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Summer pedicure

In the summer, women pay much more attention to their legs, trying to make them as attractive as possible. After all, hot weather is conducive to wearing open shoes, light clothing, travel and sea photos. And every girl wants to look perfect literally from head to toe. A pedicure is all procedures to maintain the beauty of the legs and fingers on them. This concept also includes the processing of nails, the creation of a perfect and attractive coating on them with the help of varnishes, patterns, rhinestones and other decorative elements. Not everyone knows how to properly carry out summer manicure. This will be discussed in this article.

Seasonal news and trends

Pedicure for the period spring-summer 2017 is distinguished by a variety of fashionable saturated and juicy shades. Sunny and bright colors of orange and coral, exciting red and girlish pink perfectly demonstrate a light summer mood. The trend is an assortment of blue and green tones, mint and turquoise, blue and blue, as well as a juicy herbal shade, are relevant in the colors of varnish. Pastel shades of nails also do not go out of fashion, they are perfect for calm and balanced ladies who appreciate comfort even in this reckless period.

In addition, lovers of the classics can reuse their favorite jacket or its variations: the moon design or the reverse version of the French.

Nail art does not bypass and toenails. With the help of imagination and examples given by stylists, you can create a unique image. The use of rhinestones, glitters and sparkles, decorative sand, as well as various patterns that can be drawn by hand or translated from special stickers is welcome. The main thing is the measure in everything, you should not use too catchy design elements (for example, large rhinestones) at the same time in manicure and pedicure. Try to stay on one of the options.

The trend in the coincidence of the designs of the nails of the hands and feet remains in the past seasons. In the summer, almost everything is allowed. For example, a combination of bright blue manicure and a purple pedicure will be successful. Or burgundy toenails and nude pink on fingers are perfectly “friends”.

The gel-varnish coating, which is popularly called shellac, not only looks beautiful, but is also very practical. The gel with a huge variety of shades and possible design options is able to provide well-groomed nails for up to three weeks - unlike ordinary varnish.

The use of one shade in the design is especially relevant, this option is simple to execute and attracts a huge number of girls with its refinement. The color options for use are very diverse. It can be bright, rich colors, and pastel colors, and metallic nails. The effect of metal nails can be obtained using special coatings or rubbing. This powdery substance, by rubbing it into any coating, gives the effect of metallic luster - or overflows, similar to the back of a May beetle.

In terms of summer travel, marine design is especially in demand. It is based on the use of blue, black, red, blue and white colors. Moreover, they can be used both separately and forming various combinations.

Stripes, drawings on the marine theme will look relevant. You can decorate nails with the help of shells, pebbles, anchors, starfish and fish.

The design with fruits and berries in the hot summer season is very popular with both ladies and nail stylists. Nails imitating strawberries, cherries, kiwi or juicy watermelon will be especially in demand. Tender and beautiful girls can also afford absolutely any floral print.

Geometry is still in fashion. Therefore, lovers of lines, complex patterns of triangles, squares, circles or zigzags, as well as ethnic themes can choose whatever they want.

Matte textures can also be applied on the legs. Monochrome art made of matte and glossy coatings of one tone will be especially fashionable.

Classical French pedicure, as well as all kinds of its varieties, combinations and improvements are quite approved by nail stylists.

Ombre, cat's eye, water drawing, rhinestones, sparkles and broths - choose whatever your heart desires. Be bright and unique this summer.

Fashionable design

The design of a summer pedicure can be varied. Bright lacquer of various juicy colors is in fashion - for example, yellow, red, blue.

It is worth trying in the summer season various design options and nail art - to create a modern bright image.

Which one is in fashion?

  • This summer, the monochrome use of one color is relevant in manicure and pedicure. This design option is quite universal, and most importantly - convenient and practical. For example, pastel shades or bright scarlet are perfect for any occasion and almost all outfits. The monophonic design is very simple in execution, even beginner craftsmen can do it.
  • Nail stylists do not favor manicures and pedicures in the same style in the spring and summer of 2017. If you want to combine legs and arms in one design, experts advise using not the same shades, but close to each other. Although many girls ignore such tips and feel great, posting photos on Instagram with the same nail style.
  • Decoration with rhinestones can create a chic look. This season, experts recommend the use of such brilliant elements in moderation. A minimum number of rhinestones is recommended, and it is better to limit yourself to just the thumb. You should be very careful when choosing shoes and handle your feet with extreme care so as not to damage the beauty.
  • Glitters and various shiny stones and elements are also quite suitable for modern trends. The main thing is to use them in the minimum required amount.
  • A lot of women like beautiful pedicures with patterns. A positive point can be considered that the ideas of design can be very different. Especially relevant when traveling, the image will help create marine nail art. For him, a gamut of special colors is usually used: blue, red, cyan, black and white, which form a marine palette. They can be used both separately and creating a striped ornament. You can decorate the nail with thematic drawings - for example, anchors, starfish, shells and fish, pebbles and other attributes.

A great stylish option for the summer hot time - fruits and berries on the nails. As a “juicy” design, you can choose your favorite treat: apples, watermelons, cherries, strawberries, kiwi, orange and other gifts of nature.

Geometric and ethnic prints are very suitable for the design of the legs. You can draw strips, make complex compositions from various geometric shapes, or create interesting folk ornaments and use their combinations.

For subtle and sensual natures in nail art, you can be inspired by a variety of colors. It can be our native vegetation or tropical bright flowers, stylists support any decisions.

French will probably never go out of style. He looks very stylish and spectacular both on his arms and legs. In this case, you can use the classic French design in the usual colors, cover the free edge of the nail with bright colors or make a monochrome version with matte and glossy coatings. In addition, a reverse jacket or design, in which the holes in the nails are contrasted, will be a great choice.

You can complement the French style with various patterns, rhinestones and jewelry.

Usually, fashion designers use unusual combinations in shows on catwalks or photo shoots that are difficult to apply in life. However, this season even they used quite acceptable options. For example, many fashion houses have opted for nude and pastel shades. Milk chocolate, sky blue, beige - they are easy to use in everyday life. Yes, and more saturated options (bright blue, scarlet, black) are well suited for everyday wear.

Color options

Summer pedicure can afford some courage in choosing colors, and even recklessness. Bright gamma is relevant. Yellow, red, juicy pink, orange - all these colors can be used individually or form unusual combinations.

Lovers can use dark shades - for example, purple, black or dark blue. They always look concise and strict. Making this design, you can diversify it with various decorative elements.

The matte finish also does not go out of fashion; a plain manicure combining glossy and matte coatings will be wonderful. You can combine them in the original monochrome jacket or even create patterns of gloss on a velvet surface.

Tender girls can choose in favor of light design in pastel colors. A good choice would be pale blue, mint green or whitened pink and yellow. Such a gentle pedicure will suit any outfit. Green-blue gamma is especially welcome.

Nude shades will help create a neutral look that can withstand any dress code. Unobtrusive nail art can be made using skin colors - beige, white, delicate coffee. You can decorate it with small rhinestones and light colors, which will make the image even easier.

Excellent in the summer pedicure will look any reference to the sea, the sun and the beach. You can choose a marine gamut of shades resembling a vest. You can also imitate waves, the sun, fruits and berries, decorating them with various accessories.

Types of pedicure

High-quality treatment of toenails can be done in a salon and at home. The master in the salon is likely to be able to perform all the necessary actions more quickly and efficiently than a girl who has never done this. Therefore, going to a specialist can save valuable time. However, when contacting the master you will have to adapt to his free time, as well as give a lot of money for the procedure. Home procedures can be carried out at any time convenient for you, while spending virtually no money. The master has extensive experience in working and will be able to perform the procedure in accordance with all the rules. This will minimize the likelihood of problematic situations such as nail ingrowth.

There are several varieties of pedicure:

  • The trimmed version of the procedure is classic and is most often performed by women at home on their own. To carefully perform all the necessary manipulations, the skin is steamed in the bath, and then the excess areas of the skin, dead and dead, can be removed using manicure tweezers. Nail files with an abrasive surface are also used for this.
  • The European type is more sparing. Its unique feature can be considered a careful attitude to the cuticle - it is not removed, but simply shifted after softening with a special spatula or orange stick.
  • Hardware pedicure is carried out using a machine with nozzle cutters of various abrasiveness. They help and remove excess skin, and polish the nail, and give it the necessary shape. The advantage of this method is that it is not necessary to spend time soaking the epidermis in water. It is enough to apply a softening agent with a special chemical composition.
  • The cream method is quite simple to use. A cream is applied to the legs, characterized by the presence of fruit or lactic acids in the composition. These ingredients allow you to remove the keratinized layer of cells along with the removal of the cream product.
  • Spa pedicure combines care and correction. It is based on the use of massage, the application of various masks, the use of creams, oils and gels. Therefore, this type of procedure is not only useful, but also very pleasant.
  • A special type of pedicure is also distinguished, in which the nail plates and the skin are not only processed. It additionally includes coating the nails with biogel, which has a nourishing and strengthening effect on brittle and weak nails.
  • Often, when processing legs, several methods are used simultaneously. This option is called combined. This option (along with hardware) is the most widely used in modern conditions.

An acid cream technique can be successfully applied independently, at home. This method has appeared recently, but it is deservedly gaining more and more popularity because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

At home, you can easily and quickly do pedicures on your own using electric files and typewriters. This method is safe and convenient even for beginners.

How often do you have to do?

The frequency of necessary skin and nail care procedures is determined by several factors:

  • the type of care session performed;
  • a tendency to form rough spots of the epidermis and corns;
  • the speed of updating the structure of nails;
  • features of the epidermis;
  • shoes that a woman wears most often;
  • the frequency of caring effects on the skin and nails.

The methodology of the pedicure greatly affects the speed of restoration of the skin and the appearance of problem areas. For example, acidizing with a cream and applying a biogel coating will provide a visible result that lasts about a month. Of course, this rule is true with proper care for the feet during this entire period.

The machining method with a milling machine provides a much shorter effect. After two or three weeks, you will have to repeat the procedure. If the nails grow very quickly, correction may be required in a week.

In summer, we often wear more open shoes due to the heat. Because of this, much more environmental factors begin to affect the feet. That is why in the summer, treatment sessions will need to be carried out much more often than in the cold season.

In general, the frequency of such procedures is very individual. After all, each person has a different rate of cell renewal and depends on nutrition, heredity, the presence of stressful situations, weather and much more. Therefore, it is difficult for even an experienced master to say exactly when you will need to visit a salon.

How to do it yourself?

Making a pedicure at home is not so difficult, such a procedure is available even for beginners. And it would be better to make such an impact regular. Thanks to this, the skin on the heels and feet will always look perfect, and the nails will be healthy and well-groomed. Regular exposure will make the skin more tender and smooth, and its appearance - healthy and fresh. Useful recommendations:

  • In preparation for the pedicure you need to perform hygiene procedures, wash your feet and remove the remnants of the old coating from the nails.
  • Then the peel needs to be steamed. To do this, fill a small bath or basin with warm soapy water. Foam can be created using any shampoo or liquid soap. So that during the process, the skin and nails receive the necessary trace elements and vitamins, you can add a certain amount of sea salt, vegetable or essential oils to the water. Keep feet in solution for about fifteen minutes.Then you will need to wipe the skin dry and move on to a more complex and critical stage.
  • Nails should be trimmed with special scissors or nippers. Remember that the shape of the free edge on the toes is recommended to be made square - or very lightly rounded. If you trim the edges of the nail too much, it can begin to grow into the skin. Having cut it off, you will need to use a nail file with sufficient abrasiveness to correct all the bumps. Sawing should be done by holding the file perpendicular to the nail plate. Movements should be made from the edges to the center.
  • Using a spatula (or orange stick) located in the manicure set, cuticle softened in the bath should be moved to the hole. These tools will help remove residual skin from the surface of the nail. To facilitate this procedure, you can use special products that soften and dissolve the skin. Then you will need to remove its residues. Using a stick, you can clean the area under the nail from dirt and dead skin particles. With a file or a special nozzle of the machine, you need to remove the roughened skin from your fingers, heels and feet.
  • The surface of the nail must be carefully polished with a soft file or buff. Such a nail will look well-groomed even without using varnish. When applying color or transparent varnish after such a procedure, the coating will last much longer.
  • So that after the pedicure the skin of the legs is smooth and soft, you need not only to remove dead skin cells (this can be done using pumice, a grinding machine, scrubs and peeling products for the skin of the legs can also come to the rescue). The skin must also be moisturized and nourished, as it is influenced by environmental factors. Using a special cream, make light massage movements. They will speed up blood circulation and help digest beneficial components.

If you are suffering from the problem of excessive sweating on your legs, you can use special tools to control the process of excessive sweating. Deodorants help cope with an unpleasant odor.

In problem situations, when the skin has a very neglected condition, you need to properly and constantly care for the epidermis. Folk councils recommend many familiar foods for nourishing and softening the dermis of the feet - for example, glycerin. Such formulations are usually applied to the skin at night, before bedtime. On top of the means, the legs are wrapped in cellophane or special socks are put on them. In the morning you need to wash off the mask and use a moisturizer.

Proper care will help to make the skin soft and delicate, and nails - beautiful and well-groomed. The main thing is the regular implementation of caring procedures.

This video shows how to create a vibrant neon pedicure for the summer.

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