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A long cardigan: what to wear and stylish looks with 2019

A long cardigan is an indispensable thing for most women, regardless of the type of figure and other features of their appearance. It is a product up to the middle of the thigh and below, devoid of a collar, and usually worn wide open. Such a universal thing, like most basic wardrobe items, is combined with almost all types of clothing. But in order to look harmonious in your cardigan, you need to know the features of the combination of colors, textures and styles, which you will learn about from this article.

What is the name of?

Firstly, you need to understand the history of this blouse without a collar. The name of this piece of clothing comes from the name of the English count Cardigan VII, who first put on a long knitted sweater without a collar under his uniform uniform. At first, this product was worn mainly by the military, which in the cold winter in their uniforms froze.

Later, like many other things, the cardigan turned into a women's wardrobe. Since then, his popularity has increased significantly, and the cardigan has officially become part of the basic ladies' wardrobe.


A long cardigan for girls is best worn in autumn and winter. It can be worn even under a long down jacket, additionally protecting itself from frost. In addition to warmth, the cardigan guarantees comfort, as the soft fabric does not hinder movements.

The length of the cardigan can either reach the floor or reach just to the middle of the thigh.

Floor length is best for tall girls. Fashionistas who can not boast of high growth, it is better to wear such clothes with shoes with heels. Or to completely abandon maxi-length cardigans in favor of shorter models.

From the functional decor on the cardigan there may be pockets, a collar and a hood. Remember that choosing a model with pockets should be taken seriously, because their incorrect location can greatly increase. If you have a fuzzy waistline, try not to buy cardigans with pockets located on the sides.

Color trends

Since the cardigan will occupy the main place in the image, it is very important to choose the right color. Cardigans for the most part are made plain, although there are also stylish models with interesting patterns and textured prints. In the fashion now, and calm classic shades, and rich colors.


The gray cardigan looks both strict and stylish at the same time. This versatile color is combined with all bright and pastel shades. A gray cardigan along with a beige or white top can be used to create a look in a basic style.

The black

The same classic - a black cardigan. Owners of magnificent forms more often choose a dark color, since it visually extends the silhouette, making it more elegant. Black contrasts light colors.


At once two colors are combined in a striped print. The strip in the trend is not the first season, therefore, choosing it, you definitely will not lose. The strips can be either wide or thin. The second option is better, since other patterns are perfectly combined with such a print.


White cardigans are best for summer. This color is usually chosen by girls who have no problems with the figure. Openwork and guipure cardigans look very good in white.


All shades of blue are in fashion now. Pay attention to the correct combination with other shades. Blue color is best combined with white, green and yellow, turquoise - with white, blue and blue, the color of the sea wave - with pastel and blue shades.


A cardigan of a light beige color looks very tender. Shades of beige can be combined with colors from the same color palette, as well as with shades of red, such as coral or cherry.


In many ways, the style of the cardigan determines the material used. For sewing classic models, a denser and warmer fabric is usually used, while summer cardigans are usually made from lighter fabrics.


A long chiffon cardigan is good for summer. When it's hot outside, this thin material will save you from scorching sunlight. Chiffon cardigans with interesting patterns and unusual prints look very good.


Thin knitted cardigans are a truly universal solution. They look very good on slender girls. Especially complemented by a wide strap at the waist.


Knitted cardigan from mohair, of course, is also in trend. A voluminous top of this type looks good with a tight bottom. For example, with leggings, chinos or a skinny. If you like jeans of a more straight cut, for example, boyfriends, then it is better to choose thin knitted cardigans.

This season is also worth paying attention to the Lalo model. This cardigan got its name in honor of the creator sisters, who came up with combining several colors that are close in hue when knitting, creating a gradation effect.


Another winter option is a cashmere cardigan. This soft blouse of this type looks impressive and is combined with dresses made of chiffon or satin.

Fashionable styles and models

Pleased with variety and styles. They differ among themselves in the cut, the presence of fasteners and additional elements. It is the style that determines whether a cardigan will suit you or not. So, for example, full girls are recommended to choose more loose cardigans of an unusual cut.


Rectangular cut cardigans are great for summer. Made of thin material, they perfectly drape the silhouette, hide all the flaws and give the image of democracy.

Without buttons

A classic cardigan fastens with buttons or a series of buttons. But in many models there is no clasp, and the cardigan is either completely open or tied with a belt. Such a model looks free and a little careless.


An interesting addition to a cardigan is the hood. Such models fit well into everyday style, especially in gloomy autumn weather. A knitted cardigan with such an addition will look good.

Without sleeves

Sleeveless models that look like elongated jackets are also relevant. Full girls fit this style with large armholes.

With long sleeve

But classic cardigans always have a long sleeve. If you have slightly a little hands, try to pick up models whose sleeves are not very narrow and do not emphasize this small flaw. In addition to full sleeves, there are also shortened, or three quarters long.

Short front

Cardigans of an unusual cut are also popular, for example, shortened in front. This style looks interesting. Typically, such cardigans are made plain, because the cut is already able to attract attention to you and distinguish you from the crowd.


The thin fabric will not only save you from the heat, but also emphasize the dignity of the figure. The lighter and thinner the material, the more elegant you will look in it. Volumetric top, as you know, on the contrary will only make you visually larger.


But for the cold season, it is better to choose high-quality warm cardigans. Cashmere, knitted or just models from warm knitwear will protect you from the cold, delivering comfort.

To the floor

A cardigan reaching the floor with its cut looks like a coat or a warm long wrap. Already from the description it is clear that you will feel as comfortable as possible in it. Such an outfit looks equally good, both with maxi-length dresses and short skirts or jeans.


Another summer trend is an openwork cardigan up to the middle of the thigh. A product of this type will look very elegant and gentle. A combination of such a cardigan with a dress or shorts will be beneficial.

What to wear?

Unlike short cardigans, long models are able to add a twist to any outfit, making the bow more complex and thoughtful. A cardigan can be worn on top of various combinations of things, making it the final element that will bring the whole image together.

With jeans

The simplest and most suitable combination for everyday looks is a maxi-length cardigan with jeans.

The style of trousers can be almost anything. A more voluminous top looks better with tight-fitting or skinny jeans. But thin cardigans go well with straight cut pants or torn boyfriends.

You can complement this everyday tandem with a fitted top, a light sweater, a loose blouse or shirt. To visually stretch the silhouette, pick up the trousers and top of the same color under the bottom, which will be several tones darker or lighter.

With dress

A long cardigan goes very well with a sheath dress. This combination looks simple, but stylish. Stylists recommend choosing a cardigan longer than a dress in order to achieve an interesting effect. In this case, a wide belt can be worn over the cardigan.

With skirt

As well as with a dress, a long cardigan also looks with a skirt.

Choose a model from thin fabric to make the image look more elegant, and emphasize the waist with a thin belt in tone to give the image femininity.

In combination with such a cardigan, straight-cut skirts will best look. But for a walk and an informal meeting, such options as a flared skirt, pleated, or "tatyanka" are also suitable.

Choosing shoes

Cardigan shoes fit almost any. It’s worth picking up for the finished image, and not for one detail. The only advice we recommend to listen to is if you are a short girl who wants to wear long cardigans, combine them with high-heeled shoes so as not to look squat.


In terms of accessories, the choice is also not limited. A belt will always fit under a cardigan, with which you can emphasize the bends of the figure. It can be quite wide and thin, imperceptibly complementing the image.

With long cardigans, voluminous accessories look good: large bags, massive jewelry, multi-layered scarves.

Fashionable looks

You can create quite a lot of images using a trendy thing like a cardigan. After all, only one small detail, like a belt or another set of accessories, is already able to give the finished look a touch of novelty. Let's look at some of the simplest and most suitable outfits for different occasions using a cardigan, in order to know what to look for when choosing sets of clothes.

First of all, pay attention to romantic feminine image. To create it, you can take a classic black dress up to the middle of the thigh and complement it with a soft elongated cardigan. Shoes for this bow are also better to choose light. From accessories, choose a handbag of small sizes and discreet jewelry.

For an everyday walk or an informal meeting The following image will do. Complement your skinny blue jeans with a light top. Wear a warm knitted cardigan from above that will replace your coat in the offseason. To make this rather rude look more feminine, put on black stilettos and accentuate your waistline with a matching strap.

An interesting image can be created by combining a straight-cut skirt with an interesting pattern and a light cardigan. Put something bright under your blouse to give this neutral look to your colors. For example, a light blue jumper. Contrast shoes. Choose practical shoes at low speed.

Try to implement the proposed combination or come up with your own. A long cardigan will be a great finishing touch to your look.

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