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Marsala color manicure

Women always care about the condition of their hands, because they are an indisputable object of attention from passers-by. Today, to bring your hands and nails in order, it’s enough to sign up for a beauty salon or to perform this procedure at home, if time and desire allow. But what to do with the design and color of the varnish, because every year new trends do not have time to succeed each other. Now yellow in fashion, then brown.

In this article, we will talk in detail about such an excellent and noble color as Marsala, which is often used in manicure. For several years now, he has not gone out of fashion, and with each new fashion season he has become more popular and in demand among the fair sex.

Fashion trends and ideas of the year

Marsala color manicure will always attract attention, because it is considered very contrasting and bright. Marsalovy nail-art can be safely called a successful and fashionable direction, with which every master works in a nail salon.

In itself, the color most often personifies with warm Italy and red wine of noble cherry color, because the name of Marsala itself came from Sicily.

To date, manicures in this style are done both for everyday everyday life, work and study, and for going out in the evening with friends. It can easily brighten up any gray days and bring them richness and diversity. This color looks equally good on both long and short nails. Moreover, they can be of any shape or made in an unusual technique.

This year, many celebrities choose this color for their nails for elegant evening dresses, and the stars are not only domestic but also foreign. Especially luxurious manicure Marsala looks on the nails in the form of a "ballerina". Often, such a nail design can be found among fashion bloggers or socialites, for example, the famous Kylie Jenner.

Also this year, in the first place are gel polishes, which can easily be used to perform manicure in Marsala color. Such varnishes are considered more durable and stable than conventional options. At the same time, nails covered with them can be decorated in every possible way and not be afraid that your manicure will not survive until the evening.

This cherry or wine color is actively in demand not only in manicure art, whole collections of cosmetics and clothes are produced with it. By the way, experts highly recommend that you choose at least some part from the wardrobe in the same shade for such a manicure or just give preference to a Marsala clutch or purse.

We can safely say that this color is universal, it fits any style of clothing, although mainly - under something strict and elegant. It will also look equally impressive on the nails of young girls and older women. The main thing is not to forget that fashion always provides an opportunity for experimentation, and you can always diversify your manicure with something of your own. It is not necessary to choose a plain coating in this color, take the risk to dilute your nail-design with stones and jewelry.

Design Experiments

With the beautiful color of Marsala, you can experiment in every way on the nails, for example, so that the monophonic coating does not get bored, make simple decor or drawing.

If the monotonous design did not suit you, then make a colored French manicure or moonlight in the color of Marsala. Moreover, it is not necessary to decorate it unnecessarily, minimalism sometimes also looks very advantageous.

Velvet Marsal nails will be a great solution for a weekend or a party, they look unbanal, but they always attract a lot of looks.

Most often, manicure in the modern world is not performed in any one technique, they are combined in every possible way. For example, you can make a marsala french jacket, and completely cover your nameless nails with this shade and experiment with laying out stones and rhinestones. Or apply a painting of a kind of lace and flowers on the nails.

A gradient on the nails using the color of Marsala will look very unusual. It is important to choose the right shade. We recommend giving preference to the following combinations with a noble wine color:

  • with black;
  • in the transition to gold or silver;
  • Marsala and beige will look good;
  • be careful with white, in this case it is better to give preference to cream color.

The main thing is not to be afraid to give free rein to your imagination, especially if you decide to experiment at home and decorate your nails exactly as you wish. And if you decide to make a nail design in this color in the salon, then your task is even simpler - to explain to the master what you want, and he will easily make your dreams come true.


If you decide to make a manicure in the color of Marsala and decorate it with something unusual, then We recommend that you pay attention to the following selection of the most basic materials that you may need:

  • Acrylic paints or gel - varnishes for painting and drawing, as well as for making patterns in the technique of "casting", which on the nails of the color of Marsala looks truly luxurious, especially in a gold design;
  • Large and small stones of various colors, rhinestones: matte or shiny, miniature broths, shiny powders, foil, powders - rubs and acrylic powders to create a velvet design;
  • Ready-made pictures, for example, of flowers. Sliders
  • Natural lace for nail design. Black lace will look very elegant on the noble and deep color of Marsala;
  • You can also make nail decor using the stamping technique, for this you will need special stencils. Often the first time it does not work out, it is important to practice here.

You will also need varnishes of the desired shades, and if these are gel options, then take care of the presence of a base, finish and UV lamp.

In order for the decor to serve you for more than a few hours, especially if it involves an extensive presence of stones, then you should give preference only to gel varnishes.

Interesting ideas

The color of Marsala is both restrained and laconic luxury, a noble shade and aristocracy. Such a spectacular manicure can be created not only by ladies of mature age, but also by younger ladies.

To make your manicure the most memorable, it is very important that all nails are of the same shape. An excellent solution would be to combine the matte color of the Marsala varnish with the glossy one, you can make the middle and ring fingers matte and decorate them with rhinestones.

The design will look no less impressive when two fingers are covered with a pure white color and complemented with the finest lace, and all the rest are painted with the color of Marsala.

Small butterflies or tiny contrasting flowers on the corners of the nails perfectly diversify this shade and make it more concise;

You can also diversify your nails with the help of decorative drops, which on the color of Marsala will look as if a light rain irrigated ripe cherries or cherries. This design is best done in the cabin, especially if you do not have the necessary gel polishes. Very unusual, such droplets look on matte nails.

Nail designs look beautiful and expensive when several fingers are completely strewn with tiny broths or lined with rhinestones. In this case, it is not necessary to choose broths of wine color, you can give preference to both the black version and the gold one.

No less impressive are the designs, when the nail hole is laid out using decorative stones, this decor will perfectly complement the wine-colored nails.

Do not be afraid to combine several colors in a manicure using the color of Marsala. It is in perfect harmony with pink, dairy, cream, brown, purple, silver, gold and, of course, as mentioned, with black.

To give the nails a mirror shine and a pearl effect, give preference to manicure using a special rubbing. This design you can easily perform in the cabin and at home. Such a powdery rub is quite inexpensive.

Master classes

To accurately make a luxurious manicure at home, we suggest paying attention to several master classes. We will use different varnishes, but you can choose the usual options, and gel.

Option 1. The gradient on the nails using the color of Marsala:

  • Prepare your nails. File them, give them the necessary shape, clean the cuticles and burrs. Work only with disinfected tools. If the nail cleaning is successful, we proceed to the next stage.
  • We apply a special base for gel polish. Dry it;
  • Since we will make the gradient on the nails, we will need the Marsal color of the varnish and, for example, black. To make the transition as smooth as possible, on a special glass or foil, apply two colors alternately and slightly blur the borders between them.
  • Using a special sponge with patting movements, start transferring colors to the nail and so on to everyone else in turn, not forgetting to dry them;
  • Stretching with gel polish is very simple. If it seems to you that the color shines through, repeat the action with a sponge and two shades repeatedly;
  • After drying the gradient, cover the nails with the finish and dry again in the lamp;
  • Moisten the cuticle with oil.

Option 2. Lunar manicure in the color of Marsala using ordinary varnish:

  • On pre-prepared peeled and filed nails, attach stencils above the holes of the nails;
  • Coat your nails with the first layer of the selected nail polish in Marsala color. Let them dry. If the varnish shines through or streaks, apply a second coat and only after drying remove stencils;
  • You can diversify the holes of the middle and ring fingers with miniature rhinestones, but then glue them on the second layer of varnish that has not yet dried, or when you cover all nails with a colorless fixative.

In general, do not be afraid to experiment with the mysterious color of Marsala, it is in the face of many women and will definitely take root on your nails.

Fashionable manicure with a beautiful gel polish, see the next video.

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