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How to clean white gold with diamonds at home?

Gold, especially white, does not tolerate self-neglect. Even a light coating gives the noble metal a cheap look, so it needs special care.

White gold has a small, but significant difference from ordinary: in the composition are special impurities (for shade). This is not silver, but platinum, palladium or nickel, while the coating is made of rhodium.

Such features do not impede the care of gold, and yet do not forget that the coating requires careful handling.

When white gold has a yellow tint, you should go to a specialist to apply an auxiliary layer of rhodium, this will help to cope with such a problem.

Other pollution can be removed at home. Let us consider in more detail ways to clean gold with home remedies.

Effective Recipes

One recipe for cleaning:

  1. The product must be boiled for 10 minutes. in soapy water. You can use soap, powder or other cleaning agent. Please note that white gold does not tolerate chlorine, it should not be in the composition of the product.
  2. Boiling in water and soda. 1 tbsp. spoon of soda per 100 gr. water. Such a mixture releases foam, so the solution may escape from your pan - be careful.
  3. After boiling, wipe the product with a flannel cloth.

Toothpaste at home

It is necessary to take a paste for sensitive teeth (it will definitely not break the coating), apply to a soft brush and rub the surface of the product. After the cleaning procedure, rinse the jewelry with warm water.

Cleaning jewelry made of precious metals is not such an overwhelming task. Despite this, it is necessary to take into account the physical characteristics of metals and observe strict precautions during various procedures.

Do not use powders, gels, or abrasive cloths when cleaning. These tools can severely damage the material, and the appearance of the products will be hopelessly damaged. It is worth using brushes only with soft bristles.

Products containing chlorine and other harsh substances are not used for such jewelry. It is best to use soft components to gently remove plaque and dirt.

Can be used ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. One ampoule of ammonia is mixed with 50 ml. hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to keep gold in such a solution for at least 7-8 minutes, you can even leave it for a day. Special cleaning solution can be purchased at the store.

If you do not want to spend a lot of time searching for them, there are several simple methods for cleaning with improvised means:

  1. Sugar solution. Stir 2-3 teaspoons of sugar in warm water, put gold in the solution for 12 hours. This method is suitable for prevention, and not for serious pollution, it will return the jewelry to its former luster.
  2. Nail polish remover. There are not many aggressive components in it to harm, and at the same time it is in almost every home. You need to wipe the decoration with the composition. Better to use options without ammonia. The method is suitable for removing grease and dirt.
  3. Hyposulfite solution. Leave the decoration in solution for 20 minutes. This tool is sold in any store specializing in photography. This method works well with iodine stains.

Tips & Tricks

Before cleaning, check for damage. This is an important procedure, in the presence of chips and scratches, it is better to attribute the decoration to the master, so as not to cause even more damage by self-cleaning.

There is a risk of dropping miniature jewelry into the sewer when flushing the solution with tap water. Close the drain with a stopper or refuse a similar method of washing. Take off your white gold jewelry while swimming in the pool. In this case, we are not talking about the possibility of loss. The pool water contains chlorine, harmful to enamel from rhodium.

If the decoration is with stones, then you should refrain from cleaning with any alcohol, even ammonia. But this rule does not apply to products with diamonds.

When brushing with toothpaste, it may seem like the best solution to use a new brush, but the old one will be much more useful; a soft bristle will not damage the coating.

After cleaning, be sure to wipe the product, never leave it wetotherwise, such neglect will adversely affect the state of the metal, which will be visible even to the naked eye.

Jewelry should also be stored correctly. Cardboard boxes are not suitable for white gold due to the presence of sulfur in the composition.

Proper and safe jewelry care

Jewelry requires attention. There are stones that cannot tolerate high humidity, such as amber, turquoise and opal. Therefore, when cleaning jewelry yourself, you need to find out the characteristics of the precious stones in your jewelry; immediately, the home cleaning method should not be used.

Plaque and various dirt not only penetrate into the metal, but also clog in the cracks between the stones, making it difficult to remove them. The best tool in this case is a cotton tupfer.

It is almost impossible for them to damage the frame, which cannot be said about hard and sharp tools. Do not just clean the decoration inlaid with stones in running water - stones can fall from the frame into the drain.


When cleaning stone do not use paste or powder. This may damage the surface. Easily removes difficult cases of gasoline contamination.

When the hardness of the stone is less than 5, it is advisable to use exclusively soap as a cleaning agent. Low hardness stones are: turquoise, moonstone, malachite, opal and apatite.

When cleaning jewelry with pearls, it is important to note that this stone is of organic nature, it is extremely fragile and, of course, should not be exposed to an active chemical environment.

Folk jewelry cleaning methods

There are many folk remedies for cleaning jewelry. For example, titanium dioxide, which is present in cosmetic lipstick, helps to restore gold jewelry and give them an initial shine. Just apply lipstick and thoroughly smear the precious metal. Then rinse the product and remove any remaining lipstick.

The next method is peeling, just wipe the onion with the chopped onion. Table vinegar is also suitable for this use. Both can perfectly eliminate the blackening of platinum. In addition, their use is not dangerous and does not damage the metal.

Another interesting cleaning method is the use of lime. Pour water into a porcelain cup and dilute finely grated lime there. The mixture should be liquid. Then add salt, soda and some more water. Next, the mixture should be mixed and left for several days. After the set time has elapsed, you can start cleaning. Place white gold in a porcelain cup filled with the resulting solution, leave for two hours. After the procedure, rinse the ring with wine alcohol and set to dry.

These are the jewelry cleaning methods that we know. Following the recommendations and instructions described, you can restore and permanently preserve the original beauty of white gold.

You will learn more about how to clean gold with stones at home from the next video.

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