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Maternity Jumpsuit

Features and Benefits

While waiting for the baby, the expectant mother not only needs to monitor her health, but also beautifully, and most importantly, dress comfortably. Today we will consider with you the most popular version of a women's wardrobe during pregnancy - overalls. This is a convenient, comfortable and beautiful thing.

Overalls come in various materials, various colors and styles. The main difference between overalls for pregnant women from ordinary ones is that this type of clothing allows you to not tighten your stomach, does not complicate blood flow, does not limit you in movements. High-quality overalls are made from natural fabrics, without the content of synthetics, which means they pass air well and do not cause allergies.

Fashionable styles and models

There are a lot of styles of overalls and choosing the right one is not easy. You can meet the warmed overalls for a cold season, facilitated - in the warm period. If you have a business meeting, choose narrower classic silhouettes. For a walk with family and friends, denim overalls are perfect. Do not forget about ordinary trousers, jeans, leggings, they are specially sewn with a high elastic insert in the front, which allows you to support the stomach without crushing it.

You can also find transformer overalls on the market. They unfasten some parts, allowing in a matter of seconds to turn the jumpsuit into trousers or cropped capris. This multifunctional thing will save your budget and purchase several types of clothes at one price.


Warm and light jumpsuit will protect you in cold weather. The insulation for such overalls is used synthetic - synthetic winterizer or holofiber. Thanks to modern technology, heaters are thin, while keeping heat well and warming you in cold weather. Warm winter overalls do not get wet, which allows you to take walks in the rain or snow.


For business meetings, pantsuits are suitable, pants can be of various styles. From classic trousers to jeans. Such clothes are easy to choose for any occasion. Straight trousers are considered a classic, they are suitable for all types of figure. Wide pants visually adjust your figure, narrow your hips. Skinny trousers emphasize femininity, but remember that tight and tight trousers can hamper blood flow and hamper movement. Therefore, choose the right pants for your body type. It is worth noting that all pants for pregnant women have a wide elastic insert that supports the stomach, a high back, which gives comfort during movement.


The skirt for pregnant women has a free cut, does not constrain movements and is comfortable to wear. If you prefer tight-fitting options, be sure to choose skirts with an elastic belt that will not put pressure on your stomach.

Sports models

Sportswear for pregnant women also has a wide variety of styles and colors. If you pay attention to the pants. These are wide models on a lace, or with elastic inserts in the abdomen. If you don’t like classic sweatpants, you can choose soft cotton leggings, they will also provide you with comfort when playing sports. Choose a spacious top - knitted t-shirts, tunics that cover your stomach and lower back. A sports jacket will protect you in cool weather. Sportswear for pregnant women should also be made only from natural fabrics, so that the body can breathe, so that synthetics do not cause allergies.


The good news is that even in such a delicate position, any woman can choose a wardrobe of her favorite colors. Since the choice is very wide and the colors are completely different: from bright and screaming to muted and dark tones. If you want less attention to your tummy, choose products with different prints: flowers, geometric patterns, animal prints. In the upcoming season, classic colors are recognized as relevant colors: black and white.

But this does not mean that you must impeccably follow fashion and put on clothes in black and white tones. We recommend that you also choose overalls of bright colors - red, blue, pink, orange, burgundy tones, this will help you stand out from the crowd and create individual images.


The most common material for overalls among expectant mothers is jeans. Denim overalls are comfortable and practical. They are suitable for any period of pregnancy, as they have a low waist for planting the abdomen, an elastic band under the stomach, buckles allow you to adjust the volume. In addition to denim overalls, you can find knitted and corduroy models.


Corduroy jumpsuit is a warm and practical thing in cold weather. It is warmer than jeans. Many models have elastic inserts under the stomach, have adjustable straps.


Very convenient and comfortable for expectant mothers are knitwear. Here is just a huge selection of all kinds of blouses, tunics, trousers, dresses, skirts. In summer, you can wear lightweight knitwear, in winter it is warmer and denser. Everything for every taste and budget, everything that will make you feminine, stylish in the most important period of your life. Choose quality knitwear from trusted companies and stores. If you are confident in the quality of knitwear, this will protect you and your baby.

How to choose

Overalls for pregnant women, as a rule, can be purchased in special stores or departments for pregnant women. When choosing a jumpsuit, pay attention to the fabric from which it is made. Give preference to breathable natural materials: cotton, linen in summer, choose wool in winter. The appearance of the overalls should be neat, without any stains and protruding threads, the seams should be smooth and not rubbed during socks. In overalls you should feel comfortable, move freely. Do not buy jumpsuits right up to you do not have to buy it every month.

In a quality jumpsuit, there must be wide straps that will hold the pants on a large belly. There must be a stretch tape under the stomach, which will support it. If you will walk most of the pregnancy in the cold season, choose jumpsuits made of dense fabrics that protect your stomach and back in cold and windy weather. If you choose a colored jumpsuit, you need to verify the quality of the dye. Run a wet towel over the fabric if there is a color mark on it, alas, it is better to refuse the purchase.

What to wear

Of course, during pregnancy, convenience is important. Any clothes, including overalls during pregnancy, should be combined with shoes without heels. Shoes should be soft, stable and comfortable. It is important to remember that the legs swell during pregnancy, so it is better to buy shoes in the evening, then all day in new shoes you will feel comfortable.

Overalls are well combined with T-shirts, shirts, tunics. The main thing is that things should be free, comfortable and not overpowered in the abdomen. In winter, for overalls, choose warm jackets, spacious short fur coats. Accessories in this case, choose warm woolen hats and scarves, mittens. Large knitting, multi-colored patterns and textures are in fashion.

How much is

Overalls prices are quite acceptable, if you do not take into account branded things. For example, denim overalls without insulation you can buy in the region from 2000 to 4000 rubles. If the jumpsuit is winter, insulated, it will cost a little more - from 3,000 to 7,000 rubles. Pants will cost you from 2000 to 5000 rubles, depending on the model and style. Dresses and skirts can be bought from 1,500 to 8,000 rubles, depending on the style and occasion (maybe you want to buy a festive dress on the floor). T-shirts, tunics will cost you from 500 to 4000 rubles. As you can see, you can buy high-quality clothing at affordable prices.

Brand New

Brand clothes are quality and expensive. Prices are not for every wallet, about above average. Among them, one can highlight the popular brand Pietro Brunelli. These clothes are of modern design, of excellent quality. In clothes from Pietro Brunelli you will always look stylish, elegant and feminine, not only at work, but also on a walk, at home. The clothes of this brand use the latest materials to give the expectant mother convenience and comfort.

One of the largest manufacturers of clothes for pregnant women is the Russian company "Sweet Mama". By production use natural fabrics, modern designs. The company "Sweet Mama" has its own staff of designers and constructors, which allows us to create convenient and comfortable things adapted for our climate. The clothes of this company are distinguished by a wide variety of styles and colors.

Stylish looks

Do not stop your choice only on overalls, although they are very convenient. Many designers offer a wide selection of maternity clothes. Beautiful and stylish images present us on the catwalks of ladies in position in elegant spacious dresses, A-silhouette, decorated with lace or silk. Fashion trends are shirt dresses with a belt that is tied under the chest. This option can be used in the future, after childbirth. Since you can change the location of the belt as you return to your previous shape, which is quite convenient and allows you not to spend extra money on the purchase of many additional clothes.

If you have a festive event, you can opt for dresses in the Greek style. At any holiday in this outfit you will look great. If you choose a plain dress to the knees, you can decorate it with a classic elongated jacket. The classic style is always in fashion, it is distinguished by a straight cut, calm colors.

Following fashion is always a pleasure. But for a pregnant woman, the main condition is convenience and comfort, so choose the right clothes and the main period in your life will bring you only positive emotions.

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