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Male Oriflame Trimmer

About the male trimmer Oriflame a lot of good reviews. This product is of excellent quality - a 2 in 1 device for cutting hair in the nose and beard. This device works on batteries, but they are not included. The set has instructions, and the blades are made of stainless steel.


There are multi-function trimmers. They are distinguished by a large number of nozzles. Nozzles exist linear and bilateral. Hair cutting in the nose and ears is carried out by a motor nozzle.

Trimmers are of various kinds. Some run on battery power, others on the mains. Of course, the battery trimmer is more convenient. With this device, it is very easy for the stronger sex to take care of their appearance. As the price rises, the power of the device increases.

This device will be a great gift every day pleasing to every man.

Goods from Oriflame are of good quality, it is lightweight. It is very convenient that this is a 2 in 1 trimmer. With it, any haircut will be safe and fast. The kit comes with a rubber body. There is a backlight, stand, as well as instructions. The size of the trimmer is 13 cm by 3 cm.

Oriflame trimmer "Remington"It works well, does not pull hairs at all. Representatives of the stronger sex choose such a device quite often. The most important thing is to use high-quality batteries. Nozzles change quite easily.


The device has an attractive design. Trimmer packaging is a beautiful and neat box. Rubberized coating, the device is very convenient to hold in your hands. Photos in the catalog and what comes are exactly the same products. To operate the trimmer, you need only one finger battery. The blades on this device are completely ready for work, everything is perfectly ground.

So, the advantages of this trimmer:

  • compactness (you can take such a device with you on a business trip);
  • different interchangeable nozzles.

As with any other device, there are also disadvantages:

  • power is not always enough;
  • a mandatory trimmer cleaning is needed;
  • no battery included.

Of course, there are also disadvantages, but this device still has more advantages.

The problem of excess hair worries not only women, but also men. Using a trimmer, you can trim the temples and hair from behind. The nozzle is cleaned quite easily, because the kit includes a special brush, which is very convenient.

This device can work for a very long time, and it will not break. Great price and good quality are its main advantages. This trimmer was made in China, but it works very well.

With increased hairiness of men, this trimmer will perfectly save. He pulls without pain. If a man wants to look well-groomed, then this device will help in this.

The trimmer is convenient to use. It can be washed under water without any problems. The device turns on easily and works well. Hair in the nose and ears disappear in just a second.

The batteries, however, have to be changed often. But then the battery cover opens with ease, and the charge lasts for a long time. This device is simply necessary for every man, and its popularity is increasing every year.

Terms of use

With this trimmer you can easily even trim your hair. You can also adjust the length of the hair. This device is not at all dangerous to use; any man can master it. With the help of a vacuum system, the hairs do not scatter in different directions. After the device is finished, you only need to clean the tank, and there will be no more blockages in the sink. Nozzles and blades can be washed gently under running water.

The trimmer from Oriflame is a fairly high-quality device, and it justifies all the functions declared by the manufacturer. This trimmer can trim the beard. The device does not leave irritation even on the most delicate skin. With this device, shaving will be much faster. Its owner will have a lot of time for his affairs. This device will leave after use only positive emotions.

The trimmer shaves everything the first time, you do not have to spend several times in the same place. A minimum of cut hair remains on the face. And there are trimmers that work from a car cigarette lighter. Such a device will be convenient when traveling.

This is a small device, but it will quickly help create the perfect look.

An important advantage of the trimmer is its ability to hold a charge for a long time. The advantage are those models that can be recharged from electricity. You can work with this device even when it is charging from the mains.

Why do I need to purchase this device?

So, a trimmer from Oriflame is a large number of advantages. It is perfect as a gift to your man. It is necessary to monitor the battery charge, as it will not be very pleasant if the shaving process has not yet ended, and the charge in the trimmer is gone. You need to use such a device correctly, and it will become an indispensable assistant. You can, of course, use an ordinary razor, but it will be too expensive. And you will often need to go to the store and buy new razors.

Many men have doubts about the benefits of the trimmer, but it is really indispensable. It is only worth trying once to use it - and then it will delight with good work.

In Oriflame you can order a good and high-quality device that a man will really like and will not cause unnecessary problems.

The following video will help you consider the Oriflame male trimmer in more detail.

Watch the video: Oriflame 2 in 1 trimmer (February 2020).


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