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Rules of conduct in public places for students

The rules of conduct in public places for schoolchildren are something that both the children themselves and their parents should know. Etiquette for teens and children will help ease their relationships with peers, parents and others.

Fundamental rules

Etiquette is not that complicated; putting these simple rules into practice is pretty easy. The basis of all prohibitions and restrictions is respect for people around us and the rules by which society lives. It is necessary to teach children to respect others and their property, to appreciate work and to maintain cleanliness around themselves. Knowing these basics will already make a much more educated person out of a child.

Public places

Everyone should be cultural, not only at school or at home, but also in crowded places.


While relaxing in the park or in the country, you also need to remain a well-educated and cultured person. Firstly - Do not leave trash after yourself. This is not only ethical bad. Garbage harms nature and the world.

All waste that remains after rest should be taken with you.

You can not harm the outside world in another way: do not cut trees, do not break their branches. Even to make bonfires, you should use only dry brushwood. It is not worth collecting flowers, especially if they are rare.

A train

It’s difficult even for adults to keep a good mood and be polite towards fellow travelers, to say nothing of adolescents. However, you must try to adhere to the rules.

Even young guys should be gentlemen. The guy should be the first to enter the car and give a hand to the girl. If necessary, it is advisable to help friends and with luggage.

Very often clutter reigns in the car, but even in such conditions one must be able to remain calm. It is necessary to settle down exactly at the place indicated on the ticket. Having luggage with you, you need to find a place for him. It should be placed either under the lower shelf, or in a special niche above the front door.

With fellow travelers you need to remain polite; at the entrance you should say hello and introduce yourself. No need to impose your feelings on strangers.

Special attention should be paid to the choice of food. The fact is that many people choose food with an unpleasant or too harsh smell on the road. This is not worth doing, as well as picking up too many products, because they can quickly go bad.


A disco is a place where everyone comes to relax, but there are certain rules that you should adhere to. You need to choose the most comfortable clothes.

Although you usually want to dress up to attract attention, convenience is always more important. It is worth choosing things that do not interfere with movement.

On the dance floor you do not need to behave sandwiched, but you should not encroach on someone else's space. You can not push and shove other elbows.


Going to the theater is a special event, which should be prepared much more carefully than for others. First of all - you need to pay attention to your appearance. Clothing should be appropriate for the occasion, as should hair or makeup (if any). You should adhere to the classic style in clothes and do not wear jeans, sunglasses or sneakers in the theater.

You can’t be late for the theater, because the performance starts at a certain time, and coming after the last call is considered bad form. Entering the hall, you need to keep facing the sitting audience. Do not turn your back on them.

Going to the play together, you need to remember that the guy should be the first to enter the hall and take the girl to her place. The companion should sit to the right of her friend. However, this is not such an important rule. If, for example, a lady with a high hairdo sits in front of a couple (or a man who does not see anything), then you can switch places.

After the performance is over, you should not criticize it - even if you did not like it at all.

It is necessary to appreciate the work of actors and relate to art with interest and respect. No need to rush to the exit or to the dressing room immediately after the curtain has dropped. The end of the performance is the moment when you can slowly walk around the hall, assessing the situation and enjoying the surrounding beauty.

For information on how to behave in public places for schoolchildren, see the video below.


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