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Characteristics and features of the choice of tents "Penguin"

Fishing is a peculiar way of rest. A strong wind, frost and blizzard do not cause a great desire to linger on nature for a long time in the winter season. But the temptation of ice fishing is great. Tents for fishing "Penguin" will help to enjoy fishing in winter.

About company

Penguin - This is a Russian company located in the city of Yekaterinburg. For more than 20 years this enterprise has been producing tourist, fishing, hunting tents and accessories for them. At the moment, its products are the most popular and sold. The company guarantees the quality of its products. All frames are given a lifetime warranty.

If a breakdown occurs, the manufacturer will replace it. The assortment is represented by a fairly wide selection of tents according to the types of frames, thermal insulation and dimensions.

Types of Frames

The ease of installation of the structure depends on the type of frame. And this is important, because when fishing, you often have to set up a tent alone. Sometimes you have to go from hole to hole, transferring the design. In tents "Penguin" for winter fishing mechanisms are used "umbrella" and "cube".

  • The mechanism of the "Umbrella". The design is characterized by the fastest and easiest installation method. The aluminum tubes in this device make the design resistant to gusts of wind. In calm weather, the frame design makes it possible to move from place to place indiscriminately. The most common type of tent frame for fishing in winter. The design depends on the capacity: 1-seater tents "Penguin" are represented by a four-beam umbrella, and 2-seater, 3-seater and 4-seater - six-beam.
  • The mechanism of the "Cube". It is based on the fastening of the frame arcs in the Hub mechanism using cotter pins. Such a mechanism allows you to literally set up a tent in just three steps. The design is characterized by very high strength and reliability. In the series of tents "Penguin" frame "cube" have a model of "Prism".

For the production of tents "Penguin" use synthetic fabric "Oxford", inserts of breathable fabric (fabric raincoat fabric ST-1), synthetic winterizer to increase heat capacity.

Fabric "Oxford"

The Oxford fabric is made of synthetic yarns that are intertwined in a certain way - the “matting” (“Panamanian weaving”). This method is a kind of interweaving of threads used in weaving baskets.

The density of the fabric is measured in den and depends on the density of the threads. The density categories of Oxford are represented by the following species: 210, 240, 300, 420, 600 den. Of course the larger the number, the denser the fabric.

Oxford is waterproofed with an internal PU coating. In the manufacture of protective covers and tents, a fabric with a water resistance index of 1000-3000 mm is used. Frost resistance of Oxford fabric with PU reaches -60 ° C.

Penguin tents use Oxford fabrics 240 PU 1000, 2000.

In winter-type tents, ventilation is needed - for this, inserts from the "breathing" fabric are used in certain places. The company "Penguin" uses fabric mantle fabric ST-1. This material contains 35% cotton, which helps the fabric "breathe", 65% - polyethylene, which in turn makes the fabric resistant to mechanical stress and pollution.

The product is treated with water-repellent impregnation.

The synthetic winterizer material is a synthetic non-woven fabric used for insulation and compaction. In multi-layer tents "Penguin" for fishing in the cold, a synthetic winterizer is located between the layers of fabric to improve thermal insulation properties.

Three-layer and two-tent fishing tent - a suitable solution for winter fishing.

Material for three-layer tents Material for three-layer tents

Tent Coat Penguin Thermolight is a three-layer material based on 2 layers of "Oxford" and synthetic winterizer. All these components are quilted into a single fabric. Such a material retains heat much better when compared with classic counterparts.

"Penguin 3 Thermolight"

"Penguin 3 Thermolight" - a six-beam aluminum umbrella, a three-layer coating is represented by Termolight fabric: Oxford stitch 240 PU 2000 and PU 1000, synthetic winterizer between them. Large valves for storage, a ventilation hole on the ceiling, a classic double zipped door with two sliders, a wide skirt. The dimensions of the tent are designed for 3-4 holes. The main color inside is white.

The most popular are two-layer tents with a frame "Umbrella". They are easy to install, have a small weight, quite durable. If desired, with such a tent, you can move from hole to hole. Double awning - first layer of Oxford fabric 240 PU 2000 with an insert of "breathing" mixed fabric ST-1, which helps to eliminate dampness. The second layer is completely made of fabric ST-1.

Additional ventilation is achieved thanks to the double-sided lock and vents.

An improved model of winter tents is presented by the Prism Premium model range with a cube frame. The correct geometric square shape, it has more useful space. Wells can be made right inside. "Prism Premium" for 3 or 4 places can easily accommodate 3-4 people, not only for fishing, but also for overnight. The main distinguishing feature of this model is wind resistance.

Undoubtedly, winter fishing in it will be most comfortable in any winter weather.

Universal models

The universal tents of the Penguin company include the model Prism Shelters, having a two-layer coating. Its versatility lies in the fact that, having opened two lightnings, one of the walls turns into a visor that protects from the baking sun in an open reservoir in the summer. This model has different dimensions: it can be two-, three- or four-seater, but everywhere there is enough space for everyone, and everything will always be at hand.

A tent having a two-layer coating can also be all-weather, since the two-layer product has tents isolated from each other. If desired, one of the tents - internal - can be removed. And she will become summer.

Selection recommendations

Any choice is always difficult. And the choice of a tent for fishing can be compared with the choice of a house. It should be warm, light, comfortable. Mandatory windows and doors, as well as storage space. At that moment the tent should be light and convenient for transportation.

In summer, the tent needs airing, therefore the covering should be from the "breathing" fabric with vents for ventilation. In spring and autumn, excess moisture should not enter the tent. In winter, it becomes a reliable shelter from snow, frost and wind.

A variant of an all-weather tent can be considered its tourist types. But we must remember that the tourist tent comes with a floor, which will not be very convenient for fishing.

The ideal option would be a two-layer tent "Prism Shelters", since one inner layer can be removed in the summer, and besides, it easily turns into a tent with a canopy.

Winter tent "Penguin Umbrella"

"Penguin 2" has a six-beam aluminum umbrella frame of independent layers: one - Oxford 240 PU 2000, the second - from the "breathing" fabric ST-1, five stripes in the form of a pocket, the entrance opens with a zipper, a wide skirt designed for 2-3 fishermen. With this model, you can go from hole to hole. If the skirt is secured with snow cover, the tent will be further strengthened and protected from the wind.

Attention! Sprinkle the skirt only with dry snow, otherwise the tent will freeze to ice.

"Penguin 3" - a six-beam aluminum skeleton umbrella, Thermolight coating. Slider door zippers are protected from freezing by a valve made of fabric, a wide skirt. Many patches in the form of pockets for storing different things. The dimensions of the tent make it possible to put a berth up to 195 cm long, designed for 3-4 holes. The frame mechanism makes it possible to quickly install and assemble the tent. Ideal for night fishing.

New models

Upgraded Model "Prism Premium" has a “cube” mechanism, thanks to which shelter is installed within 3-4 receptions effortlessly, good resistance to gusts of wind, made of independent awnings: outdoor from Oxford fabric Oxford rip-stop PU 2000 (new fabric).

Benefits: increased strength without increasing the weight of the product. The inner awning is made of "breathing" fabric ST-1. The size on the bottom of the tent was increased to 225, and in height - 200 cm. The "breathable" insert of the outer tent is located on the upper part of the side faces. Doors of triangular through type, 4 slider with adjustment of inflow and outflow of air. Added many pockets for storing things in different parts of the walls and ceiling, inside and out.

For the convenience of heating equipment supply and air exhaust, zippered valves are provided in the lower and upper parts. Removable windows made of film are fastened with Velcro.

High-quality tents from the manufacturer "Penguin" will make fishing comfortable and unforgettable. In the tent, nothing can distract from the fishing process. The main thing is to choose the right model.

Overview of the tent "Penguin" for winter fishing, see the next video.

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