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An innovative novelty developed by leading cosmetologists of the world is Epilage. It allows you to quickly and comfortably remove unwanted hairs from the entire body. The versatility of the product allows you to use it both in the salon and at home. Smooth legs are a reality, if you approach the issue of hair removal from a professional point of view.

What it is?

The constant struggle with unwanted hairs prompts the fair sex to desperate acts. What you just do not have to use, starting from ordinary machines and ending with highly qualified procedures in a beauty salon! The fastest, highest quality and most effective way to eliminate unwanted hair is hair removal. It can be carried out both in the beauty salon, and at home.

A popular novelty of the current season is Epilage Original. Now, every woman can effortlessly quickly eliminate unwanted hairs throughout her body, making her skin smooth and pleasant to the touch. Preparation of a wonderful mixture takes a matter of minutes, and the effect of its use persists for several weeks.

If there are doubts about the quality of the procedure, and the words “depilation” and “hair removal” seem to be one procedure, experienced specialists are ready to provide complete information and answer all your questions.

Depilation is a modern way to remove unwanted hair from the entire body. It is based on the use of creams and conventional shaving machines. When using them, only the visible cutaneous part of the hair is removed.

Epilation - the procedure is somewhat different, it is based on the removal of hairs with the root using electric current or laser exposure in the cabin and using wax, sugar or an epilator at home. Epilation allows you to get rid of hair for a long time, depending on the method - from 2 weeks to 5 years.

The safest and most painless way to improve your legs is hair removal using a new generation of specialized paste Epilage. The manufacturer produces an innovative product in the form of powder and granules. To obtain a working consistency, the product is diluted in a small amount of water.

Natural and completely hypoallergenic composition allows the use of paste for sensitive skin. A distinctive feature of the new product is the ability to remove hairs and deep care for the dermis. Double exposure ensures that the skin is in good shape and prevents premature aging.

How does shugaring agent work?

Epilage "Fast & Clean" also helps to get rid of excess vegetation on the body. The product is based on a unique natural formula that allows you to quickly eliminate unwanted hairs and stop the growth of new ones. Easy and safe exposure eliminates the likelihood of allergic reactions and inflammatory processes. The use of the product does not lead to pain.

Every girl is capable of arranging a beauty salon at home. Epilage has four main steps:

  • complete cleansing;
  • hair removal;
  • skin hydration;
  • full healing.

See a video review of using Épilage hair removal tool below.

Most modern drugs to eliminate hair cover guarantee high efficiency for a period of one week. Epilage provides smoothness of the skin for 2-3 weeks, with non-intensive hair growth, the effect lasts about a month. This is an ideal solution in a period of warmth, when there is no desire to do everyday chores, and only relaxing on the beach causes pleasant emotions.

Thanks to Epilage, hair removal is possible not only on the legs, but also on other parts of the body, including:

  • face;
  • bikini area;
  • armpit area;
  • arms.

To cope with hairs on any part of the body without pain and irritation is a reality!

Main advantages

The product has a lot of advantages that stand out from other means for hair removal.

  • lack of discomfort during and after the procedure;
  • 100% hair removal;
  • prevention of ingrown hair;
  • lack of injury, including scratches and cuts;
  • slow growth of new hairs;
  • lack of contraindications for use;
  • the possibility of applying to various parts of the body.

Every girl is capable of becoming the owner of perfectly smooth skin, for this it is enough to try out the novelty for Epilage hair removal. You can use the tool at any time of the day and even immediately before leaving the house. Redness and the appearance of swelling are completely eliminated. Finally, the product is perfect for both women and men.

Compact packaging and an easy way to use, allow you to take the product on vacation or on a trip. Now you can maintain smooth skin, regardless of the circumstances.

Where can one buy?

To get a high-quality procedure and at the same time save finances is not a myth, but a reality. Pay attention to the modern tool Epilage "Original". Its price is at an affordable level, which allows you to purchase a remedy for every representative of the fair sex.

They sell the product for hair removal in specialized online stores. But it’s better to purchase it exclusively from an official developer, this action helps prevent the fact of getting a fake. The product is not for sale in an ordinary store or pharmacy.

Ordering is carried out on the site in the form of feedback. To confirm the status of the application, you should wait for the manager’s call, payment is made immediately after receiving the goods at home.


An innovative drug consists exclusively of natural ingredients. Each element is responsible for the performance of certain functions, together they provide the maximum removal of vegetation and high-quality skin care.

The main components of the tool are:

  • menthol;
  • anthracite coal;
  • turmeric;
  • peppermint oil;
  • sandalwood oil.

Menthol responsible for the process of skin rejuvenation. Menthol restores aging skin, eliminates fatigue and reduces the intensity of swelling. Cleansing occurs due to a decrease in the activity of the sebaceous glands. The component provides stimulation of blood circulation and helps to narrow the pores. The main function of menthol is the elimination of toxins and the elimination of inflammation. Due to the cooling effect, pain, redness and itching are prevented after the procedure. After the procedure, the skin is wrapped in a light cool.

Anthracite coal responsible for the removal of hazardous substances from the skin. Its action is similar to the effect of a sponge, it absorbs toxins and promotes high-quality cleansing of pores. Due to its unique properties, anthracite coal creates a protective barrier to the skin and enhances immunity. The component prevents the penetration of external irritants onto the skin, which minimizes the likelihood of an inflammatory process. Coal increases the tone of the skin and prevents the appearance of small rashes. In the presence of such foci, it actively fights with them and gives the skin smoothness. The complex effect on the dermis promotes high-quality cleansing and penetration into the deeper layers. Coal cleanses pores and eliminates sebaceous deposits, due to which the skin becomes radiant and healthy.

Turmeric has an antibacterial effect. It promotes the healing of burns and cuts. In the presence of infection and bacteria, it actively fights them. The main advantage of turmeric is its anti-aging effect. The component helps to slow hair growth and stimulates the formation of new cells. The effect is achieved due to the high content of antioxidants. Turmeric actively fights pigment spots, relieves itching and peeling. This is an ideal component to combat oily skin. The presence of turmeric in the composition of the hair removal tool allows you to mask stretch marks, eliminate rashes and smooth out acne scars. An additional property is the softening of rough skin.

Peppermint oil provides deep cleansing and narrowing of pores. Ideal for interacting with oily skin. In the presence of acne or rashes, it provides drying and quick elimination. A secondary property of peppermint oil is the elimination of irritation. Mint has a beneficial effect on the skin, smoothing its shade and reducing rosacea. A tonic and refreshing effect gives the skin a pleasant and healthy color. The component is responsible for maintaining water balance, increases the protective barrier and eliminates sunburn. Essential oil stimulates blood microcirculation and has a beneficial effect on the vascular system.

Key features sandalwood Oils are antiseptic and antifungal. The presence of the component in the base of the cream for hair removal allows you to use it for problematic and oily skin. Sandalwood oil is a powerful antiseptic that provides quick recovery in the fight against an allergic skin reaction. The component normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands and reduces the fat content of the skin.

The oil improves the appearance of the skin, eliminating fatigue and sagging. Sandalwood is used to tighten the contours of the legs and relieve fatigue. A pleasant property of the component is to increase the elasticity of the skin. The healing effect is achieved through deep hydration. The tonic effect restores youthfulness and silkiness to the skin.

Together, all components provide quick elimination of vegetation, moisturizing, cleansing and toning the skin. There are very few products with a true natural composition on the market, so the Epilage product is a real breakthrough in the field of modern cosmetology.


Many girls are confused by the fact of the presence of various shades of pasta. According to the advertisement, the original is presented in black, in fact it is not. The original paste has a green, purple or lilac hue. Moreover, it is sold exclusively in granules. Black powder is considered fake.

Which is better?

Based on the information presented above, one conclusion suggests itself: high-quality and best product is available exclusively in the form of granules of green, purple or lilac color. The product packaging contains complete information about its composition.

Girls wondering which is better - black or green paste, should understand that the dark shade is a fake. It is based on nothing but gelatin and coal. This combination in most cases causes side effects and allergic reactions.

In order to avoid severe skin lesions, it is advisable to place an order on the official website.

How to use at home?

The product is intended for use at home, this procedure is not complicated. Each woman will be able to cope with the task. As the instructions for use say, before starting the procedure it is recommended to take a bath or shower. The skin should be maximally steamed, this action will achieve the maximum effect.

The procedure is similar to standard shugaring. It is necessary to remove hairs step by step, strictly following the instructions on the package. The paste is applied to the skin in a hot form (it must be tolerant). Otherwise, there is a possibility of burns. The tool is distributed with a spatula for hair growth.

The paste layer should not be thick. After application, you must wait about 15 minutes and with a sharp movement remove the film against hair growth. After removing the vegetation, the skin must be treated with a moisturizer.

How to cook?

To achieve maximum effect, the paste must be properly prepared. To this end, the contents of the package are poured into a ceramic or glass container. Granules must be heated in a water bath until they take on a viscous consistency. Then the product cools and is applied to the skin.

If there is no desire and time to engage in a water bath, use the microwave. The average exposure time to the granules is 30-60 seconds.


Leading dermatologists and cosmetologists speak positively about the new drug. This is due to the versatility and safety of the product. It is convenient and easy to use, and most importantly, guarantees a lasting effect. According to experts, the positive effect of the drug is due to its natural composition. Many people use an innovative product from the moment it goes on sale.

Real user reviews are positive, but this applies only to the original product in granules. The tool in the form of a powder causes a lot of indignation. According to experts, black powder does not help in removing vegetation on the skin. This is due to the composition, which is based on gelatin and activated carbon. This combination is completely useless.

Some experts say that the original product is not able to solve the problem of vegetation on the body. This is due to an inappropriate combination of oils and turmeric. According to experts, standard sugar powder is more effective. It is much more effective, and the cost of the product is several times lower.

Main customer complaints:

  • small volume of product at a high cost. The weight of the original bag is 80 grams, and fakes - 40 grams;
  • poor composition, which does not match what is stated on the official website (most likely, this is a fake);
  • lack of effectiveness;
  • instructions for the product are not attached;
  • the appearance of adverse reactions, including burns.

According to the submitted reviews, the opinions of buyers and experts differ. This is due to a considerable number of fakes sold on the Internet. Most potential customers consider the paste to be ineffective and claim that it is a real divorce.

Self-testing will help evaluate the real work of the tool. The main thing is to make a purchase on the official website and follow the stated instructions. Based on personal testing, each member of the fair sex will be able to evaluate the result first-hand.

The legs of a woman is her calling card. Correctly remove hairs, monitor the quality of the products used, study reviews and do not forget about timely care!

Watch the video: ПОЛНЫЙ ПРОВАЛ EPILAGE!!! Это просто жесть. . средство для депиляции. #НАШУМЕЛО (February 2020).


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