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Large Cardigans

A cardigan is an ideal thing for owners of curvaceous. If you are unsure of yourself and do not risk wearing tight-fitting clothes, then the correctly selected style and color of the cardigan will correct the flaws of the figure. And depending on the material chosen, you can wear it in any weather, combining it with your favorite things from your wardrobe.

Benefits of Cardigans for Fat Women

A modern cardigan is not just a warm elongated jacket with clasps. Stylish and multi-functional jacket of this type is very popular among full girls. The main secret of this popularity is that the free cut and multi-layer effect hide all the extra folds on the body, allowing you to wear anything you want underneath.

It is under the cardigan that you can hide the most common figure flaws - lush hips, fuzzy waistline, protruding belly and chest that has lost its shape. Throwing a light knitted or cashmere cardigan over your set of clothes, you will correct all these shortcomings.

Popular models

Naturally, in addition to the classic model of medium length, the designers developed other styles of cardigans, among which every girl can find the right one. It is impossible to single out one type that will be absolutely popular this season. Presenting the trend models of this season, designers are more likely to give girls fashionable advice than dictate clear rules.


There is no doubt that light summer cardigans will be at the peak of popularity this season. The erroneous opinion that this type of clothing is suitable exclusively for the cold season is long outdated. Light guipure or lace cardigans go well even with a swimsuit.

Knitted patterns are also suitable for summer. But provided that the knitting is openwork and made using thin threads. Do not forget about thin knitted and chiffon cardigans. Knitwear is a more casual option, but chiffon products can easily fit into an elegant evening bow.

On the buttons

Most cardigans are complemented by a series of buttons. They can be buttoned to the end, or to half. The option will look great when the cardigan is fastened with one or two buttons, due to which, the outfit looks democratic and interesting. Often, designers, knowing this fashionable trick, are limited to one large button, which is located approximately in the middle of the length.

Another important point - pay attention to the fact that the top clasp is not higher than the chest level, since such a neck will make your neck visually shorter and thicker.

Without buttons

Cardigans without fasteners look very attractive. They hide excess weight in the waist and hips. But, if these zones are not problematic for you, then you can emphasize the waist with a thin strap.


The best option for a full figure is an elongated cardigan that reaches the middle of the thigh. This length allows you to visually stretch the silhouette. But there are also knee-length models, which, as a rule, are chosen by older women. A long cardigan looks reserved and strict and looks good in combination with things in a business style, for example, pants made of costume fabric, or a strict skirt.

Asymmetric length

Asymmetric hem cardigans are also popular with curvy ladies. Rough edges in such models can be located on the edges, which remarkably distracts attention from excess weight in the abdomen. Thus, cardigans make your figure slimmer and more attractive. They look very romantic and feminine. It is this cardigan that is best suited to create a feminine romance with a dress or a light sundress

Which color to choose

Cardigan colors can be varied. Fat women, first of all, strive to hide the flaws of the figure. That is why they prefer dark shades. However, many are already tired of this unspoken rule and are looking for something to replace the annoying standard black cardigan. In this case, saturated black, burgundy or dark purple will become a successful replacement for black.

But do not exclude bright options. Saturated red, purple, orange and other shades will make your image brighter, but will not spoil it. The main thing is to avoid neon flowers, which really do not fit in the wardrobe of full girls in the best way. Colors such as tangerine, white, marsala and all shades of blue are relevant in this season.

Light shades in clothes will definitely give you additional volumes, so be careful with them. If you have a pear-shaped figure, then a cardigan of light shades will not hurt you at all, because it will add extra volume to your chest, thus balancing the silhouette. But for those who want to distract attention from this zone, it is better to choose a dark cardigan and put it on complete with a light skirt that emphasizes the line of the hips.

If you like clothes with prints and patterns, then choose models with fine colors, as a large print and geometric ornament will draw attention to your completeness. The best options are small floral patterns with many details and a print with a vertical strip.

Fabrics and textures

As a rule, full women are advised to buy models of light flowing fabric. Multilayer cardigans of this type distract attention from problem areas and really make you visually slim. But this is not the only solution that is suitable for donuts. Let's look at other options for using material and texture that will help you look slimmer and sleeker.

From chiffon

First, pay attention to chiffon. It just can be attributed to the category of light flowing tissues. Romantic chiffon cardigan with a delicate floral prince will definitely appeal to you. It is great for hot summer days.


Another popular material is knitwear. When buying knitted cardigans, try to avoid tight-fitting patterns. Narrow sleeves will hold back your movements and emphasize the fullness of your hands. Choose options with loose sleeves that won't add extra volume.


Knitted cardigans for overweight women should be fairly light. It is best if a thin thread is used in their manufacture, and the pattern itself is not too large and voluminous. Large braids will make the silhouette fuller.


Also, full cashmere cardigan is suitable for full girls. This soft material is slimmer and makes the silhouette more elegant. A warm, body-friendly fabric is good for creating winter bows. For cooler weather, this is the best option, since models of coarser and denser fabric will make the figure shapeless, visually increasing the proportions of your body.

Selection tips

In stores, a huge number of cardigans are presented, which are very different from each other. Therefore, in order not to miscalculate, and not to choose a model in which only one part will immediately ruin your image, check out the basic tips for choosing cardigans.

First of all, pay attention to the fasteners or their absence. A cardigan can have a series of buttons or a zipper. This option is very convenient, because under such a cardigan you can wear anything.

But models that just smell are good too. If desired, they can be supplemented with a thin belt that emphasizes the waist, but by themselves they look freely and do not weigh down the figure. It is asymmetric cardigans of this type that stylists most often advise picking up girls who are unhappy with their shapes.

In general, the cardigan in the figure should sit quite freely. Close-fitting options are not suitable for overweight women. However, if you have a good hourglass figure, you can choose a fitted version of thin yarn with a belt in the tone of a cardigan.

It is best if the selected cardigan is devoid of voluminous decorative elements. Even simple pockets can add unnecessary volume to where they are located. Thus, the pockets on the sides will make your figure more rectangular.

As for the sleeves, it has already been said that they should not fit your arms tightly. Also, avoid flashlight sleeves or 3/4 options that will make your shoulders wider and turn your figure into a "triangle." A good way to divert attention from the fullness of your hands is cardigans with the so-called "Japanese armhole."

What to wear

Cardigans go well with all everyday wardrobe items. They can be worn over the top, t-shirts, light turtlenecks. You can also choose almost anything as the bottom: from jeans to a strict tight skirt.

A cardigan in combination with a dress also looks good. This can be an office dress with a straight cut, and something more light and feminine.

Beautiful images

In order to better understand the principles of combining other things with basic cardigans, let's look at a few stylish images based on them.

The first bow is suitable for office work or a business meeting. Dark trousers of a free cut in combination with the same loose blouse in white are well complemented by a soft cardigan of a muted shade, for example, gray. Under such an image, shoes with a closed toe can be worn to make the outfit look strictly and businesslike.

For everyday walks, you can choose a sleeveless cardigan. Such an elongated jacket in deep blue will look great with dark skinny jeans and a light turtleneck. To match the bright top, choose shoes that, by the way, should be high-heeled so that your legs in dark skinny look slimmer. From the accessories, choose the simplest options possible - a large knit scarf and a bulk bag with short handles.

And finally, the last option is a combination of a cardigan with a dress. Choose colors that blend well with each other, and choose shoes that match the tone. Naturally, an outfit complemented with shoes or sandals will look more feminine and elegant.

Of course, the three images described are far from the limit. Choose cardigans of the right color and style and combine them with your favorite things, taking advantage of the cardigan, which easily hides the flaws of the figure.



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