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Warm cardigans

Cardigan is a universal thing that has not gone out of fashion for several seasons in a row. Especially relevant today are warm voluminous cardigans, which are indispensable in cool weather.

Appearance story

The first prototype of a cardigan appeared at the beginning of the 19th century - it was part of the British military uniform, which was a thick knitted sweater with buttons. Such a jacket perfectly complemented the uniform and served as good protection from the cold.

A few years later, the cardigan was forgotten, but in the mid-1945s it appeared again as ordinary casual clothes. At that time, a sweater made of smooth knitted fabric with buttons with a V-neck was fashionable. In the early 70's, the cardigan became more voluminous and bolder due to the prints, parts and materials used.

Overview of fashionable and beautiful models

What does a fashionable cardigan look like today? This can be a stylish classic English version in the form of a thin sweater with long sleeves and buttons, cardigans made of thick yarn with a shawl collar, or interesting youth oversize models. In addition, you should pay attention to such cardigans as:


(below the middle of the thigh, to the knee or to the middle of the calves). Such things go well with short tight dresses, skinny jeans or a miniskirt and a silk top;

Without buttons

Models of cardigans without buttons are one of the most stylish - they can be thin from a cotton cloth with a multilayer collar, thick knitted with a belt or shortened in the form of a bolero;

With fur

This version of a cardigan is a good choice for late autumn or early spring. The jacket is decorated with beautiful shiny fur (natural or artificial) on the collar or sleeves. Also interesting models with fur trim pockets or hem.

When choosing one or another cardigan, it is worth considering not only current trends, but also the parameters of your own figure.

For example, slender girls are suitable for almost any model - both thin and rough knit. Girls with a magnificent figure should pay attention to knitted cardigans without voluminous patterns and overhead parts - simple lines and a minimum of decor - this is what you need.

Popular materials

Cardigans are traditionally sewn from cotton or woolen knitted fabric, but today there are many other alternative options:

  • · From cashmere;
  • · Cotton with linen;
  • · Wool and silk;
  • · Acrylic and wool with artificial thread.

Woolen and half-woolen cardigans indispensable in cold weather at any time of the year, and lightweight stylish models made from a mixture of cotton fabrics will come in handy in the summer as a cape.

It is also worth mentioning the decor and details - today cardigans are decorated not only with buttons, but also, for example, inserts of chiffon, lace, mesh fabric, embroidery, beads, metallic thread and leather trim. As for the palette, designers recommend calm universal shades of beige, gray, blue, burgundy, mustard.

What to wear?

Such a basic thing as a cardigan combines well with many things: it can be a casual or business dress, jeans and a T-shirt, or a simple shirt, skirt and top. You should not wear a colored voluminous cardigan with classic strict things, evening dresses or clothes from the same dense materials. At the same time, a sophisticated English cardigan from thin cashmere will be a wonderful addition to a concise suit.

The trend of the season - a long thin cardigan goes well with tight trousers and jeans, a mini and / or midi skirt of a tight-fitting style, bandage-style tops and dresses in a figure.

As for shoes, it needs to be selected based on the image as a whole:

  • under a set of a thick warm cardigan and jeans with a shirt, you can choose ankle boots with thick heels, boats or loafers;
  • a dress and a long cardigan require high-heeled shoes or platform shoes;
  • An image with a classic cardigan and a strict skirt will complement the neat, neat shoes with a small heel.

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