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In pursuit of beauty, women make sacrifices - painful hair removal with an electroepilator, whose work allows you to get rid of unwanted vegetation forever.

The electroepilator is a device for removing unwanted hair permanently. It can be described as follows: a small box with on and off buttons, a screen and a connector for a pen with a needle, a pen with a needle directly, a bandage on a hand with a neutral electrode, a set of disposable needles for the procedure.

The essence of electrolysis is the destruction of the hair follicle by an electric current that enters the bulb through a thin needleinjected under the skin. The cosmetic procedure of electrolysis is considered the most effective in the issue of removing unwanted hairs forever in the bikini area, on the face, legs and arms and on the body as a whole. However, it is not recommended to carry out its subspecies thermolysis in the axillary hollows due to the location of a large number of lymph nodes there.

What it is?

A thin needle is inserted under the skin into the follicle and discharges of electric current through it. High temperature kills both the hair body and the bulb without the possibility of recovery. Heat can cope with dark, thin and thick, gray, bleached hair, in a word, with absolutely anyone. In one session, a small area of ​​the skin is treated, since it is necessary to act on each follicle individually. 100% hair removal result is achieved after a course of procedures that can stretch for a year and a half.


  • Needle

The most effective type of electroepilator. The essence of such hair removal is the introduction of a thin needle into the hair follicle (to a depth of about 0.5 mm) and exposure to it by electric current. Typically, needle electrolysis machines are used in a specialized salon and have a high cost (but there are models for home use).

Needle electroepilator has needles made of various materials. Medical steel needles are a classic that is used for patients with normal pain thresholds and no allergies. For severe allergy sufferers, cosmetologists use gold-coated needles, and for those who do not tolerate pain, with Teflon.

  • Tweezers

Each hair is captured by tweezers, through which a current is passed for several minutes (usually 1-2). Electrolysis with a tweezers is absolutely painless and safe, however, experts doubted its feasibility: the hair does not have high conductivity, so the current does not reach the hair follicle, that is, it does not completely destroy it. Then scientists invented special electrically conductive gels - they help electricity get to the papillae of the hair.

Needle electric hair removal is divided into several types additionally:

  1. Thermolysis - alternating exposure to high-frequency current, which is supplied to the hair root with a medical needle. It is considered the most effective hair removal procedure because it completely destroys the follicle (it is simply removed by heat). Thermolysis is a rather painful procedure, but nevertheless, it is not always possible to remove hair the first time. The exception is the curved form of the follicle, which can be destroyed for the second or third time and is usually obtained due to injury to the hair papilla - waxing, sugar, or a regular epilator.
  2. Electrolysis - almost painless method, which is based on the supply of direct current to the follicle through the surface of the skin. The needle is not inserted under the skin, which means it does not violate its integrity. A direct current on the surface of the skin forms sodium ions, the latter in combination with tissue fluid form an alkali under it. Alkali “kills” the hair follicle, the latter is then easily removed along with the “body” of the hair. In time, this method is quite lengthy - it takes several minutes to process each follicle, even if the epilator has several needles.
  3. Blend Method combines the two above procedures. The follicle is heated by high-frequency current and destroyed by alkaline acid due to electrolysis. There are special “Blend” devices, the adjustment of which occurs automatically according to the characteristics of the client’s skin (the type of dermis, sensitivity, pain threshold and so on are taken into account).
  4. Flash - a kind of thermolysis. It differs by applying a current of even greater frequency (no more than 2000 kHz) and a reduced time of its supply, that is, the current is supplied by flashes. A very effective and less painful method of electrolysis, designed to work with thin hairs.
  5. Sequential Blend less pain due to the reduction of the pulse amplitude of the current supply.
  6. Sequential Flash - a kind of classic flash method. The impact on the follicle is carried out by high-frequency sinusoidal alternating current, that is, the processing speed of each papilla and the quality increase - hair of various thicknesses dies.

Features and Benefits

Electrolysis is the most effective method of combating unwanted vegetation on the face and body. He has a mass of pros and cons. To start aboutnote the positive aspects:

  • Suitable for all types and colors of hair and skin and can cope even with light hairs (unlike photo and laser hair removal);
  • You can apply it on any areas on the face and body, including the auricle, chin and nose;
  • Eliminates unwanted vegetation by 100%;
  • The procedure is carried out in the salon or at home;
  • The device for the procedure can be home-made.

Electrolysis has a number of features that can push a woman or man away from it:

  • Pain during the procedure. The device for electrolysis epilation is of the needle type, but does not imply the introduction of a needle under the skin, which means that it does not cause strong pain, unlike thermolysis with the penetration of the needle into the hair follicle by 0.5 mm.
  • The need to undergo a whole course, which cannot be combined with other methods of hair removal and depilation. Electrolysis is done with a course of up to 30 procedures for one zone. During one session, no more than 30% of the hair follicles are processed (legs, bikinis, armpits in one area), since the procedure is painful (especially the needle-shaped form). After complete processing of one zone, it is required to wait from 3 months to six months in order for the "reserve" hairs to begin to grow. About 80% of the hair on the body is in the active growth stage, the other 20% is in “sleep mode”, and in order to awaken them, it is necessary to wait for their manifestation. It is strictly forbidden to remove hair with a razor or wax during the course of electrolysis.
  • High cost of the course;
  • Duration of one procedure. Imagine that each hair is processed, on average, for 2 minutes (treatment and insertion of a needle, exposure to current), and only treatment in the “antennae” area can take from 15 to 40 minutes;
  • Not always effective. Especially after waxing and sugar, when the structure of the follicle is severely disturbed and changes its shape to curved. It is not always possible to insert the needle of an electroepilator into a curved papilla, so it will take time to restore its structure.
  • The high cost of the device. The price of the models differs according to the type and characteristics, for example, the Cosmorem electroepilator-coagulator can be purchased for 12-13 thousand rubles, the cost of analogues for home and professional use can reach up to 50-60 thousand rubles.

In addition, we note that electrolysis is different from each other, and the most effective method is the needle, which is also the most painful. The tweezers remove unwanted hair is less effective and does not give 100% result.

  • The procedure has contraindications. For example, pregnancy, the period of breastfeeding, diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous system, violation of the integrity of the skin and its disease (fungus, infections, neoplasms - warts, papillomas, moles), varicose veins, oncology;
  • It has side effects. Painful sensations after the procedure can persist, pimples can form, including purulent ones, redness and an increase in skin density (swelling), micro-scars, burns, enlarged pores, and pigmentation.

How to choose?

Electroepilators are suitable for home use, which remove hair temporarily due to trauma to the follicle, and not due to its complete destruction. It is worth talking about tweezers and disk models.

Tweezer epilators have a head with many tweezers that grab and pull out hairs with a bulb. The discs have several pairs of plates that come together and grab the hairs, remove them and diverge again in order to capture a new batch of hair.

The needle electroepilator is also suitable for home use in the event that a woman takes responsibility for her own health, safety, and has previously learned how to use the device. It is important to know what current supply power to put and at what depth the needle should be inserted, how long to supply current - this information is usually specified in detail in the instrument manual and is taught in cosmetology courses. An electric epilator for a bikini, legs or face area is rarely used at home, but there are a lot of positive reviews on the device and how to work with it on the Web. "Experienced" users (without special education) say that they manage to master the procedure from 5-6 attempts, when you find the optimal penetration depth of the needle, set the required power and exposure time.

How to use?

Each electroepilator is completed with detailed instructions for use, in addition, official representatives of a brand have the opportunity to take courses on the responsible hair removal procedure. Do not forget that needle electrolysis is a medical procedure, and requires the master (even home) qualifications, knowledge and skills to work with the device. Independent use of an epilator at home is quite possible. An example instruction looks like this:

  • Connect the device to the network, put the needle in the holder;
  • Treat the skin with an antiseptic;
  • Insert the needle into the pore from which the hair grows by 0.5 mm (the follicle is located at about this depth);
  • Guide the needle in the direction of hair growth to get as close as possible to its papilla;
  • Make sure that the needle is in the pore and press your bare foot on the plate - apply electric current;
  • To stop the current supply, remove the foot from the plate;
  • Remove hair with tweezers. If his "body" is easily pulled out of the pore, then the hair removal was successful;
  • Step 3-5 mm from the treated pore and repeat the procedure.

Classic models of an electric epilator have a special plate for supplying current - you will have to press it every time to process one follicle. There are advanced models with automatic current supply, the frequency of which is usually set in advance, and each time it is not necessary to give on the "pedal".

It is worth noting the important points:

  • The needles for the procedure are disposable; you cannot use the same needle for different people;
  • There should not be sharp, severe and intolerant pain, if even local analgesics can not cope with the sensitivity of the dermis (provided the pain threshold is too low), it is necessary to reduce the power of the device;
  • If skin fluid forms on the needle, it must immediately be removed with a cotton pad or finger, otherwise it will not be able to penetrate the pore;
  • The thinner the diameter of the needle, the more difficult it is to get into the follicle;
  • Epilation of the intimate zone is considered the most difficult due to the high sensitivity of the skin. To make the procedure less painful, experts recommend the use of analgesics ointments.

How to use a specific model of the device is described in the instructions for it. To become a real expert in removing unwanted hair, you need to take a special course - it will become the key to the proper conduct of the procedure and safety.

The subsequent care after the procedure is no less important, namely:

  • Treatment of the area with an antiseptic - an alcohol solution or chlorhexidine immediately after the procedure and repeated as necessary with a decoction of calendula and trichopolum;
  • The ban on the adoption of water procedures during the day (do not wet the epilated area);
  • The ban on the use of deodorant and any cosmetic products;
  • On a tan - 2 weeks;
  • To visit the baths and saunas - 7-10 days;
  • The crusts formed after the procedure cannot be peeled off, use a softening skin lotion and regularly wipe the area with it.

An electronic epilator allows you to get rid of unwanted vegetation forever, unlike a female electric shaver or a conventional epilator even at home. It is correct and important to use disposable needles - each individual person has his own needle (or kit if necessary).


"Bumblebee 1000"

The classic complete set of electroepilator is suitable for flash hair removal. Its work comes down to turning on and starting direct work, it is easy to manage, has a compact size and light weight. "Bumblebee 1000" is produced in Russia, and its average price is 34-38 thousand rubles.

The Bumblebee 1000 line of models includes a separate coagulator (a device for removing small skin lesions such as the vascular network, warts) and an epilator-coagulator.


It works by the type of thermolysis (the needle is inserted into the follicle) and is used both in home care and professional. The advantage of the device can be called affordable cost (about 9-10 thousand rubles).

"Biomak EP 300"

The needle-type flash epilator and coagulator are suitable for removing unwanted hair on the face and body, and fighting against skin formations such as papillomas, warts and vascular networks. The full complex is available at an affordable price - the average is 16-18 thousand rubles.

"Biomak 400"

The epilator-coagulator has a higher power, unlike the previous analogue, and works like a flash.


  1. "Bumblebee 1000" - the best Russian device for professional and home use due to the simplicity of management and the most efficient flash operation.
  2. Spanish brand Ross ideal for professional work.
  3. Galatea - Another domestic device for professionals.

You can make an expensive device with your own hands, which will require a metal spoon, a battery, wires, a needle holder and a set of thin nooks. But nevertheless, if there are no engineering and technical skills, then it is better to purchase a ready-made factory electric epilator, so as not to risk your health.


Reviews are few and mostly positive. Users say that it is possible to carry out the procedure qualitatively on their feet - it is simple and not painful to insert the needle, unlike the bikini zone, where it is more difficult to get to. Home treatments are effective, but treating the armpits, bikinis, and face becomes possible after the arm is full.

The procedure for removing hair with the Bumblebee-1000 epilator is described in the next video.

Watch the video: Silkor Electroepilation Treatment (February 2020).


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