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How to wash a burnt enamel pan?

Enameled dishes look beautiful in the kitchen thanks to the bright and effective design. However, there are times when your favorite pan burns. Do not be upset, because she can be restored to its original appearance using simple cleaning methods.

Coating features

Enameled dishes are made of metal or (in rare cases) of cast iron. On top of it is covered with special enamel, which can be applied in one or more layers. The enameling process protects the metal from oxidation, and also prevents the release of chemicals that are harmful to health.

But enamel also has weaknesses, since it is characterized by fragility. When the temperature regimes change, cracks form on the coating. With a strong blow, a chip may appear.

It is necessary to carefully handle the enameled pan, and do not use metal brushes or strong abrasive products to clean it.

Many housewives prefer enameled pots due to their hygienic properties. They are characterized by excellent quality and practicality, as they are washed quickly enough. This pan is ideal for cooking, because the food cooked in it is always very tasty, and also retains taste for a long time. If we talk about the shortcomings of an enameled pan, it is worth noting that the food in it burns very often. It is necessary to have chemical means on hand or to know how to wash burnt dishes using folk methods.

To enamel pan served for a long time, you should adhere to some simple recommendations of experts:

  • Cold dishes should not be placed on a hot stove or pour cold water into a heated dish. Enamel quickly begins to deteriorate during sudden changes in temperature conditions.
  • If the food is burnt to the bottom of the product, you need to remove the leftovers and fill the container with warm water.
  • You can wash the enamel pan with exceptionally soft sponges. This will prevent damage to the coating.
  • You can wash a burnt pan with the help of folk remedies. For example, it can be mustard and soda.

How to clean?

Enameled dishes have a strong layer of enamel both inside and outside. This coating does not interact with alkalis and acids. Food cooked in such a dish does not get a taste of metal. Although enamel is durable, it can be damaged if improperly cleaned, therefore experts strongly forbid the use of hard sponges made of metal or strong detergents. Over time, cracks appear on the enamel, which later turn into scratches, and already the food begins to come into contact with the metal.

Such dishes are hazardous to health, so they can not be used for cooking, but only for the storage of bulk materials.

To wash a burnt pot, you can use special chemicals. They perfectly help to get rid of stubborn fat and soot. But they are not recommended for cleaning the pots inside, as they are very dangerous. All manipulations should be carried out with a protective mask, tight gloves and with an open window or working hood.

The remedy is on sale "Shumanit"which has a pungent smell and caustic composition. It is very strong, so it will get rid of burnout on the dishes from above. To clean the dishes from the inside, you can use "White"but not in its pure form. It should be diluted in water. For 2 liters of water, just one cap of this product will be enough.

Modern housewives often prefer folk remedies. A great solution is use of soda for cleaning a burnt pot with enamel. To wash the outer walls, you need to take a sponge, moisten it with water and lower it into a solution of soda. If you need to remove burnt food from the bottom of the dishes, you can use a soda solution. To prepare it, you need 3 tablespoons of soda per 200 ml of water. In the product, you need to pour the prepared solution, bring to a boil and boil for about half an hour on a small fire. After waiting to cool completely and remove the burnt coating.

You can clean the pan with saltthat is in every house. She needs to carefully fill the bottom of the dishes. It is better to use coarse salt. Leave it on for several hours, then remove all the salt with a sponge. If burnt areas remain at the bottom, then the procedure can be repeated as many times as needed to completely clean the coating.

If the pan burned very much, then ordinary salt will not help. It is worth giving preference to saline solution. To prepare it, you will need 200 g of salt per 1 liter of water. Boil the container for about 45 minutes.

Another loyal assistant when cleaning a burnt enamelled pan is Activated carbon. Grind it well, and then sprinkle on the burnt bottom. Coal should cover the entire bottom of the cookware. After half an hour, you need to add a little water and still wait. Also, many housewives use coffee grounds to quickly remove carbon deposits from the bottom of enameled dishes. It is enough to put a thick coffee on a napkin, and then rub the contaminated places a little.

If you have at hand lemon acid, then you can prepare a solution with it. They need to fill the bottom of the pan, leave for 2-3 hours, and then wash with a dishwashing detergent. Do not forget that even an ordinary onion can work wonders, helping to remove burnt food from the bottom of the dishes. It is enough to pour water into the burnt pot and throw the peel from the two medium onions. Next, put the container on the fire, bring to a boil and boil another 2 minutes. After this, the liquid can be drained, and the dishes washed under water.


Today, there are many effective ways to quickly and efficiently clean an enameled pan both inside and out. As a rule, pollution from the outside is much harder to eliminate than from the inside. To wipe the outer surface of the dishes, you should use the following methods:

  • If rice escaped while cooking, then a cotton pad dipped in vinegar is perfect.
  • To eliminate burnt smudges, for example, from milk, a good solution is a saline solution. The sponge must be moistened in it, then rub the contaminated surface severely.

From a dark plaque, the following procedure will help:

  • Leave the dishes to cool completely after burning.
  • To make a solution: mix 1 tsp of dishwashing detergent, half a glass of soda and one and a half tbsp hydrogen peroxide.
  • This tool copes with soot in just 10 minutes.
  • After cleaning, the surface should be thoroughly washed under running water.

If you need to remove rust, then it is worth using ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. But do not forget that the rust inside the dishes indicates its unsuitability for use in cooking. If a rusty coating appears on the outside, then it must be cleaned periodically. At the same time, the dishes are suitable for cooking.

Experts recommend removing blackness. as quickly as possible. Do not leave dishes with a burnt bottom for a long time. The longer it stands, the more efforts will need to be made to completely eliminate burning. From old carbon deposits will get rid of vinegar. The burnt bottom must be poured with vinegar for 2 hours, and then thoroughly wash the pan with a dishwashing detergent.

The drink is no less effective Coca-Cola. It needs to be poured into a dish, brought to a boil, and then held on a low fire for another 20 minutes. But remember that you need to perform actions carefully, because this drink is very foaming.

Enameled dishes need gentle care and delicate cleaning. If you need to wash the pan from burnt jam, it is strictly forbidden to fill the black bottom with cold water. This action can completely render the product unusable, because the enamel deteriorates during sudden changes in temperature conditions.

Eliminate the remains of burnt jam will help soda. Pour 100 g of soda into the container, add water so that it completely covers the bottom. The pan must be put on fire and boiled until the sugar crust begins to smoothly move away from the surface of the dishes. Instead of soda, salt or citric acid can be used.

The most original solution to eliminate burnt jam is to use apple peel. It is quite effective because it contains an acid that has the same effect as citric acid. It will quickly break down fructose and sugar. Carefully rub the burnt places with an apple peel, wait 15 minutes and rinse under the tap.

If these actions did not return the pan to purity, then the same procedure can be repeated several times.

To remove dark spots from the snow-white surface of an enameled pan, you can use bleach. Dishes should be filled with this product and boiled a little. After cleaning, wash the product very thoroughly with water.

How to remove the darkening and yellowness?

Thanks to the use of folk methods, it is easy to remove darkening, yellowness and scale deposits from an enameled pan with ease at home. Cope with a change in the color of the dishes inside will help stewed sour apples. Malic acid returns enamel whiteness.

If you choose among chemicals for cleaning enameled dishes, then you can use "White" and bleach. First you need to pour a full pan of water, put on fire and bring to a boil. Then add 1 tbsp of Whiteness and half a bleach tablet for every liter of water. After 30 minutes, rinse the product thoroughly with running water.

To eliminate yellowness on the surface of the enamel, you can use plain vinegar. To do this, pour 1 tbsp of baking soda and salt into the dishes, and add vinegar. The solution should cover all contaminants. It should be left for 3 hours. Next, you need to draw water into the pan and bring to a boil. After 20 minutes of boiling, remove the dishes from the heat and leave for 12 hours. Then we again heat the container with the solution and wait for cooling. Now the solution can be drained and the surface wiped with a sponge.

If the pan is dark or burnt, you can use it to clean it. whey. It is enough to cover the burned bottom of the dishes a few centimeters higher with whey, leave for a day, and then drain the whey, and wash the dishes with detergent. The presence of acid in whey gives the pan a snow-white appearance and copes well with burnt food.

If you wash dishes with an enameled surface every day using baking soda, then plaque can be prevented. Eliminating stains and a burn immediately after formation significantly increases the chances that the burnt pan will gain its original, attractive appearance.

Useful Tips

Many housewives use household chemicals to clean and efficiently burn a burnt-out pan with an enamel coating. But you must be careful with potent means. It is recommended that you follow some simple rules:

  • All actions must be performed with rubber gloves. They protect the skin of the hands from contact with acids, preventing the manifestation of redness or even burns.
  • When using loose detergents, you need to be wearing a mask or respirator, as a cloud of dust can occur. To avoid inhalation of harmful substances, you should turn on the hood or open the window.
  • After each detergent, the dishes should be washed thoroughly. This will prevent chemicals from entering the food when using the pan again.

For how to wash a burnt enameled pan without effort, see the next video.

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