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Abdominal Hair Removal

Maintaining beauty is an important activity in the life of every woman. Girls remove unwanted vegetation from their body, making the skin seductively smooth and velvety. Epilation of the abdomen today has become an integral procedure that can be performed in various ways.

What it is?

Speaking about the release of the abdomen from the hair, experts mean a white line, that is, a thin strip from the navel to the pubic bone. The vegetation in this part has a darker color, and the hairs are longer. Eastern women are more prone to this phenomenon than ladies with a Slavic appearance.

Features and benefits of the procedure

There are two ways to remove hairs from the abdomen:

  • epilation;
  • depilation.

In the process of depilation hair is removed only at the cutaneous part, leaving the bulb whole, and sometimes making it even stronger. As a result, new coarse hair causes a constant female question about how to remove irritation after shaving. It is worth saying that in addition to shaving, you can also use depilation creams, but the result remains the same.

Epilation it is another procedure that can remove hair with the root, weakening it in the future. The vegetation after a couple of procedures at the same time becomes much softer and thinner, and sometimes less often. This is the main advantage of removing vegetation with the root. However, here lies the main feature of the procedure - some soreness.


Among the whole variety of hair removal procedures, it is difficult to single out the ideal, because for everyone it will be its own. Budgetary methods at home and innovations in salons allow you to choose a purely personal best option.


Bioepilation is a method of hair removal using wax and its natural properties, namely stickiness and excellent adhesion. During the procedure, the applied wax adheres to the vegetation on the stomach, which allows you to completely remove it with a few movements.

Types of bio-epilation:

  • hot;
  • warm
  • cold.

Hot wax is the most painless and gentle method, because the pores at the same time open and the hairs leave the skin surface more easily. Warm and cold hair removal using strips can also be used for the abdomen. At the same time, paper or fabric strips are cut thinly to capture only the desired area.


An innovative procedure is photoepilation based on high-pulse light.

The hair bulb dies while not receiving proper nutrition. A great advantage here is the ability to remove hairs for a period of more than 3 years when completing a full course of 3-4 procedures. The time spent can be considered minimal.

Photoepilation is distinguished by its inability to remove light hairs from the skin, however, in the case of dark vegetation on the white line, the procedure can be considered almost ideal. It is carried out by experienced craftsmen using professional equipment, and therefore the cost of such a service cannot be cheap.


Another type of hair removal available exclusively in salon conditions is laser hair removal with an alexandrite and neodymium laser. According to experts, for a complete course 4–7 procedures are enough, depending on the nature of the vegetation. After this, hairs can be forgotten for 1-2 years.


However, if salon procedures are unavailable for any reason, you can resort to shugaring available to everyone. It is a process of hair removal using sugar paste. This mixture can be bought or made with your own hands. Pasta industrial production is divided into soft, medium and hard. Soft is used only in tandem with stripes. Hard is convenient to apply with hands in manual technique, which is especially convenient for small areas of vegetation.

Shugaring does not allow you to get rid of hairs for a long time, but with regular procedures it allows the vegetation to thin and the skin to velvety.


High-frequency alternating current is the essence of electrolysis. A needle electrode is inserted into the hair follicle, destroying it. Unfortunately, this method has a long rehabilitation period for the skin, equal to 7 days. At this time, the skin is covered with a crust.

However, a tweezers electrode is used for the white line, because the removal zone is small. A long procedure will pay off its costs in time, because it will become a practically painless and thorough way.

Is it possible to permanently remove hair?

Numerous hair removal methods promise a long-lasting and permanent effect. Is this really so - a rather controversial issue. Unfortunately for all women and girls, today there is no method that provides permanent hair removal.

When looking for a more lasting result, you should pay attention to photoepilation, laser and electrolysis. You can forget about vegetation after a full course for a period of one to four years. After this, the hair will begin to grow in the usual mode, and therefore each method requires repetition.

How to prepare the skin?

In order to effectively epilate the vegetation, it is important to prepare well and correctly for the procedure, because as most girls note, sooner or later, with improper care, the problem of ingrown hair suffers.

So, before any of the procedures, the skin must be treated with a scrub on the stomach. Scrubbing is carried out a day before epilation. Removing dead cells will allow the epidermis to be cleaned at the roots, gaining access to them. Another important aspect is the length of the hair. So, in 5-7 days, the best solution would be to shave the white line.

At home, pre-steaming the skin is suitable for the effect of pain relief. With enlarged pores, the shattered root leaves the hole easier. However, hot wax and soft shugaring paste do not require this action, because the mass of the proper temperature in itself perfectly opens the cells.

Do not forget that the abdomen is sensitive, and therefore leaving the vegetation from it can cause some soreness. To prevent it will help the internal attitude to the process and a pleasant anticipation of a wonderful result. In addition, you can use a compress of lidocaine, as well as painkillers that can dull the pain.


Women who suffer from excessive vegetation in the white line zone unanimously argue that hairs are better to epilate than to shave. Any procedure over time thins the hairs, giving the tummy an aesthetic appearance.

Some ladies trust the abdominal area with shugaring and wax, using them for a single year. It is worth saying that there are controversial opinions on this matter. So, some girls claim a short-term effect and ingrown hairs, while others speak of an extraordinary velvety skin. The truth here lies in the correctness of the care of the epidermis before and after hair removal, because preparation for the hair removal procedure is a key success factor.

Frustrated with waxing ladies are looking for the perfect method in laser therapy. The results, however, in this case are not always joyful. For example, having forgotten about the precautions, for several days after the laser procedures, women rush to the beach to show smooth skin. Such recklessness in subsequent procedures manifests itself in the form of burns that do not fall for months, and therefore, girls taught by experience advise to be as careful as possible when undergoing such procedures.

Users say about electrolysis with a needle-electrode. According to many, the master of his craft and powerful equipment will make the procedure, although long, but very painless, without redness and crusts from dried blood. Women who find their master, do not spare money on the procedure, because as a result they get smooth skin for a period of more than a year.

People, tired of salon procedures, get for themselves a home photoepilator. At the same time, unanimous opinions speak of him as a universal method of vegetation removal in any zones, including the white line. Dark hair leaves its holes easily and permanently.

Women give preference to other methods. So, ladies with a Slavic appearance with inconspicuous light vegetation remove individual hairs using ordinary tweezers or a mechanical epilator. A few minutes of point pain give well-groomed skin for a week or more. A significant plus here is the affordable cost.

The opinions of the fair sex presented indicate that each person has an ideal means for hair removal. You can choose it only by trial and error, as well as a sober assessment of your pain threshold and focus on results.

How abdominal hair removal is performed, see the next video.

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