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Highlighter Catrice

It’s easy to give your face a fresh and rested look. Highlighter Catrice can transform the skin in a second, make it radiant and well-groomed.


Catrice is a famous brand from Germany. The company produces face makeup, nail care products and makeup accessories.

The company's products have long won the recognition of girls in many countries, because its advantages are obvious.

  • High quality. The company uses the latest developments and high-quality ingredients in the production. Judging by the reviews, the brand’s cosmetics are not inferior to expensive luxury products.
  • Variety of assortment. Catrice collections always have the most current products. Liquid, cream and powdery textures, various shades and additional characteristics - here you can find cosmetics for any type of appearance and any occasion.
  • Stylish design. Brand products are pleasing to the eye, being in a cosmetic bag or on a dressing table, they are always nice to pick up. At the same time, packaging is always convenient and takes up little space.
  • Reasonable prices. For all its merits, the company's cosmetics are in the average price range and are available to a wide range of customers.

Highlighters are one of the important directions in the assortment of the brand. Such products contain special flickering particles. Due to this, the face begins to glow from the inside, acquires a special "gloss".

With subtle changes, you can refresh your daytime makeup. A rich glow will make the evening look especially spectacular. In addition, by highlighting individual zones, you can visually change facial features, make it more sophisticated and harmonious.

Terms of use

Before applying radiant textures, you should definitely even out your complexion. In the presence of redness and other imperfections, they must first be masked with a tonal agent.

Depending on the desired effect, the highlighter can be applied to different zones.

  • To make the face more "embossed" - on the high part of the cheekbones;
  • To visually align and narrow the nose - in the center of its back;
  • To make the forehead higher - in the center of the forehead;
  • To make the face more refined and highlight the lips - in the middle of the chin;
  • To give the look openness - to the inner corners of the eyes;
  • To visually enlarge the eyes - under the eyebrows and in the middle of the moving eyelid;
  • To make the lips more puffy and seductive - along the contour of the upper lip.

Some high-gloss highlighters can be applied to the entire face. So you get the effect of radiant skin health.

However, this technique can only be used by girls without acne and very enlarged pores. Otherwise, the glow only emphasizes the flaws.

Product Overview

Illuminating Highlighter Pen

This highlighter is made in the form of a small cylindrical tube. The product has a liquid texture with a silver-pink tint.

A convenient built-in brush makes it easy to distribute the product in the corners of the eyes and under the eyebrows. It also allows you to beautifully highlight the cheekbones with one easy movement. When blending, the product gives the effect of moist, slightly radiant skin.

Buyers note the convenience of using the product and the natural result from its application. Highlighter is ideal for daytime makeup, does not contain noticeable sparkles. Delicate radiance gives the face a fresh, rested look, makes the look “wide open”.

The product is economical, pleases with high durability (more than 12 hours).

High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder

The brand’s novelty, which has already won the love of customers, is made in the form of baked powder. The product has a soft texture with small reflective particles.

The tool provides a light shiny coating. The intensity of the glow can be varied by layering the powder.

Highlighter can be used both as a means to give freshness to makeup, and pointly to highlight individual zones. The word "Mineral" in the name of the product means the presence in the composition of the mineral complex, providing delicate application and gentle skin care.

Reviews about this product are mixed. Everyone enjoys the cold pearl glow and satin finish that he gives to the skin. However, some girls consider the sparkles in the composition of the product unnecessary. To get rid of the sparkling snow effect, they have to shade the coating intensively.

To other customers, the highlighter, on the contrary, seems delicate and not too noticeable. They use the product both day and evening.


Highlight Palette "Deluxe“Catrice has three sparkling shades. Champagne, rose wine and bronze allow you to create makeup for any occasion.”

The product gives the face a soft and natural glow. The lightweight powdery texture with shimmer particles illuminates the skin from the inside, giving it a well-groomed and fresh look.

The kit is packaged in a transparent plastic box with the composition and description of the product on the back.

Buyers note the ease of applying funds, the convenience of compact packaging. All three tones have excellent durability, stick to the skin all day and do not require updating.

The shade of champagne is the most delicate. It gives a veil weightless coating with a faint glow. Suitable for daily makeup. The pink tone includes small sparkles in the texture. It also forms a light and unobtrusive glow. The golden bronze hue is ideal for sculpting your face.

Prime and Fine highlighting powder

This highlighter powder only seems dull at first glance. Reflective particles provide a light, radiant coating. The silk texture allows the product to gently lie on the skin, shimmering in sunlight.

Consumers really like the silk texture of the product and its phenomenal durability.

Despite the fact that in the powder box the product looks peachy pink, the highlight on the skin is golden. The coating does not have individual sparkles, only slightly highlights the face. Color is in perfect harmony with tanned and fair skin.

Applying a highlighter in one layer transforms daytime makeup, making it more fresh and effective. For evening looks, you can apply the product more intensely.

Marina hoermanseder

This is a product from a limited collection. A series of cosmetics arose as a result of the collaboration of the brand with a famous German designer. The inspiration for the appearance of this cosmetics was the brightness of shades and iridescent pearls in the seasonal collection "Marina hoermanseder".

Like other products in the series, the highlighter’s packaging is decorated with the designer’s trademark - the image of a buckle.

This radiant powder in soft pink balls gives the face a soft shimmer. The product is suitable for use on the entire face for a healthy radiance effect, and for the placement of light accents.

Buyers are delighted with this product, which they consider impeccable. Highlighter is economical, convenient to use, easy to apply on the skin.

The coating is gentle, natural and very durable. The light glow of the skin that the product allows to achieve is appropriate both in the office and at the party. And the affordable price of the product is another important advantage in its favor.

Made To Stay Highlighter Pen

The original highlighter in pencil - a great finishing touch to eye makeup. The delicate texture of pink with a shiny mother of pearl is easily distributed on the skin. Makeup artists are advised to apply the product under the eyebrows and in the corners of the eyes. This allows you to make the look more expressive.

Judging by the reviews, the product is easy to use, goes well with tonal products and eyeshadow. As a result of use, the face acquires a rested and fresh look, and the look becomes radiant.

The coating is highly resistant, does not roll and sticks to the skin all day.

In the video below, you will find an overview of the budget highlighter Luminizer Liquid Luminizer Strobing Pen.


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