will allow any girl to choose the right shade for her. Among the many series and shades you can find matte and glossy gloss, with shimmer and sparkles. Glitter Bourjois is the best choice for every girl.

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