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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Wella Hairspray

Every woman at least once in her life turned to hairspray for help. This unusual tool will help to fix even the most complex hairstyle for a long time. However, many women are afraid of this product, because most of them are very harmful to hair. Wella hairspray belongs to the category of safe and effective products.

Strong and reliable fixing

Varnish is used by women and girls in special cases. It is necessary for fixing a complex and unusual hairstyle. High-quality varnish retains the necessary appearance of hair until the next shampoo. Varnish is used after creating a hairstyle. It is sprayed on the surface, thereby ensuring the durability of the hairstyle. However, most varnishes are very unhealthy. They glue, dry and break hair. Frequent use of low-quality products can lead to disastrous consequences. That is why special attention should be paid to choosing a cosmetic brand.

The best choice

Among the variety of styling varnishes, hairspray can be considered the most popular and effective tool. Wella, which is characterized by strong fixation and minimal damage to the hair structure. The company has developed a whole series of products, with different components and properties. Every woman can find the perfect remedy for her.

Varnishes are of high quality, low price and availability. You can find such a tool in almost any cosmetic store. Among the styling varnishes from Wella are the following:

  • Styling varnish - Helps to securely fix voluminous and complex hair.
  • Fixing varnish - such a tool can fix a simple everyday hairstyle.
  • Hot styling - It is used as a fixative and as thermal protection.
  • Tint varnish - Can dye individual strands in the desired color.
  • Shiny varnish - will help to create an original image for a party or going out.

Wella Professional brand produces many hair care products.


All hair sprays from the Wella Professional brand can be divided into several categories, depending on the strength of their action:

  • Extra fixation - such a tool can keep even the most complex hairstyles intact.
  • Strong hold - A little weaker than its predecessor, but also copes well with its work.
  • Medium Fixation - such a product will not be able to give the necessary fixation to heavy, thick hair. However, it is well suited for the thin and the weak.
  • Normal fixation - The product is ideal for daily styling. It does not dry hair, gives fixation for several hours.

The brand Wella professional Includes several popular lines. Among them can be noted "Wellaflex", which includes not only varnishes, but also other hair products. This manufacturer produces a line "Wella Design", which includes many tools - for example, varnishes, mousses, masks, sprays. The most popular products of the brand that can give your hair professional care and a firm hold are presented to your attention:

  • "Wellaflex for conspicuous volume" - appears before customers in a standard metal bottle - without a cap. The volume is 250 ml. Such a tool is able to give hair an extra-strong fixation. The main advantages include a wonderful atomizer. The product is distributed evenly, does not shine, it can not be noticed. Varnish does not weigh on hair, lasts about a day. Hairstyle looks natural and natural.

This tool will retain the volume of your hair for a long time. It can be used in bad weather and damp. Odorless varnish, no white coating.

The product is not sticky, does not peel off lumps. Dries hair a little, but when using varnishes it is almost impossible to avoid this. Usually this tool completely copes with its purpose and performs the task.

  • "Wellaflex Volume for thin hair." Great for long and thin hair. The bottle is standard, metal, without cap. The manufacturer claims that this tool protects hair from UV radiation. It perfectly fixes, gives volume even to the thinnest hair. It does not stick hair, does not come off in lumps, keeps the hair in its original form. It has a pleasant fruity smell.

Easy to remove - just go through the comb several times. Practically does not dry, does not damage the hair structure.

  • "Wellaflex for hot styling" - varnish stands out among all the others. First of all, an unusual product design catches your eye. An iron bottle shows a flame hinting at the unusual properties of this product. Hot styling varnish copes with its purpose perfectly, but it is worth using thermal protection. The tool must be sprayed on the entire hair, and not on individual strands. So you will achieve a natural effect.

The product does not stick hair, does not go white. It is enough for a long time.

The unpleasant smell disappears almost immediately. The varnish keeps the hair in its original form up to 12 hours. It does not make heavier, does not come down lumps. Just comb your hair. The hair will immediately become soft and obedient. One of the most popular products of the brand, it collects only positive feedback from customers.

  • "Wellaflex for super strong fixation with Flexactive technology. New formula" - also one of the most popular brand products. It gives a light shine, but does not oily hair. It dries very quickly and fixes the hair securely. Dries a little. The varnish must be washed off, combing it is impossible to remove such a tool. It does not stick hair, gives a reliable and very resistant fixation. Able to keep hair in its original form. Validity is limited to days.

The product collects positive reviews that confirm its high effectiveness.

  • "Wellaflex Shine of Color" - refers to everyday, light varnishes. Does not dry, suitable for fixing light hairstyles. With complex volumetric options such a product will not cope. The smell of varnish quickly disappears, the product is perfectly distributed - due to a convenient spray. Reliably fixes a hairdress, does not stick together, does not make hair rigid and "doll-like". Very easy to remove by combing.

The disadvantages include a not very long fixation period. Hairstyle does not reach 24 hours.

  • "Wellaflex for extra fixation with a moisturizing complex" - the product does not have a choking odor. Does not dry - due to moisturizing ingredients. Does not give hair oily effect. It is easy to remove with a comb, you can not wash your hair.

The disadvantages include the weakness of the varnish. He cannot hold complex hairstyles or thick hair. More applies to light varnishes for every day. Great for fixing simple styling.

  • "Wella Design Powerful Control" - different bright design. The metal can is painted bright red. Means "Powerful control" has a special, very strong fixation. It has an unpleasant odor, but it disappears almost immediately. Does not stick and does not oily hair. It is distributed evenly, lasts up to 24 hours. The product completely copes with the task.
  • "Wella Forte for long hair, maximum fixation up to 24 hours" - a good tool, perfect for the longest and thickest hair. There is no white coating. Such a tool firmly fixes the hairstyle. It does not stick, does not weigh down hair, does not have an unpleasant odor. The varnish of the Forte line perfectly copes with the task.
  • "EIMI Wella" - One of the latest brand new products. The EIMI styling tool is capable of providing a sufficiently long and reliable fixation. It has an incredible aroma. Protects from moisture, UV radiation and hot styling. Saves volume, does not stick together.


Such a popular product, of course, has a number of disadvantages. However, they fade in comparison with its merits. The product is able not only to effectively fix the hair, but also to take care of the health of the hair. The product contains a moisturizing complex, provitamins, and also protects from sunlight. Creates an invisible protective film, thereby protecting from external damage.


Products Wella professional collects positive reviews. It is notable for its low price, excellent quality, minimal hair damage, and good fixation. All these qualities make hair spray Wella one of the most popular products on the cosmetic market.

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