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Tent-kitchen: features and varieties

Fans of comfortable outdoor recreation relatively recently were able to evaluate the kitchen tents that appeared on the market for camping equipment. This tourist attribute is designed to provide convenience and safety in the process of preparing food in the fresh air. They are used mainly in long-term parking and in campsites, but will also be useful to car travelers.

Purpose and device

Since cooking requires freedom of movement, kitchen tents are quite spacious and have a height of about 2 m, so that you can stand at full height. Such tents are called tented or simply tents.

Kitchen tents have soft plastic windows and ventilation valves. The material of the walls must be tight and waterproof, guaranteeing the protection of products and kitchen equipment from rain and wind. Besides, the material must be fireproof to prevent fire from an accidental spark or hot dishes. It is also recommended to use a special kitchen apron in the area where the stove is installed to protect the walls of the tent from sparks and oil droplets.

Depending on the size of the tourist tent-kitchen It can serve not only for cooking, but also as a dining room. In tents of this type there is usually no floor, and this is much more convenient - no need to worry about shaking out crumbs and other garbage, which is difficult to do without when cooking.

Due to its large size, the tent should have reliable supports and extensions, ensuring wind resistance of the structure. This is necessary to protect against tipping the tent, and from blowing out fire on the stove.


Material for summer tent models has a protective layer that protects the fabric from destruction under the influence of sunlight.

The tent for summer holidays is usually equipped with a mosquito net that protects not only people from blood-sucking insects, but also food from flies. Such a mesh can be closed with evening walls with fabric walls that better retain heat. The canopy serving as an entrance can be fixed with racks in the form of a canopy, creating additional space, sheltered from precipitation.

Summer tents are distinguished from winter tents by lighter frame tubes, which greatly facilitates quick installation and transportation.


Kitchen tents, or tents, can be divided into several types depending on the destination.

  • Foldable tent. It consists of an awning and four supports or a precast base. The wall is not provided. Such a tent weighs a little, is convenient in transportation and is quickly installed. However, it protects against heavy rainfall and insects. Therefore, folding tents are practically not used as a kitchen tent - these are, rather, tents for recreation.
  • Garden or camping. It is equipped with walls and mosquito nets, and may also have windows and removable partitions inside. Well suited for camping, for giving or rest on the nature.
  • Pavilion. A very large tent, suitable for organizing various holidays or recreation of a large company in nature. For a kitchen tent is too large.
  • Marching. This type is the most suitable for installing a kitchen in it. Camping tents are lightweight, waterproof and windproof. In such a tent there are always mosquito nets and windows.

How to choose?

When choosing a tent for arranging a camp kitchen, you should pay attention to a number of important parameters.

This is primarily a form. The most common are quadrangular tents, although there are options with five or more corners that approximate the shape of the base of the tent to a round one. The choice depends on how you plan to place the equipment and furniture inside the tent.

Next, it is important to pay attention to the wall structure. Direct options provide more freedom for full-length movement. A tent with sloping walls is more windproof.

The roof must be sloping so that rainwater does not accumulate. Vent valves are also desirable.

Awnings are made from synthetic materials of various price and quality. More expensive models of tents have canopies made of polyester fabric.

The base consists of fiberglass or aluminum tubes. The latter option is a bit easier.

In camping conditions, the weight of the tent is usually given importance. Light models have a higher price.

An overview of the tent-kitchen "Suite 2x2" from "Mitek" see below.

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