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How to wear a gray cardigan

Cardigans are called collarless cardigans. A cardigan appeared in the middle of the last century and still does not lose its relevance. In gray, a cardigan becomes one of the most functional and practical things in a women's wardrobe. Cardigans have an unusually comfortable cut and do not constrain movements. It is worn at any time of the year and at various events.

In order to be able to create stylish sets with a gray cardigan, several factors must be taken into account: the style of the cardigan and its companions, the shade of gray, the place and circumstances planned for going out in the cardigan.

Styles and prints

Designers tried to make a gray and boring cardigan more attractive and worthy of fashion catwalks. A gray cardigan that acts like a long cloak, a cropped coat or jacket will become a stylish and original item in your wardrobe. Tenderness and spontaneity bring knitted cardigans, both large knits and smooth textures, into a strict image.

A model with a hood will take care of additional protection against head and neck cold. One of the hits of this season was a baggy gray cardigan without a fastener.

Plain gray cardigans and print models are trending this season. Prints of contrasting colors and shades make gray wardrobe more diverse. One of the stylish elements of your ensemble with ease can be a gray cardigan with large stars or a model with gray stripes of different widths, while a skirt or trousers in a set for a cardigan with a print is best to choose plain. Models with floral prints allow you to create a romantic look, focusing on the top.

A bold and attractive look is created by a gray leopard print cardigan.

What to wear and with what colors to combine?

A gray cardigan is a universal item of clothing and is successfully completed with trousers, skirts and dresses. With its help, interesting exit ensembles and everyday-use kits are created that are worn at work, in the cinema, in the cafe, while walking around the city and meeting with friends. The color scheme of selected clothes can be either in gray tones or in contrasting gray.

When drawing up monochrome sets, do not forget to use stylish accessories, for example, lilac, yellow or white, which will focus on yourself.

With a shirt

A gray cardigan of a simple cut is perfectly completed with a white office shirt. Straight black pants or a straight skirt are ideal for such a business top. Gray is a universal color, so to create a less formal style, you can use shirts of saturated colors and print models. A gray cardigan and a gray shirt will look very stylish if you fasten your shirt under your throat and dilute this tandem with a pink pendant decoration.

With dress

A cardigan with a dress makes up a stylish and elegant duo. For a set with a closed dress, it is better to choose a gray cardigan with a deep triangular neckline. The fit will be perfect if one of the items is sleeveless. A straight sleeveless dress is perfect for a cardigan with long sleeves and, on the contrary, a cardigan with short sleeves or without sleeves goes well with a dress with long sleeves.

With jeans

Complete with dark skinny jeans, a gray cardigan acts as an excellent outerwear for outdoor activities. For such kits, you can safely choose both long and shortened models. Down you can wear a white turtleneck or a bright blouse. The gray color scheme of the cardigan is in perfect harmony with the color and white jeans. Sets with jeans of pale pink and yellow color will look elegant and fun.

With skirt

Modern designers suggest wearing long and short cardigans with skirts. Cropped gray cardigans look elegant with a pencil skirt in black or dark gray. Flared skirts with floral or geometric prints make up gray casual cardigans with perky everyday outfits. A beige a-line skirt, a mouse-colored cardigan and a blouse in blue and blue are a great combination for work, meetings with friends, and shopping.

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