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Features of the design of the wedding table

A wedding is an amazing and unique event in the life of any person. Each of us wants this day to be perfect. That is why a stylish decoration of the wedding evening with its dining area is so necessary. Creating a wedding table design is an exciting journey filled with inspiration and a number of features.


For centuries, people around the world create beautiful wedding traditions and pass them on from generation to generation. The passage of time and cultural exchange have given brides and grooms of the 21st century a unique opportunity to make this beautiful day truly special. Today it is possible to choose "your" wedding style, modern and close to the heroes of the occasion in spirit. The chosen direction determines the features of the organization of the event and the design of the wedding buffet.

Nowadays, there are several main types of wedding ceremonies:

  • traditional or classic;
  • industrial;
  • festival or "gala";
  • "in the cherished place" (from the English. Destination);
  • thematic.

Traditional weddings held in elegant hotels, sophisticated conference rooms, ballrooms and restaurants. They are distinguished by a formal ceremony, wedding, a magnificent white dress of the bride, an expensive rented car, classic decor, an impressive number of guests and a carefully thought-out menu.

Conditionally called "simple" in fact are very fashionable and stylish wedding parties in a relaxed Boho style, which always take place outdoors in forests and squares, on tops of mountains and hills, and also on the ocean. Vintage dresses, home-made decor elements, a laid-back atmosphere, light music and the absence of rules make such weddings the exact opposite of the classics.

The spirit of freedom and looseness is the reason for the incredible popularity of the wedding style. Rustic

Industrial weddings characterized by an unusual design solution. They use a special buffet style, metal and geometry in the decor. Such weddings are usually held in warehouses, in lofts and in old authentic halls.

Gala style weddings reminiscent of popular youth festivals. The idea is to rent, for example, a field, a hangar or an abandoned factory.

Such weddings can not do without charismatic leading and popular DJs. All guests put on the badges of the festival participants.

Weddings Destination or in the "cherished place" imply that young people hold a ceremony away from home, in the place of their dreams. It can be a white sand beach near the Caribbean or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Sometimes people are ready to fly to the other end of the world to make their holiday unforgettable.

And finally Themed weddings. The couple selects a topic they like and implements it. The inspiration can be a romantic movie or book, a beautiful event like an Oscar, or the idea of ​​a starry red carpet. There are no restrictions. It all depends on the imagination and tastes of lovers.

Obviously, depending on the type of ceremony chosen, its organization has a number of distinctive features. The celebration can be a sumptuous buffet or be modest and quiet. It can radiate both rebellion and immense freedom, and an unsurpassed conservative taste.

But despite the scale of the holiday and its stylistic touches, It’s always customary to invite loved ones to a wedding. So guests can share the joy of the two and become part of their event. Newlyweds, in gratitude for their participation, welcome guests with an elaborate wedding buffet.

It is this element in the organization of the holiday is incredibly important and exciting. He will be remembered with a smile by the newlyweds every subsequent anniversary. Therefore, the design of the wedding evening table should be approached creatively, paying special attention to it.

Basic serving rules

Regardless of the chosen direction and design approach, there are a number of tricks for serving a wedding table that are applicable to any ceremony. Whether it’s a wedding in an elite establishment or in the fresh air, magnificent or chamber, these receptions are universal. There are two main secrets. Firstly, elegance and sophistication in every detail. Secondly, in order to create a romantic and unforgettable atmosphere of a meal, bewitching aesthetics must be intertwined with convenience and comfort.

Guests should not sit too close together. It is necessary to maintain a distance and provide each invitee with personal space. The recommended distance between the central parts of the guest plates is a minimum of 70 cm.

As for the main characters of the evening, it is traditionally customary to leave more space between them.

The table can be of any shape, the most suitable in style, but it is best that it has a sufficient width. Food and drinks are placed closer to the center. On the table, it is also necessary to place paper napkins in special stands and serving fabric napkins, which are an elegant decoration.

Regardless of the wedding venue, inside or outside the room, only glassware is permissible when serving. All types of glasses should be carefully thought out and selected in accordance with the wine list of the evening. Be sure to prepare a glass for soft drinks. It can be water or lemonade, for example. All glasses are placed on the right side of the seated one.

Do not lay out excess appliances for which dishes are not provided. Also, do not put dishes between devices.

Forks are usually placed to the left of the plate in the direction of the teeth up. The knives are placed on the right, turning the blade in relation to the plate.

There is a certain etiquette in the ordering of devices. Outside - the appliances that are the first to use in the meal, and closer to the plate are those that the guest will use as they serve subsequent meals. Dessert appliances are usually placed over a plate. The coffee cup is placed on the saucer, which is located on the right.

How to seat guests?

There are various options for seating guests. All of them have a number of features. Based on the wedding concept, they will have their advantages and disadvantages. The most common seating arrangements are listed below:

  • European seating;
  • large round table;
  • common long table;
  • separate rectangular tables;
  • Seating with letters "P", "T" and "W".

Seating in European style provides seating for people at different tables, designed for no more than 9 people. Usually this technique is used with the number of invited from 18 people. Guest tables are arranged around the table of the bride and groom. This option has certain advantages.

It makes it possible to form several different companies from those invited to the wedding. Guests can take seats based on personal interests, their age, status, proximity to the heroes of the occasion. It also facilitates the movement between tables for both guests and staff. One of the distinguishing features of this landing method is guest table percentage: only three-quarters or 75 percent. Thus, everyone is seated facing the young.

A large round table is designed to maintain the coziness and warm atmosphere of the evening. Such a table symbolizes benevolence, equality, unity.

It is best suited for a quiet family wedding dinner, when guests are the closest people. A round table is appropriate for up to 20 people. One of the advantages of this method is profitability. With this landing option, one basic decor element in the center of the table is enough.

Invitees sit opposite each other. At such a table, a friendly atmosphere of unity and comprehensive love reigns.

Letters planting guests is a traditional seating arrangement for Russian weddings. This seating arrangement allows you to save space and accommodate as many people as possible in the hall. Therefore, it is well suited for limited rooms with the number of invited from 16 people.

The next option is a few angled rectangular tables that stand symmetrically relative to each other. A plus is a good review by guests of the main culprits of the holiday. When seating, the degree of proximity of those invited to the bride or groom is taken into account. The dance floor is located in the central part of the hall.

A combination of seating simultaneously at the rectangular and round tables is also possible. This approach is stylistically very interesting.

The common long table is a fashionable reception perfect for cozy chamber weddings. This option is best suited for an open-air celebration of 10 to 40 people. In the central part of a long table, a couple of newlyweds sit down. To the left of the husband are his parents and friends, respectively, to the right of the newly made wife - her. Near their table, they put a few elongated tables with invitees. Such tables are placed perpendicular to the main.

"Letters" are formed depending on more or fewer guests. The letter "T" forms one table, the letter "P", respectively, two tables, the letter "Sh" - three. However, it should be noted that this traditional way of seating guests has significant disadvantages:

  1. the likelihood that guests will sit with their backs to the bride and groom;
  2. the movement in the hall may not be too comfortable.

Food decoration

The most important element of a wedding buffet and table decoration are skillfully decorated dishes. First of all, you need to think through a good wedding menu. Cold starters are served first, then hot ones. A properly composed menu involves at least two types of hot dishes: poultry or fish and meat. If the celebration is held in a restaurant and dishes are served in portions, then their preferences are initially discussed with guests. The same goes for salads.

In modern society, more and more people refuse meat, the number of vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists is growing. When compiling the evening menu, you need to make sure that the followers of these cultures will be offered the right food. A complete failure may result in neglect of this rule.

Traditionally, drinks from the wedding table include sparkling and champagne wines. Strong drinks are selected depending on the cultural and ethnic affiliation of the newlyweds and guests. In Russia, weddings are not complete without vodka. However, it should be noted thato people who eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle can even spend their wedding without alcohol. If there are such sports people among the guests, you need to know in advance how they would like to fill their glasses this evening.

The last traditionally served desserts. Usually they are separated from dinner by active entertainment, for example, dancing.

Mini cakes and cupcakes, wedding cake, sweet mousses and jellies, chocolate fondue and fruits are perfect as a dessert. With desserts drink tea or coffee to choose from.

I would like to note that for a chamber wedding, it is not necessary to hire specialists to work on the menu. Such a festive table can be set on your own, at home or outdoors. In this case, the main thing is to think through the menu well in advance. With a responsible approach to the selection of festive drinks and dishes and their design, the wedding will be magnificent.

Table decor

Wedding table is the main attribute of the celebration. Table decor usually varies depending on the wedding style. But despite different styles, professionals use the same techniques and tools. By adding a little imagination and imagination, you can easily create the perfect dining area with your own hands at home.

It is important to maintain harmony. Table decor should match the colors of the evening and emphasize its individuality. Colors should convey the mood of the holiday. If the ethereal style is chosen, then the gamma will be tender: lilac-white, lavender, lime, pastel pink, sky blue, beige, milk shades. It is pastel that creates the effect of lightness and airiness.

If the wedding is arranged in a bright palette, then the right design decision will be saturated colors: red or burgundy, blue, lime, fuchsia color.

Most often, such bright colors are used in the winter season.

The most successful techniques for decorating a wedding table are:

  • floristic solutions - flower arrangements;
  • tissue;
  • candles and light installations.

Elegant decoration of the wedding celebration with flowers is an unrivaled classic. They can set the atmosphere, varying in color and shape. Masters of floristry can offer a huge number of options on how to arrange flowers, decorating the table with them. There are no strict rules. The ball is ruled by aesthetics. The main thing is that the flowers on the table of the bride and groom perfectly blend with the compositions on the guest tables, the bride’s bouquet and boutonnieres, as well as the wedding style of the whole event.

Fresh flowers at a banquet are also appropriate to decorate wine glasses. Then put them on the trays upside down, thereby creating complete and non-trivial compositions. This stylish trend has gained great popularity recently.

Textile decoration is also becoming increasingly important. Using fabrics of different shades and textures, it seems possible to create an amazing table decor. Sometimes it is enough unusual and elegant tablecloths to set a romantic and bewitching spirit of triumph.

It should be noted that such decor requires volume. It can be achieved through drapery of fabric: collections, folds, all kinds of shuttlecocks. This can be easily achieved with tulle. Also suitable for fabric decor are lace, chiffon, nylon, organza, veil, satin ribbons. Combinations of these fabrics look very nice.

The most romantic part of decorating a wedding table is candles. They add notes of mystery and mystery to the evening. Candles of different sizes and shapes are placed on the table, sometimes near it.

Candles are placed in elegant candle holders or special vases. One has to be careful with scented candles; some guests may have allergies.

On sale there are ready-made sets of wedding candles. They can be ignited when it gets dark and the couple begins to dance their first dance. This moment will turn out truly magical.

Also, light installations - the so-called Christmas garland lights can be used for decoration. Sparkling LED threads and all kinds of light bulbs add sophistication to a wedding celebration. More and more often, at weddings, lovers light sparklers.


After the first day of the wedding, some couples prefer to go on a honeymoon right away. Other couples spend 2 days under the motto "wedding for two" - without guests. Only newlyweds enjoying each other's company. But most newlyweds still prefer to continue the celebration.

In this case, the second wedding day is recommended to be held in the form of an open-air picnic in a picturesque place. On this day, invite family and closest friends. Everything happens informally. A white dress can easily be replaced by jeans.The wedding table no longer looks so pompous and rich and does not require decorations. Possible treats are barbecue and delicious home cooking.

Drinks are selected based on the preferences of those gathered and no longer resemble a bar card. Usually craft beer is great for meat and fish. No need for expensive glassware, plastic is allowed. There is no theatricality and demonstration, only beloved people and a pleasant pastime.

The second day of the wedding is a great opportunity to relax from the first.

See how to create the perfect menu for your wedding table in the next video.


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