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Beach Tent Tips

Beach tent - a temporary solution for travelers, bike riders, as well as good protection from the midday heat somewhere in nature, on the shores of the sea, river or lake.

Unlike other types of tents

The beach tent itself is designed to let air through. Vacationers are "open to all winds", which is why it is always fresh inside. But it lets water through: it does not protect from rain, you can’t categorically put it in a puddle. How quickly it gets wet during rain, so quickly and dries when the rain ends.

It is easy to turn an ordinary tracking tent into a beach tent, removing part of the material from the entrance side that acts as a door, making new cuts in the side walls and sewn a new mosquito net in these places.

Who needs it?

A beach tent is necessary for people with white skin and a significant number of freckles or moles, as well as those who have a hereditary predisposition to skin cancer, but who can not deny themselves the pleasure of being in the sea air, lying on the beach.

If you went outdoors with young children, they also need protection from the bright sun and heat. And for some adults, especially the elderly, who have high blood pressure in the heat, such a tent will be a real salvation.

Color scheme

The purpose of the beach tent is to shelter from direct contact with sunlight. If you climb into the summer heat in a black matte tent, inside will be even worse than outside - it will turn into a real stove. This effect is only good in winter, when the sun's rays are weak and oblique, on a frosty, but clear day, the heat collected on the black tent can warm it to room temperature and even higher, which will increase the temperature inside.

In this regard, for the production of beach tents use exclusively light, "mirroring" material - for maximum reflection of sunlight, eliminating overheating. If you could not find a white tent, purchase a product of bright colors.


The cheapest beach tents are single layer. The awning in them is most often made like a regular sheet, but entirely from breathable synthetics. Double-layer tents provide better heat protection - between the layers there is an air void, acting as a kind of heat insulator that does not allow the heating of the tent inside.

There is no particular sense in making a three- or four-layer beach tent - this is not a universal camping tent, but just an attribute in order to protect yourself from the sun in places and during, where and when prolonged exposure to it can lead to a total burn.

Number of arcs and wind resistance

Not every amateur goes on a hike or to the beach in a hurricane wind. Since beach tents do not have a front wall (the product is, in fact, a dead-end arch), in the wind from this side it will simply carry away. And in its other direction, it is unlikely to withstand - in ordinary tents with walls on all sides, wind resistance is provided not only by arcs and pegs, but also due to the fact that the walls, being connected at the corners, also hold each other, without giving tent break up.


You can’t do without an additional removable floor. Since the tent is beach the ideal place would be a sandy beach, not a rocky one, all the more, not a field with dry weeds or cut reeds, easily piercing the material of which the tent is made.

The best option is to install a shelter on an extra bedding, which is usually laid under you, laying on the sand immediately after bathing.


If the awning is still waterproof, it makes sense to put it "back" to the wind, which somehow protects vacationers from the rain, and also does not allow it to fly away in a strong wind. But at the beach tents around the perimeter laid mesh - from the point of view of ventilation, regardless of the direction of the wind, this is rather a plus than a minus. If the rain is slanting and it starts to rain, a large puddle will quickly gather on the floor (water will flow in through the net), and this will reduce the protection from rain to almost zero.

To protect yourself from the rain, it makes sense to use not a beach tent, but an ordinary tourist tent. In their cheap models, protection against water is thought out, and ventilation will be ensured by a mosquito net located on the rear wall of the tent and adjacent to the floor, protected by a special pull-out curtain that prevents rainwater from getting inside.


The beach tent most often has enough space in which two or three adults or several children can hide from the sun. Accommodation of more people, for example, a large family, is likely to require a universal multi-seat tent, which has amenities that are not in the beach.

Examples of ready-made solutions


The Keumer product is a self-folding automatic tent, mass-produced in China, this model can be ordered on AliExpress. The tent is designed for 1-2 people. Awning material - nylon with a water resistance of 3000 mm. water Art. protects from oblique rains, coinciding in direction with the side where the tent is facing "back". The rods are made primarily of steel, the product opens automatically. Dimensions in the unfolded state - 200 * 120 * 130 cm, The kit includes pegs for fixing the tent and a bag for its transportation. Folded weight - 1200 g.

Sport brella

The Sport Brella tent has several modifications, but they are all exclusively umbrella type. In fact, this is a large umbrella with elongated sidewalls, the main support of which, like an ordinary umbrella, is the central axis-cane, made in the form of a telescopic “transformer”. The BYU-519 model with an umbrella radius of 120 cm allows you to quickly (in seconds) deploy a shelter and protect yourself from direct or oblique (rear) rains, but it will not replace a full shelter - For this there are semi- and quarter-spherical "tents" with a comprehensive 4-wall shelter, the front of which is a door.

Sport Brella umbrellas are equipped with retractable sidewalls, fixed (in order to prevent blowing off the umbrella with a strong wind) on sand or soil with pegs threaded into the loop-holders. A peg is also provided for the central support - its fixation makes the umbrella tent quite stable. There is no floor, the material of the frame is stainless steel, the awning (umbrella shell) is waterproof polyester.

Installation height - at least 120 cm, which is quite enough for adult seated "inhabitants". Folded size - 142 * 23 * 21 cm, not heavier than modern compact fishing spinning. Sold in Chinese online stores.

Green glade sandy

The Green Glade Sandy beach awning is an awning with a two-arch frame, vaguely resembling a tent-tent of an umbrella-tent, but equipped with two crossing arcs of steel and fiberglass with a pipe diameter of 7 mm.

If he had a front wall with a door, this tent would have completely gone over the standard hemisphere - the type of execution is similar to the usual hemispheric-umbrella shelter Outventure Monodome 2. Possesses own floor unlike most Sport Brella products, which allows not only to install this shelter on beach sand, but also to use it outdoors. Waterproof awning with 800 mm. water Art. pressure protection from drizzling rains.

It has 8 pegs, the weight of the whole product is 1.9 kg, sand is poured into the outer pockets, which will give Green Glade Sandy additional wind resistance. When folded, the structure occupies a space with dimensions of 63 * 12 * 10, the height of the installed shelter is up to 120 cm. To improve ventilation, the seams in the beach tents are not glued.


Choosing any of the beach tents, first of all you protect yourself from the effects of not always useful sun. Going to sunbathe for the whole day without the opportunity to find shelter and wait out most of the day under it, you will bring yourself to a severe total skin burn, leading to weakness, pain that does not subside for a minute and fever for several days, and washing even under a cool shower will turn into torture these days.

The main thing that the tent shelter should protect from is the excess of ultraviolet radiation, which ultimately leads to burning.

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