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Openwork cardigan and what to wear with it

Almost every women's wardrobe has a pair of stylish and elegant cardigans. A cardigan can be an addition to a summer look or be an independent part of clothing, most importantly, the right combination of colors and types of materials.

Modern designers create the most unusual models that can be worn on a dress or shorts with a T-shirt. Perhaps the most feminine and elegant is considered an openwork cardigan, it is like a haze, can hide the flaws of the figure and emphasize the beauty of the main outfit. Choosing openwork models, you should decide on the length, color, material and density.

Which are there?

Openwork cardigan can be made entirely of openwork weaving, or in this embodiment only back or trims can be made.

Cardigan Tailcoat

Cardigan-tailcoat with openwork back is a stylish and original choice. When buying such a model, you should consider all its pros and cons, as well as correctly combine it with other outfits. Cardigan-tailcoat with openwork back is made in the form of a free classic tailcoat with two ends separated at the back. The back can be fully decorated with lace or partially.

Given the fact that such a cardigan opens the back, you should use this and put on a blouse, shirt or blouse with an open back. To look harmonious and restrained, you need to choose stylish classic trousers, dark jeans or a pencil skirt under such a dress coat. Such an onion will be ideal for working in the office, studying or going to a restaurant.

You can also put on an elegant dress a few shades darker under a cardigan-tailcoat, in which case the cardigan will emphasize the figure and hide wide shoulders or hips. Most often, such models of cardigans have a length below the waist or to the middle of the thigh, but some models can be knee-deep.

If you plan to wear a cardigan coat with a lace back in the spring, cool summer evenings or early autumn, you should choose loose materials. An ideal option would be thin knitting or sealed knitwear, and they can also be made of thin and light fabrics.

What to wear?

To always be in the spotlight, you should wear cardigans with contrasting things, in which case the cardigan will emphasize the main outfit, and also stand out against its background. Cardigans with lace inserts emphasize female sexuality, elegance and sensuality, so leaving the choice on such an outfit, you will always look great.

A cardigan with openwork straps is most often made of thin knitting, also of knitwear. Such an outfit can be used as a cloak or as a coat in the cold rainy autumn. The length of the cardigan plays an important role, since it can radically change the general appearance. Products below the waist will be an ideal choice for straight or narrowed trousers and a skirt to the knee. Under the cardigan, you can put on a light blouse or blouse several tones lighter.

Cardigans with openwork straps to the knees and longer can be combined with dresses, midi and maxi skirts, the main thing is that the materials do not differ much in density. So that a cardigan with openwork straps can be straight or flared to the bottom, and if you use a product such as a coat, it can be supplemented with a fur collar or just a big knitted lapel. Most often, cardigans do not have fasteners, but there are models with one or two rows of buttons.

Color spectrum

As for color, thanks to the variety of materials and imagination of famous designers, you have the opportunity to buy plain or multi-colored cardigans. The most popular this season are cardigans with a gradation of color, such models will become an original and stylish addition to the image.

Bright and rich colors should also be present in your wardrobe, for example, red, pink, blue, green. Openwork pastel shade cardigans accentuate your sensuality and femininity.

White openwork cardigan will be just a godsend for slender ladies and women with an extraordinary figure. If you throw a white openwork cardigan up to your knees on a dress of a contrasting shade, he will be able to hide the protruding tummy, wide hips and shoulders.

You can buy a white openwork cardigan to the middle of the thigh; it perfectly complements any look for going to an evening walk or to the cinema. A long cardigan will not only make the figure slimmer, it will visually increase the growth, so it is preferable for low fashionistas to choose models on the floor. An outfit with a long lace cardigan will be an excellent choice for going to the theater or to a festive event.

Selection tips

  • You can wear lace cardigans with any clothes, the main thing is to choose the right colors and types of materials so that the image is complete. Short cardigans can be used as a cloak on a blouse with classic trousers, such an outfit can be worn for work or study. An extended cardigan can be combined with shorts and skirts of different lengths.
  • If you are a lover of experimentation, you can play with colors and pick up bright and juicy contrasting shades. Fans of warm pastel colors should buy a white and beige openwork cardigan, it will be the perfect addition to any color.
  • When buying an openwork cardigan, consider the features of your figure, because if you choose the wrong product, you can spoil not only the bow, but also emphasize not the advantages, but the disadvantages.

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